A Conversation with Christiana Cinn

Since joining the adult industry in 2014, Christiana Cinn quickly gained reknown for her all-natural, supermodel look; she amassed a fanbase rather quickly and was named Penthouse Pet of the Month for January 2016. This centerfold isn’t just sultry smiles and pretty poses though, Christiana’s voraciously kinky side shines in her scenes – especially whenever anal is involved. HotMovies’ Judy Hologram got the opportunity to sit down with the brunette beauty and discuss her favorite scenes and fantasies, life before porn, and how she almost became a member of the Mile High Club. Get to know more about Christiana Cinn below!

Christiana Cinn

HM: Thanks for speaking with us Christiana. Since you’re vegetarian, what did you have for Thanksgiving?

CC: Okay, so for Thanksgiving I actually brought roasted sweet potato flautas and everybody loved them. I’m going to be posting a recipe on them soon online so that everybody can make them at home and try them. They’re delicious.

That does sound really good. Is that like a Latin dish?

Yeah, it’s Latin and I just took a little bit from my friends who are Latin-American and like, in the Bay Area, so I’ve had good food over the years. I just figured that hmm, they always have beef or chicken, not vegetarian, so what about potatoes? I tried it and they turned out really, really good. You know, because vegetarians… we have to be creative.

There’s a lot of other porn girls going vegan lately I’ve noticed. Is that something you could see yourself doing?

I did it in high school, and I didn’t really do it right. I lived in a small town where you didn’t really have the capability to buy all the food, so I kind of had to guess and figure it out. And I don’t know that I did it in the most healthy way, but I would definitely try it again. The thing is, there’s certain products that I need to find an alternate for, because if you’re really looking down to every single thing that you use… like my father bought me a dictionary of everything that has animal products in it. And I’m like oh my god, it’s impossible
to be vegan, like really truly vegan. You basically have to live in a field in a tent and not even step on a bug [laughs]. I do appreciate when people will do it for kindness to animals and they’re just conscious of what they eat, what they put in their mouth, and what they’re using. So to be fully, fully vegan sounds like a lot for me, I eventually could do it, but right now I feel so much better being vegetarian. My body is completely changed, and I love all the health benefits that I’ve received so far. So vegan sounds like it could be in the future.

You were in a rock opera this year, right?

Yeah, and our next show is going to be on December 9th at El Cid Theater in Silverlake, California.

Do you sing in it?

I used to sing with a band but in this show, I’m producing it, I’m doing like a sexy burlesque number, and I’m performing in some of the skits. I’m a character in the show. But producing it and singing in it is a little difficult… so I’m really excited to be involved and it’s an amazing show. I’m one of 11 characters that we have, so it’s a really packed show.

And you had a big acting role in Blindsided from Adam & Eve

Oh, yes I did!

Blindsided from Adam & Eve starring Christiana Cinn

Is acting something that you’re really into and you can see yourself doing more of?

Absolutely! I’m really, really into acting and I love rehearsing the lines, figuring it out, building the character, and it’s something I’m really passionate about and I really enjoy. I just hope to have more opportunities in my industry to be able to express my acting side. You know, I want to be involved in all aspects and I want [does a cinematic silly voice] people to give me a chance. [laughs]

You were good in that one, and you worked with Carter Cruise in that movie, right?

She’s an amazing actor.

Yeah, she’s incredible. And I thought the sex was incredible.

Yes. I think that’s one of my favorite girl-girl scenes I’ve ever done. She’s just a really cool human being.

Christiana Cinn & Carter Cruise in Blindsided from Adam & Eve

And you worked with Francesca Le and Mark Wood this year also, right?

Oh yeah! I love Francesca. They’re vegan too!

You’ve had relationships with couples before. Could you see yourself hooking up with them off-camera?

Umm… hell yeah I could! Just let me know when. When do you want me to come over? And I’m there. [laughs]

What was it like shooting Anal Investigation with Chris Streams and Ramon Nomar?

Well, first of all, everything that Chris Streams does comes out looking beautiful and sexy. It’s like the perfect blend of gonzo and glamour. It’s like really pretty and very nasty, sexy, naughty, perverted. I love it. That was my first time working with Ramon, and
he’s amazing. He’s so charming. You just find yourself falling in love with him as he’s talking to you. And before you know it, you’re just like ooooh, really starry-eyed… it was really easy and a lot of fun. And we went through pretty much the
entire scene without stopping, so it just came so natural. It was so much fun.

Christiana Cinn anal

Oh man. And it was an anal scene, right?

Yeah it was. I mean, I’ve watched it before; I’ve watched it several times. And I’m even impressed by myself and like, whoa! He has a very big cock, but he’s very good at what he does, so it didn’t hurt a bit. It felt very nice, actually. [laughs]

Good. Do you watch your own scenes a lot?

Yes, I do. I watch my own scenes. I critique myself. I just study my scenes and myself because I want to give my best.

Christiana Cinn

So you just watch your scenes to critique yourself?

Well… it’s not always that. I definitely watch it to get off on it too. There’s definitely scenes that I’ve done where I’m like, “I can’t wait until it comes out, I want to watch it, I’m going to go home with my vibrator and have a movie night.” Oh there’s definitely, yeah… definitely some scenes.

What’s your favorite scene of yours to watch?

Oh my gosh, it’s tough because there’s a lot of scenes. Although there’s one I did for Analized with Ramon, actually. And it was a really good scene, because it was one of my fantasies and we did it for real. It was like where I was tied up and had a mask put on me, and there’s a guy wearing a mask, and he throws me in a van, and we’re driving to an undisclosed location. And then he gets into the back of the van and he fucks me and pulls out my anal plug and fucks my ass. It was just so intense and the way they shot it looks even more intense. And that one really makes me excited because it’s a super fantasy of mine, so it’s so cool to see that lived out for real.

Since it was a fantasy of yours, did you get to put any input on that scene? Or was it your idea?

No, actually it’s funny because it was Pat Myne’s idea, and I was like, “Oh my gosh, this is
so crazy! Because it’s always been one of my fantasies. This is going to be amazing!” You know, great minds think alike.

Christiana Cinn
Christiana Cinn
Christiana Cinn

Are there any fantasies that you have that you’re dying to live out onscreen that you haven’t gotten to yet?

Yes! There is! It all starts back to when I was in France four summers ago and my friend thought it would be funny to tell the police… like the FBI, like the French-police-FBI, to arrest me, okay? And the guys in France are not like regular cops we’re used to seeing in
America; they all look like Vin Diesel. They’re all super buff, so fit. They look mean and so sexy and they wear tight shirts. They drive BMWs, they’re hot as fuck. So before I know it, they grabbed me out of my chair — all three of them were putting me in
handcuffs and up against the car and they’re searching me. I was like, “Oh my god, I want them to fuck me in the street.” That’s all I could think in the moment. And all these women were around at first. They were laughing like, “Oh, haha, practical joke.” But then they
were more serious, they were like, “Oh my god! I’m jealous.” So that’s my fantasy: just three huge men grabbing me, fucking me in the middle of the street while people watch. That’s really what I want, and I want to get it. That’s my fantasy right now.

That’s a good fantasy to have. You should get Marc Dorcel to make it happen for you.

Yeah! I’ve been trying to contact him for years. It’s so difficult to get ahold of him. He’s legendary. Yeah, you know you are right, I think Dorcel really would do such a good job with that kind of scene.

You’ve always had a thing for older men, but you’ve also said you like younger male performers too. After three years in the industry, what do you think is the most important thing to share with newbie male performers on set?

The most important thing is to listen to your scene partner. I understand younger guys are thinking so much like, “Oh. I’ve got to do a good job. I’ve got to keep it hard.” But you do have a lot of things to think about, so you know practice makes perfect, don’t get discouraged, don’t take it out on your scene partner, of course, and just listen to her body. Pay attention to her and
communicate with her. That’s like number one.

Who’s your favorite guy to work with?

Oh my gosh, there’s so many guys I love to work with. I love to work with Mick Blue; he’s amazing. I love to work with Markus Dupree. I just worked with James Deen yesterday, and that was a lot of fun. There’s so many that I love! I like them all.

I really like men who are just gentlemen with a lot of sexual energy and are spontaneous and fun. And Markus is really good with being spontaneous and fun, and getting the best out of everybody he works with. Mick Blue is just a total professional gentleman — so fun, a beautiful cock. And James is really sweet and you know he gives a really good performance as well. I could go all day long going through everybody that’s so amazing. Also Keiran Lee! Oh wow, I love working with him! Honestly, he’s top of the list because he shows me something new every time. Like, this guy is a dynamo. He’s incredible. He’s probably top of the list.

He’s fun to watch.

Yeah, I love watching our scenes because after he cums, he flips me around and makes me squirt. I’m like, “What?!” You know, normally when a guy cums, it’s over. But no, after he cums, he flips me around and gets me to cum. It’s amazing. He’s like a god. So, he’s probably top of the list.

Is squirting something you were always able to do? Or did you have to teach yourself to do it?

I’m still learning about my body. I’m finding out that I’m squirting just from giving head, like really easily, and it’s so easy for me to squirt after giving head. I don’t know if it’s a mental thing and it’s just easier to let go, but that’s something new I’ve just learned. So, I’m always learning about my body. I find that if a guy has a good technique, he can make it happen pretty easily. It’s like pushing a button, but it’s like a button that’s inside all women. I also found out last year that I could squirt from anal sex.

Christiana Cinn anal

Oh? Interesting!

Yeah, and it’s nothing that the guy does, it’s literally just me and how I move on their dick. And then I’d squirt like, “Wow! That’s something new!”

That’s exciting. Are there any guys that you haven’t gotten a chance to work with yet that you’re dying to get on set with?

Number one is Jason Luv. I’m dying to fuck him. He’s seriously my fantasy. I love his like…
[sighs] I can’t even. My brain is shutting down just talking about him. Yeah, I definitely want to work with him. I want to work with Prince Yahshua, I want to work with Flash Brown. I want to work with, oh… there’s so many guys. Like man! I want to work with Steve Holmes. Yeah, he’s a legend, he’s sexy. I want to work with Rocco Siffredi. God, yeah I want to work
with the legend, and then I want to work with his son, because his son is hot too. I’ll fuck the dad and then the son!

Is his son performing now?

I don’t know, but maybe I’ll just do it on a personal conquest. [laughs] I don’t even know!

You really like older guys, right?

Yeah, I lost my virginity to an older guy so I think that’s maybe where it got started. But I do like younger guys too, because they’re fun to mold. You can mold them into the man they’re destined to be. It takes a woman to kind of really walk a guy through this kind of teaching, you know? I’m like, “I’ll make you a man… boy.” [laughs]

They’re fun to boss around.

Yeah, right?

Christiana Cinn

Before getting into the industry you were a stylist for rich, divorced dads. What did that entail? And do you have any scandalous divorced-dad stories?

Of course I do. First I was a stylist. I worked retail jobs, you know. And then I was like, “I want to make more money. And I’m pretty good at this.” Men’s clothes became my niche, I don’t know why. So then I just put out an advertisement for people
looking for me to come and organize their closet. This was in San Francisco, all over the Bay Area, and people in this area have money and they’re busy, so they need someone to help them do that stuff. So anyway one guy I’ll never forget… I come over and
he’s like a male model. I open the door and was like, “Whoa. This guy could be a male model.” And I see pictures of him all over and go, “Okay, cool.” So I’m like, “Oh yeah. You want me to do your closet? Blah blah blah.” And then one thing led to another and we fucked. That kind of relationship lasted a few more times. I mean, I couldn’t resist. But the really bad part was when his ex-wife came home. She came over to drop off their kid and I was mid-blowjob, and I had to go hide. That was really embarrassing. He was like, “You have to go hide and sneak out the back.” And the back was like a forest, so I had to literally wander around in the forest and find my way back to my car to like, go away. So embarrassing. [laughs]

Aww, man. That’s funny.

Yeah! I literally got back to my car with twigs in my hair and leaves and dirt all over my heels and then I was like, “Ugh!” Animals chasing me. Yeah, it was not a fun time.

It sounds like the plot to a porno, actually.

Yeah, but this was real life. I wish it was a porno because it was very miserable and I didn’t know how he felt about it. Ugh, it was so wrong. I mean, I don’t know if it happened now what I would do. Probably the same thing, but…

Christiana Cinn blowjob

You were recently on a flight to L.A. that had to make an emergency landing. Was that frightening, or just irritating?

It was just irritating because… so I don’t fly first very often, but sometimes I do, and this was one of the times that I did. So there was a couple fighting in the row across from me. It was a lady and a guy, and the lady was drunk. She was just yelling at her husband, accusing him of cheating on her, but he didn’t actually cheat on her. What happened I guess was that he got a phone call that morning from an unknown number and she went ballistic. So he kept on trying to get away from her, but she kept chasing him up and down the plane. She was demanding we make an emergency landing, and they didn’t want to because they don’t really do that, you know. But she was just being so drunk and annoying and so persistent that we did get to land in Arkansas… somewhere. And there have the air marshall who was already on the plane and I was like, “Oh my gosh! They are real!” Like there really was an air marshall on the plane, and they had to escort her and her husband off, and they put them on the no-fly list. She was like, “How am I getting home?” And he was like, “Not my problem.” So then we got back on track and home, but the whole process took about an hour. It wasn’t a crazy-long time, but it was pretty annoying.

That’s not that cool. I don’t suppose you’re a member of the Mile High Club…?

I almost was! If my stupid ex boyfriend would have let me! But that’s the story.

So there’s a reason he’s an ex then…

Exactly! I remember we were coming back from Chicago and it was late at night, probably like midnight we were in the sky. It would have been perfect, too! There wasn’t anybody in front of us, there wasn’t anybody behind us. It was kind of a sparsely-seated plane. We had a blanket on and everything! And I was like, “Come on, Dave!” It was dark in the cabin, you know, they weren’t walking up and
down the aisle. Everyone was trying to sleep. I was like, “Come on, babe! Come on!” I was grabbing his cock, pretty much undoing his pants. He was like, “No, no, no! We can’t do this!” Finally I was just like,“You know what?! Fine. Go to bed. Whatever. I’m going to charge up your credit card with snacks, because this is bullshit.” [laughs] So yeah, I’m still waiting, and I don’t have a boyfriend now. So if anybody wants to join me, please let me know.

Only in first class, right?

We were just in regular. I don’t really care where it is. It was perfect because we were in the seat. You know what I mean? Like, we didn’t have to go up and go to the bathroom, we could have just stayed where we were and gotten it on and joined the Mile High Club and would have felt great! I would have been on my best behavior after that. But, no! Didn’t happen. So I’m still waiting.

Christiana Cinn

Has anybody ever recognized you in public?

Yeah! It just happened recently, and it was so cool. I was coming off the plane — I travel a lot, so a lot of my stories involve travel. I think it was the plane that emergency-landed, actually. I was walking off the plane to get my luggage and this guy from the same flight comes up to me and like — he was in his early twenties. And he’s like, “Umm, excuse me. Are you Christiana Cinn?” And I’m like, “Yeah! I am!” And he’s like, “Oh, wow! Cool. Could we take a picture?” And I was like, “Aww. Of course!” And he was just so cute. And so we took the picture and then he kind of scurried away you know, and I was like, “Oh, okay. Bye…” [laughs] But I was so flattered that it honestly made my whole week. It was so cute. I would’ve talked to him for longer but he kind of ran away. He probably just did it out of respect for me, like, “Oh. She probably needs to get her bags and get home.” But it was really nice for him to come up to me and approach me. I thought that was really cool.

That is really sweet. Do you think you would ever hook up with a fan?

Absolutely. I would definitely hook up with a fan. Absolutely.

Who are your favorite girls to work with?

I love Charlotte Stokely. She’s amazing to work with. She was a Penthouse Pet as well. Carter Cruise is too. But Charlotte is the best kind of gal to work with. She really is into women so much. She even cuts her nails really short because she knows. She’s really good at what she does and she’s super sensual and super sexy. She has a great body, tastes amazing, and I love the way she moves. Looking at her, she’s just a gorgeous person, but she’s also just a really sweet, fun girl… I don’t even know if she realizes how beautiful she is. That’s Charlotte, you know, acts really sweet, like you’re her equal. She’s amazing. And Carter… Carter’s fun. She had me laughing. She’s an amazing chick and she’s very easygoing. She’s the kind of person I like to work with… you know, just easygoing and really loves what they’re doing. And you can tell by the way they look at you, kiss you, everything, they’re passionate.

Christiana Cinn & Charlotte Stokely for Penthouse

What can we look forward to in the coming year?

Well I will be performing ‘Sugar on Top,’ my rock opera at El Cid Theater in Silverlake, Los
Angeles on December 9th at 8:00 PM. Tickets are on sale at Eventbrite now. I will also be at Caesar’s in Wilkes-Barre on December 13th, 14th, and 15th. Come and see me, baby! I’m doing two shows a night and doing lapdances, selling merchandise. I have my Penthouse dual-ended stroker which has two holes: my pussy and my ass molded from me. It looks exactly like me. I heard it feels amazing. I always bring those with me and sell them as well, and you can buy them for a very special price by joining my OnlyFans, which is right now only $5.99 a month. That’s what I have going on right now.

Do you ever wish that you could use your own stroker?

Yes! All. The. Time. They look like they feel so good! And they’re hands-free. Oh my god. Guys… I would love to wake up a guy for 24 hours. I would love to know how it feels! For 24 hours, that’s all I could handle. I would just love to know what that’s like.

Have you ever pegged a guy or used a strap-on?

Yeah, I have. It was me and 12 girls and this poor guy didn’t stand a chance. But
he was so into it. Honestly? I’m not against it. I’m definitely not against it. I hear about a lot of these prostate toys that guys like to do. For me, I love rimming males and females. But I’m really into licking guys’ ass for some reason, that’s what I really like. And I’m like, “You know? What’s a little toy? What’s a little whatever?” You know I would probably want to use a toy at first because my nails would probably kill him. And I want to make sure it’s pushing the spot. I wouldn’t want to do it if it wasn’t pleasuring him and he doesn’t want it. I don’t want to surprise a guy, like, “Surprise! Strap-on day!” [laughs] I would want it to be his idea or his curiosity that we could explore. But it would only be for like my partner’s actual pleasure, because it wouldn’t please me if it
wasn’t pleasing them. I wouldn’t get off on doing it to a guy if he wasn’t into it or was weird about it or if he felt like less of a man.

Christiana Cinn with strap-on

Not really off-topic, but as a tip, if you have really crazy nails and you need to go up a
dude’s butt, try a glove and put a bunch of cotton balls in the fingertips of the glove…

Oh my gosh! Such genius!

I got that idea from Crash Pad and Shine Louise Houston. Like all the queer porn girls.

Oh my gosh! I love that! Thank you!

Yeah, it works. Last question: Where can your fans find you and support you?

You guys can find me on Instagram, @ohlalachristiana, and also @cinnstyle. And find me
on Twitter @christianacinn. And to get even closer join me on OnlyFans right now for $5.99 a
month and you get all my videos and all my sexy pictures and that’s @christianacinn.

Alright, do you have any last things you want to say?

Yes I do. I’m going to come to Vegas for AVN. Come see me and all of my sexy
performers and studios at AVN in January at the Hard Rock in Vegas!

Christiana Cinn

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