Friday Finds: New Year's Parade-y

January 04, 2019 – Happy New Year! Here in Philadelphia, we start the New Year off with something called the Mummers’ Day Parade where a bunch of every day men and women dress in outrageous sequin and feather costumes and strut, not march, strut down the streets of downtown Philadelphia and perform skits. Many of those skits parody movies, music, politics, and pop culture. So, in true Philadelphia fashion, we decided to start the year off featuring the recent parodies from this past week. Wicked Pictures has taken it up a notch, making the already adult-oriented Deadpool movie even more adult-oriented. Digital Playground gives a naughty twist to a pleasant 20 year-old mainstream movie, and we find out what was really going on with Snow White… she was polyamorous!

Featured Studio: Wicked Pictures

Wicked Pictures put some effort into their parody of the wildly popular superhero movie. I mean some, as in… not a lot. The director did most of the work. They chose Seth Gamble for the title role, although you would never know it, as he never takes his mask off so you will just have to take their word for it. If you thought the original movie was raunchy, wait until you see what Axel Braun has done with this. At least I think it was Axel Braun? He may have been replaced halfway through the movie. Anyway, it is bound to be a classic as it is the Most Awesome Porn Parody Ever; it says so right in the opening credits!


Featured Scene – Chris Anderson with Dracula and Tricky Dick from Star Virgin

Speaking of classics, this week we released the remastered version of Star Virgin. While the movie itself is not a spoof per se, there are a variety of spoof scenes that help move the story along. The Star Virgin is a woman bred in space through a test tube who finds herself all alone without any knowledge of how to procreate. So, she learns through lessons given to her by Mentor, a robot who teaches her by showing her old movies. In Scene 2, he teaches her about the devil through a spoof of the old silent movies where Chris Anderson is attacked and violated by Dracula and a man in a Richard Nixon mask. Humanity is doomed! You better go watch this remastered edition right now.

Star Virgin

Featured Movie: Pleasureville A-XXX Parody from Digital Playground

In the better-late-than-never, but not really, category, Digital Playground decided to do a series based on the 20 year-old, mildly entertaining movie Pleasantville. In their XXX parody starring Alexis Fawx and Tyler Nixon, Tyler brings color back to the drab and sexually repressed town where he and his girlfriend live. His neighbors, the two lesbians next door, and everyone else gets colorized, except his girlfriend. Give a visit to Pleasureville to find out why. You won’t regret it, this version is definitely more entertaining than the original.

alexis pleasureville

Featured Series: Spoof Porn from Cum Louder

For the past five years, Cum Louder has been putting out the Spoof Porn series, which offers an anthology of one-scene parodies. Each movie will feature a variety of spoofs with no central theme except the sheer enjoyment of watching some of your favorite movies, fairytales and videogames become sexualized. It is fun, campy, and prurient, the way a porn parody should be. The latest volume stars Apolonia Lapiedra with her “skin white as snow, hair black as ebony, and lips red as blood” to play the role of Snow White. If you don’t remember, Snow White is the story of a runaway princess living in the woods with seven guys who spend their days digging for diamonds. She knows exactly what to do to keep those diamond diggers happy, and Volume 12 shows you, explicitly, how she does it. Snow White, my ass!

apolonia snowwhite

Featured Star Penny Pax featured in Pleasureville: A XXX Parody

Penny Pax is known as a porn star with some acting chops, due in part to a background in live theater and musicals. It is no surprise that she has appeared in about 20 parodies over the span of her career. Her first two feature movies were a non-sex role in Breaking Bad XXX and her breakout role as Bat Girl in Dark Knight XXX, both of which she appeared in during her first year in the adult industry. And while not a parody, we have to mention her award-winning and critically acclaimed portrayal of Emma Marx in the Submission of Emma Marx series inspired by the 50 Shades of Grey franchise… one of the rare instances where it can be argued that the
porn version was better than the mainstream version!

penny pleasureville

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