Studio Profile: ATKingdom

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ATKingdom (Amateur Teen Kingdom) is one of the leading pioneers of amateur and pro-amateur porn with an undeniable influence across the adult industry. Owner Kim Nielsen started the initial website in 1996 while in graduate school after taking a seminar that focused on using the internet as a medium for data collection. He noticed the large amount of traffic generated by adult sites during his research, but realized these sites weren’t marketing strategically and thought he could do a better job. From there, the studio we all know and respect was born. With Neilsen’s Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, a PhD in Marketing, and several years experience in General Motors’ Advanced Marketing Methodologies Department, the success of ATKingdom isn’t a surprise to most. However, constantly producing sex-positive, authentic amateur content to audiences everywhere can’t be easy, and with about eight features from their different sites dropping every month, that’s a lot work to be done. Enter Vice President/Director Jimmy James, and all the people behind the scenes that keep the engine running, and what you get is a studio dedicated to serving their customers nothing but the highest of quality in all aspects while keeping professional ethics and integrity in focus on and off set.

ATK Grind Against The Machine
ATK Scary Hairy

One thing that’s loved and appreciated across the board is the variety found when browsing ATK’s studio page. They kill it with the teen flicks, but looking a little deeper with reveal their ATK Grind Against The Machine series where gorgeous women take on sex machines, their ATK Scary Hairy series, where you’ll see more fantastic bush than you thought was possible, and my personal favorite, the ATK Luv Those Lips series, where you’ll learn that pussy lips are like snow flakes; none are the same, but they all deserved to be played in. It doesn’t stop there though. ATKingdom has perfected catering to a plethora of niches while keeping a broad level of inclusion among their audience. Add to that the recognition and awards from AVN and XBIZ, and it’s no wonder that ATKingdom remains one of the top-searched-for studios on They’re constantly pumping out new releases featuring fresh faces and the most well-known stars in the industry, and we decided to reach out to Jimmy James himself to find out how they manage to stay on top in an industry that’s forever evolving.

ATK Luv Those Lips

“We manage and own two production houses, ATKingdom and AMK Empire. Throughout our 20-year history, we have always stayed true to the brand and themes that made it such a juggernaut in the industry in the late 90s. Many of the themes that ATK were founded on nearly 20 years ago are still where we sit to this day; hairy bushes, real amateurs, and even specific micro-niches such as petite (under 100lbs), pregnant, and hairy. We have a very diverse lineup with thousands of titles, but also wanted to give more to our fanbase, so we starting producing more POV scenes, focusing on the intimacy with the models. We film our POV titles in very unique locations all across the world and include them in our films so viewers get to see our girls just having fun, out and about, to give them a look at what goes on before and after sex: scuba diving in Hawaii or enjoying a meal in Amsterdam or Tokyo. The biggest change over the years is how we use and interpret sales data and viewer consumption. You’ll notice that our more pro-am titles are very model-and-theme-specific, as we use specific metrics and KPIs to determine who to book and include in our movies. We still produce eight titles a month, and always have the freshest and newest talent in the industry shooting for us, so definitely look forward to the future!

As loyal customers and consumers, all we ever want is to feel appreciated by the businesses we support, so it’s great to get a brief inside look into the strategic marketing that goes into ATKingdom movies. They want to make content we want to see and they make sure it’s consistently available for us to find. With that being said, remember Jimmy’s words and definitely look forward to what ATKingdom has in store for us next! In the meantime, check out one of their featured stars Evelin Stone play with her pussy in Scene Five of I Love My Pussy, and more ATKindgom titles right here.

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