Friday's Finds: Knock, Knock. Who's There?

January 11, 2019 – Knock, knock. Who’s there? Ivana. Ivana, who? Ivana Fuck Your Brains Out! In the world of the Internet and Amazon, it seems like you can pretty much get anything you want delivered right to your front door. It is always a nice surprise to be sitting at home, relaxing, when all of a sudden a knock comes at the door and there is a package for you. The feeling of anticipation to see what is waiting for you is exhilarating, almost sexual. Today, we are featuring scenes and movies that start with a knock at the door, and sexual antics follow…

Featured Scene – Mandy Slim and Zoe Davis from Ouwe-Viezerik

Old pervert Kees loves watching porn all day. When two representatives from the energy company come knocking on his door, the brash wanker doesn’t even bother to turn off his TV. Much to his surprise, Mandy and Zoe Davis like to watch it as well, and so after they conduct their business, they decide to conduct a little pleasure right in front of him.

old pervert

Featured Star Jessa Rhodes featured in Good People

With the looks of a supermodel and the sex drive of a nymphomaniac, Jessa Rhodes has been turning on male and female audiences for the past six years. Needless to say, anyone would be ecstatic if she showed up at your front door in nothing but some sexy red underwear under a trenchcoat. That is the premise of Good People when she shows up to Zac Wild‘s house and says, “Look, I came here to fuck you before your adorably boring housewife comes home.” I am not sure there is a man alive who could resist that line.

Jessa Good People

Featured Series: Fucking The Neighbors from Devil’s Film

Devil’s Film has had a number of series dedicated to people fucking their neighbors. They began their original series, We Are Fucking With Our Neighbors around the same time as their Neighborhood Swingers and now they offer a Fucking The Neighbors series. In Volume Three, blonde sexpot Jenna Hicks catches the boy-next-door peeping in on her masturbation session. Later, when she comes knocking on his door, he thinks he is busted, only to realize she came over to show him and his dad she wants to do much more than masturbate.

Jenna Hicks Neighbor

Featured Studio: Colmax

Colmax features a variety of high-end titles that go all the way back into the 1990s. Whether offering Gonzo titles or plot-oriented features, they bring a production standard that is unique and unmatched by most other European studios. We featured Colmax this week because they had two distinctly different movies go live this past week which highlight that very aspect. In Mariska, Lingerie Door-To-Door Saleswoman, the beautiful Mariska X sells sexy lingerie door-to-door. She is very successful at it because she loves her job. She loves her job because she loves lingerie… and she loves sex! Her days are filled with pleasures and orgasms turning on men and women, making sure they are satisfied with her and her product before she leaves. When she knocks on your door, you will be sure to answer.

Colmax porn

Featured Movie: We Chat We Meet We Fuck from Colmax

The second Colmax movie translates as “Confessions of a Swinger,” but was retitled for English-speaking audiences as We Chat, We Meet, We Fuck which pretty much sums up this gonzo-style film where Carmen Vendetta interviews and follows two amateur couples who are getting together for a night of swinging. She knocks on the door and is invited in to the home of Cindi and Cedric who about to have their first “libertine” experience. They go to an online swingers site to find Jenni and Marc, who are also about to have their first swinging experience. It is an authentic look into the sex lives of two couples newly initiated into the swinger scene.

Swinger Confessions

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