Writers' Roundup: Dysfunctional "Families" in Porn

As we drink and make merry with our loved ones this holiday season, the adult industry continues to prove that taboo porn’s appeal is ever on-the-rise and thriving. Just this year, a crop of brand-new studios dedicated to this genre have sprouted up to great success, like Pure Taboo, Bad Daddy POV, and FamilyHookUps.com. While we could dissect the WHY of this particular fantasy all day long, it remains evident to those turned on by taboo that the overwhelming naughtiness/forbidden factor of these scenarios is what keeps them coming back… so to speak.

In our usual fashion, the HotMovies staff is here neither to shame nor judge our viewers. Instead, we offer up some of our own favorite family fantasy scenes and movies to peruse during your holiday downtime.

Stoney Rubble

Taboo – (1980)


As a personal preference, Stoney Rubble prefers Mommy issues over Daddy issues any day. So why not revisit the classic, Taboo from Standard Digital? Taboo is a landmark adult film and one of the very first to seriously feature fauxcest relationships in film. Taboo was also one of the first adult titles to become a series with many sequels because of its enormous popularity that still holds up today. Kay Parker plays a housewife who finds herself abandoned by her husband after he takes off with his secretary, leaving the lonely Kay with only her son Michael Morrison to turn to, and turn to him she does! Kay Parker gives a great performance, and no matter how you feel about fauxcest porn, viewing this classic is a rite of passage for connoisseurs of adult film.


Indirect Relations – (2017)

If you’re already in the mood for taboo porn, you might as well get into the really nasty stuff, right? Before they created Pure Taboo, Pretty Dirty‘s directorial team tested the waters of their darkest imaginations with the release of Indirect Relations. The extremely twisted tale follows dirty cop Detective Randy Rogers (played convincingly by Derrick Pierce) as he works out his weird obsession with his estranged 18 year-old daughter, played by Kristen Scott. Detective Rogers manages to coerce one of his junkie informants (Michael Vegas) to seduce his innocent daughter… all while Michael wears a wire and follows the bad daddy’s explicit directions. When he can’t help himself any longer, the bad detective steps out from behind-the-scenes and orchestrates the filthiest foursome you’ve ever laid eyes on. This scene isn’t for the faint of heart, but I think that’s just a testament to how talented an actor Derrick Pierce is.

Authentic Lesbian

Watching Porn With Jessa – (2018)

MissaX is brilliant at making taboo equally sexy and creepy, and right now I’m stuck on Watching Porn With Jessa. Jessa Rhodes is sick of her stepbrother, Zach Wild hogging the TV to watch football, and decides to take matters into her own hands by threatening to call their parents since they already want him out of the house. Zach decides to share his laptop, but when she discovers porn on the screen, things take a very dark-yet-sexy turn…


Stuffing My Sister’s Turkey – (2016)

Madisin Lee‘s name should be synonymous with the words taboo dysfunction. Stuffing My Sister’s Turkey from Taboo Passions is what lovers of this genre should be thankful for. Anastasia Rose and Freddie Cee are in the bed with MILF Madisin Lee supposedly watching a holiday movie, but Mom can’t look up from her phone, so she doesn’t see her stepson getting fondled by her stepdaughter! When Madisin goes to check on the turkey, Anastasia snaps Freddie’s control with a tonsil-tickling blowjob before he stuffs her to the rim! You would think the two would jump apart from each other like the guilty people they are… but when Madisin starts to give instructions while fingering and licking Anastasia, I think it’s safe to say a new family tradition centering around tenderizing and basting another type of rump roast has begun…

Judy Hologram

Half His Age: A Teenage Tragedy – (2017)

Half His Age from Pure Taboo has more dysfunction than you can shake a dick at, but my favorite dynamic comes from step-siblings Small Hands and Kristen Scott. No one broods and glares like Mr. Hands, and few can match Kristen Scott for angsty teenage outcasts. Together, they make a delightfully dysfunctional on-screen family unit. After Kristen spies classmate Jill Kassidy fucking their teacher Charles Dera in the locker room, she runs home to show the footage to Small Hands, who also happens to be her stepbrother… and her legal guardian… and her lover. After a steamy fuck on the couch, the two concoct a plan to blackmail Jill and Charles, leading them down a treacherous, deadly path that brings them more than they bargained for.

PS. Kristen Scott and Small Hands both won AVN awards for Best Supporting Actor/Actress.

Ed Mann

Cecil Howard’s Dreamwalk – (1989)

Nina Hartley gives one of her best performances as the sexually obsessed Louise, a woman with far too much interest in her “family.” Paul Thomas plays the role of her guilt-ridden brother with precision and sincerity. Round that out with equally stellar performances by Tom Byron and Stacey Donovan and you have what became an instant classic when it was released in 1989. This is a film you have to sit and watch all the way through to really get the nuances of the characters. Cecil Howard was the grandmaster of adult filmmaking because he could always coax some of the best performances out of his performers.

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