Celebrating Lisa Ann's 2018 Comeback: Her Unforgettable Scenes & Movies

Earlier this year, the adult film industry received some knockout news that the legendary Lisa Ann came out of retirement, stepping back into the ring for another round in the arena of adult entertainment. Equipped with a contract to direct exclusively for Evil Angel, Lisa Ann sits at her corner of the ring ready to take on the adult film world in full force.

When Lisa Ann unleashes new porn after announcing a return from retirement, it is a huge deal. The prize fight started this Valentine’s Day when her first scene back debuted on EvilAngel.com. Combo after combo, Lisa Ann did not relent when facing fans with these one-two blows… even a threesome combo! It’s all here under Lisa Ann’s arsenal of brand-new scenes, where she teamed up with the best and brightest in the biz for this free-for-all sex-fest. Here are some unforgettable Lisa Ann moments to commemorate her return to the industry in 2018.

2018 Lisa Ann:

Lisa Ann for Evil Angel

Looking better than ever!

1.Lisa Ann: Back 4 More – Scene One with Johnny Sins

Perhaps we better start at the beginning of this return. This first scene back is that MILF branding we’re used to seeing her master. Matter of fact, the scene is titled “How To Date Glam, Busty MILF Lisa Ann.” Johnny Sins is the lucky pupil for this porn pairing. Seeing these two top-tier performers shows everyone on board for this career counterattack means business. Both Johnny and Lisa meeting together for this return represents why we should be grateful for career comebacks. Porn titans like Johnny Sins and Lisa Ann meeting doesn’t really happen too often.

Lisa Ann & Johnny Sins in Lisa Ann: Back 4 More

2.Lisa Ann: Back 4 More – Scene Two with Prince Yahshua

Lisa Ann was just starting this onslaught back in March. This return entailed releasing more content as part of fulfilling a contract of guaranteed new scenes from the porn queen for Evil Angel, and powerhouse scenes like hers with Prince Yahshua soon followed. These scenes were released sequentially on the Evil Angel network under Lisa’s very own section of the site as a new director there. Lisa Ann jokingly questions Prince Yahshua if he still “has it” at the scene’s start. After three years of absence from the stage, this is fully proven to Lisa Ann as Prince handles his business in this great reuniting of performers.

Lisa Ann & Prince Yahshua in Lisa Ann: Back 4 More

3.Lisa Ann: Back 4 More – Scene Three with Markus Dupree

These scenes are definitely powerful blows, as Lisa Ann is paired again with another powerhouse in the industry. Representing the newer breed of male talent, you will see Markus Dupree step into the ring with Lisa Ann in the third scene of her comeback movie. Blazing energy like Markus has both performers matched up in perfect harmony of hardcore performing. It seems Lisa Ann knows what she wants when it comes to these comeback scenes she’s constructing. Going after the hottest talent there is for these scenes is her goal (Markus is the 2018 Male Performer of the Year). Fans are probably at the edge of their seats anticipating every strike with this comeback. The pop is explosive at the end of this scene, and Lisa Ann makes note of it. She jokes about how an explosive squirt of passion is hard to aim and excuses Markus Dupree’s mess.

Lisa Ann & Markus Dupree in Lisa Ann: Back 4 More

4.Sometimes I Share – Scene Two with Gina Valentina and Markus Dupree

The ultimate threesome with the ultimate MILF was bound to happen in this ring of Lisa Ann’s return. The formula is upgraded when you add a searing tart like Gina Valentina to the mix. It’s a poolside-themed outdoor scene from Lisa’s film, Sometimes I Share, which is a group-sex-themed affair. Candy-colored hair accessories and bracelets are being worn that match the brightly colored bikinis, and Markus Dupree is back for this threeway with Lisa and Gina. The girls can’t keep their hands off each other as Markus stands in the background watching, clad in only swim trunks. Soon enough, he’s joining in plowing away with his famed high-energy humping. Gina Valentina’s presence only adds to the sexual flare that the scene ignites. A memorable moment was watching Gina sucking on Markus’ ballsack as he held Lisa in standing cowgirl. It all leads to more hot sex positions like little Gina Valentina getting pumped in cowgirl herself. This is a scorching match-up of sex under the summer sun.

Lisa Ann, Gina Valentina & Markus Dupree in 'Sometimes I Share'

5.Sometimes I Share – Scene Four with Honey Gold and Prince Yahshua

Lisa Ann is in complete control over this comeback and it’s evident in this threesome scene. Lisa leads the scene with Honey Gold and Prince Yahshua in another action-packed round of her return. It’s another poolside porn romp with bedazzling bikinis that will get pulled aside to allow Prince to pound in for another great threesome. Prince trades off between these two badass babes in this sexually hungry scene under the heat of the sun. Seeing Honey Gold work with these two veterans is a hot mix-up for this great catalog of returning scenes.

Lisa Ann, Honey Gold & Prince Yahshua in 'Sometimes I Share'

Lisa Ann Flashback:

Scenes that helped build an empire for her to return to!

Lisa Ann for Twistys

Lisa Ann undeniably has a porn kingdom which contained many fans waiting for their queen to come back. She indeed returned, but no one forgot about that massive catalog of amazing works that Lisa has under her belt. All of the major studios released Lisa’s stuff over the years, covering major ground as you’ll see with these films that contain Lisa Ann’s legacy.

6. Lust Bite (2011) with Scott Nails

Bigger-budget porn is out there for sure, and it wouldn’t have that porno blockbuster appeal without heavy-hitters like Lisa Ann. Lust Bite is a dark vampire tale with Scott Nails working with Lisa. Full features with stories and sex, like this one for Brazzers were the second home of Lisa Ann it seemed.

Lisa Ann & Scott Nails in Lust Bite

7. Mrs. Demeanor (2009) with Scott Nails

Lisa even delved into couples’ porn, or more “vanilla” stuff, showing she covered all ground in her long career. But remember, there is nothing ordinary about Mrs. Demeanor when you have titular performers like Julia Ann along for the ride in this cougar-ridden cast. This 2009 venture isn’t as hardcore as her comeback scenes, but it’s still required viewing.

Lisa Ann & Scott Nails in Mrs. Demeanor

8.MILFs Munching MILFs (2016) with Sara Jay

Not only does this film carry another hot meeting of MILFs with Sara Jay and Lisa Ann, but it shows Lisa’s supportive side. They both meet in this film with the purpose of upgrading both kingdoms. Lisa Ann lends her talents for this independent studio that is headed by Sara Jay herself.

Lisa Ann & Sara Jay in MILFs Munching MILFs

9. Lisa Ann’s Nailin’ Palin Era

Lisa Ann as Sarah Palin

Lisa’s style of porn performing was fluid and fit many different genres besides the usual MILF tag. Like a martial art, she can blend into any role that the ring requires of her. Back when we had the political figure Sarah Palin all over our news channels, porn parodies were thankfully reigning supreme. It was a time when we needed Lisa Ann’s versatility to not only portray a controversial figure, but also bring awareness to adult films at the same. It first started with Who’s Nailin’ Palin: Adventures Of A Hockey MILF. From there, a series was born into more titles, like Who’s Nailin’ Palin 2, because a sequel had to happen. Hustler’s political parodies followed along with the headlines it seems, including 2009’s Hollywood’s Nailin’ Palin, an Axel Braun-directed affair. Our former president got a piece of that Palin pie in Obama Is Nailin’ Palin. The hilarity didn’t let up as the former host of The Late Night Show was in on the Sarah Palin political train. Randy Spears played the talk show host lucky enough to get laid by Lisa Ann’s porn parody alter-ego in Letterman’s Nailin Palin.

Lisa Ann, Eric John & Tyler Night in Letterman's Nailin' Palin

Comebacks come and go in this business, but it’s special when a performer that can send this many waves through the business commits a counter-attack like this. As I stated earlier, Lisa Ann didn’t have to come back since she’s given so many successful years to this business before she left. Now she’s done what only a few performers can pull off and juggles her abilities from one industry to another while coming back and telling us about it. Writing books and being a prized pundit for another medium must be normal when you’re this dedicated. Lisa Ann is a performer that should be studied by veterans and new girls alike. I’m thankful for performers that build up their brand as well as build up the industry at the same time. Be grateful for the Lisa Ann phenomenon.

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