Celebrating Almost 40 Years of Bizarre Video

Morty Gordon founded the fetish juggernaut Bizarre Video back in 1985. Bizarre Video has produced a staggering variety of erotic niche genres such as foot fetish, big tit worship, enemas, Femdom, spanking, and BDSM. Bizarre Video championed fetish themes back in the day when some specialized fetish was not even considered pornography by their connoisseurs. Sex was rarely seen in videos featuring common fetish themes. Bizarre Video has recently started to branch out with more sex in their content and fetish films. Bizarre, back in the 80s, started what superstar fetish companies like Kink.com run with aplomb today, propelling the careers of superstars such as Debi Diamond, Sharon Mitchell, Julie Simone, Anastasia Pierce, and featured superstar Nina Hartley in the Private Sessions series. Morty has also worked with acclaimed directors such as Ernest Greene, Patty Rhodes, and Henri Pachard in the heydays of their careers.


Morty eventually retired, moved to Florida, and became an AVN Hall of Fame inductee in 2014. Sadly, Morty passed away at age 76 in April 2013 and his absence is still felt in the industry today. Let’s take a look at some of Morty and Bizarre’s best offerings from Bizarre’s inception in the early-80s until today!

The Dresden Diary Series – 1985 – 2002

Beautiful women and BDSM, with a touch of castles and slavery throw in for good measure, make one of Bizarre Video’s inaugural series iconic to fetish-lovers today!


The Leather Bound Dykes From Hell Series – 1994 – 2015

The perverse ladies who have graced this early 90s series have had lesbian BDSM fans winning and grinning nearly two decades after its inception. Lesbians, leather, and Bizarre Video: this series is still a big fan favorite.


The Lusty Busty Dolls Series – 1999 – 2002

The beautiful women that Bizarre Video showcased in this series over the years could easily give the girls from Napali Video a run for their money. This late 90s series celebrates and fetishizes beautiful women with huge tits who love to show off for the leering eye of the camera.


The Enema Extreme Series – 2000 – 2005

Now we’re getting kinky. Bizarre Video has delved into some very downright-dirty scenarios in this series that revels in the perverse glory of enemas and the performers who love them.


The Fetish World Series – 2000 – 2006

This series is like a checklist of all your basic fetish desires, with a few filthy things thrown in for good measure. Lovers of BDSM, latex, domination, and variety could always find what they were looking for and then some!


Nina Hartley’s Private Sessions – 2002 – 2006

Superstar Nina Hartley ties and teases her beautiful costars in this series with a hardcore-but-classy spin that only she can muster. Nina is a legend in her sex scenes, and with domination and strap-on worship elements thrown in, every volume of this series is a winner!


Taboo Teens In Jail – 2014

Kinky teens thrown behind bars: an oldie-but-classic scenario. This is one of the more recent series from Bizarre Video that fans of eighteen and nineteen year-old women in BDSM scenes should definitely keep their kinky eyes on.


The Collector Series – 2018

Once upon a time in a dungeon far away lived a legendary Master of domination, a connoisseur of exquisite submissive perfection, an ambassador of humiliation, known only as… “The Collector.” Do you have chills yet? This newest offering from Bizarre Video features the industry’s most sexually intense rising stars wiling to push their limits for our viewing pleasure!


We still miss you today Morty! Keep your eyes out for new offerings from Bizarre Video as the groundbreaking company continues to push itself into new territory to explore old and new kinky scenarios for their loyal and very grateful fanbase!

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