More Than MILF: An Interview with Alexis Fawx

Alexis Fawx is a self-made renaissance woman who dominated the adult industry in 2018. Having lived an already-full and interesting life, she found her way to the adult industry at age 35, capitalizing on her free-spirited nature and entrepreneurial drive by making a name for herself in this highly competitive business. The industry’s taken notice of Alexis’ work; this upcoming awards’ season, she’s nominated for AVNs for Best Actress in The Coven Wives, as well as MILF Performer of the Year. I got the opportunity to speak with Alexis about her industry career, her AVN-nominated showcase Alexis (featuring her first anal and double-penetration scenes), and how the coffee-and-cannabis-loving star is making her move towards mainstream. Get to know more about Alexis Fawx below!

Alexis Fawx for Holly Randall

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us, Alexis. You made the dramatic life change from working as a paralegal to doing porn in your mid-thirties. Did you always have a feeling you’d end up working in adult entertainment, or did you find yourself here on a whim?

Well I’ve always been a porn fan and a porn-watcher. I’d sneak peeks at my uncle’s porn movies and magazines, I loved the old Ginger Lynn and Amber Lynn movies, but I wasn’t working at the time and just answered an ad on Craigslist one day on a whim. I started shooting in Miami and getting contracted with Bang Bros, and, when that ended, eventually made my way out to LA. That was ten years ago. Well, actually eight years, but I always say ten because I know I started in 2010.

What would you say is the biggest change you’ve noticed in the industry since you started in 2010?

Definitely social media. I mean, we had social media back when I started, but now social media is a 24/7 job. Girls nowadays have the ability to self-promote and make money in ways they’ve never been able to. We can promote our own content on OnlyFans, verified Pornhub accounts… I’m all about making money while I sleep! There’s no excuse to be broke working in this industry when you can cam, do phone sex, make your own content… But yes, social media is definitely the biggest thing that’s changed since I started. I grew up in a time where the stars were “stars,” and there was a degree of separation between fans and performers; you had to go to a convention to meet them. But nowadays that’s gone, social media has made it so that we’re directly connected with our fans at all times.

Alexis Fawx, Brandi Love & Cherie Deville in The Coven Wives

You have a girl-girl contract with Mile High Media, and your love of women is super apparent from your lesbian scenes. What was your first sexual experience with a woman like?

I love working with Mile High; they treat me so well. My first lesbian experience was back in college, I was hanging out with this butch girl who I thought was really cool. She had a couple friends who were lesbians and the four of us went back to a room, it was dark, and before you know it, we were all hooking up together. It was so fun! Just tits and pussies everywhere.

You’re regularly cast in Bree Mills’ vignette features for Girlsway, Pretty Dirty, and Pure Taboo. What’s it like working with her?

Working with Bree is amazing, and same with Alan. She does this thing she calls “porn theater,” where we go over our characters, our lines, and just try to get in our characters’ mindsets before shooting. I like shooting gonzo and being the Alexis Fawx character you all see, but when I’m acting I get to be someone completely different, like an entirely new character.

Alexis Fawx & April O'Neil in Girlcore Episode 2
Alexis Fawx & April O'Neil in Girlcore Episode 2

You’re in an episode of Bree’s new series, Girlcore, which explores how taboo and behind-the-scenes lesbian sex used to be in the 80s. Your character is super dominant and bossy to April O’Neil’s character, and you were really convincing in that role. Was that a fun scene to film?

Oh yeah, that was a great scene… really fun to shoot. That scene required me to be in a more dominant role, but I’m comfortable with that because I think, in general, I give off a more masculine energy. It’s about finding the right balance.

Alexis Fawx & April O'Neil in Girlcore Episode 2
Alexis Fawx & April O'Neil in Girlcore Episode 2

Do you have a lot of female fans?

Well, I definitely have a lot more male fans than female. For whatever reason, guys love watching lesbian porn, and there are some guys out there that are really big fans of Girlsway… especially the “mommy” stuff.

Oh yeah, the lesbian stepmom fantasy is one of our most popular categories.

Fauxcest porn has always been around, but I’m sure if you looked right now you’d see it’s the top-selling category on every site. People like the taboo of it, I guess.

Alexis Fawx & Alexa Grace in Managing My Daughter

It seems like more and more female performers are shooting scenes with trans stars. Is trans-lesbian a genre you’re interested in exploring?

You’re right, I have noticed a lot more of that lately… you know, I usually book scenes with performers whose work I’m familiar with. I’m not as familiar with the trans stars that are working right now, but if I see someone I’m interested in, yeah. Never say never… I don’t like to put labels on myself, or call myself “bisexual” or anything. I’m just me.

Now that you’ve gotten your first anal out of the way, is there another big career milestone you’re preparing yourself for, like your first gangbang perhaps?

I’d love to do a gangbang! Why, are you booking me for one? And where and when is it?! [laughs]

Alexis Fawx

How does it feel to be nominated for Best Actress and MILF Performer of the Year? Which nomination is more flattering, and why?

Nominations that aren’t based on age and are more based on skill are always going to be more flattering. Not to say that I don’t appreciate all of my nominations… I do, of course, but you don’t ever see any of those girls I’m nominated with in the ‘Performer of the Year’ categories, do you? I’m not saying this because I’m upset about myself, but Cherie DeVille was everywhere this year – she’s huge – but she gets categorized as a MILF just because of her age and look, when she’s so much more than that. So, of course my Best Actress nomination is more flattering because that means someone took the time to recognize my skill, but I’m grateful whenever I’m nominated for anything.

Do you watch your own scenes?

I do sometimes, but usually to critique my acting to see what I could improve on.

You filmed your big Hard X showcase, Alexis, this year with your first anal and DP scenes. How was that experience, and do you plan to do more anal in the future?

Oh yeah, I love it! I’m really proud of my showcase, and even more proud of the nomination it received. We worked really hard on it. I’m shooting another showcase with Mile High coming up in February, too, so I’m pretty excited about that.

Alexis Fawx's first anal for Hard X

You recently went from blonde to brunette. Which look do you prefer more?

I’m actually naturally a brunette. I was dying my hair blonde for awhile, but the way that they style MILF hair – they love to tease our hair a lot for some reason – it was just getting too damaged. I’ve always been a tomboy and don’t do much to my hair anyway, so I’m back to brunette and I’m going to keep it like this.

You’re about to host your monthly comedy variety show, High As Fawx, coming up on December 11th. What goes on at these shows?

I wanted to create a fun, chill environment for people like myself who don’t really like to go out to bars, but want to have a night out where they can toke, be entertained, and have a good time. I get a bunch of different performers, comedians, musicians, aerialists… whatever performers I can book for the show that month. This upcoming show will be at El Cid on Sunset Boulevard and is going to be holiday-themed, and ticket sales will go towards the wildfire relief efforts. You can come down and have a drink, smoke a few joints, and just laugh and enjoy yourself. Now that cannabis lounges are starting to open up in Nevada, I plan on taking the show on the road. Hopefully, it’ll be legalized everywhere and I can bring the show to even more cities.

Are you a big comedy fan yourself?

There’s nothing I love more than laughing. My boyfriend and I, that’s our favorite thing to do, just get stoned and laugh. I don’t drink or do drugs, but in the way that some people like to relax with a beer after work, I’ll have my joint. It keeps me calm, it helps me meditate, and the best part is that I can wake up in the morning and not be hungover!

Alexis Fawx @alexisfawxlive on Instagram

Image courtesy of @alexisfawxlive on Instagram

What can your fans look forward to from you next?

I have another showcase coming out in February with Mile High you guys can look out for. I’m also working on my own brand of coffee beans. I’m a big coffee-drinker; I drink it because I really like the taste, and it goes well with my joint in the morning, so I’m partnering with a coffee company in Vermont whose beans I really like. We’re going to call the blend High AF Coffee, which has a few meanings. It’s High Altitude Coffee, because you want to grow coffee beans at high altitudes, and it’s ‘AF’ like Alexis Fawx. I want to get past that stigma of “oh, she just does porn,” so that’s why I’m not putting my name right on it. I’m hoping to go mainstream with it and sell it at coffee shops over in Europe where they also serve cannabis.

How can your fans best support you?

You can follow me on Twitter @AlexisFawx and IG @alexisfawxlive. My OnlyFans is and my website is

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