The Porn Glossary Is Back! First Serving: Gorilla Salad

Really, the HotMovies Porn Glossary never left; it’s always been right here, but with all the design and functionality enhancements made to the site recently, it’s easy to lose track of it. In order to get to our Glossary access, the Help drop-down menu, located in the top right, from any screen.

HotMovies Porn Glossary

Now, on to the good stuff! It’s been a while since I perused our wonderful world of porn terms, and I must say I’m excited to dive back in! Within two minutes I was already down a glorious rabbit hole I’d be more than willing to live in permanently. I was reminded of the rusty trombone, a whimsical position to say the least, and came across one that I didn’t know, lilies of the valley (that’s a fun one!), but today we’re going to focus on “gorilla salad“. Unlike most of the things I write about, this term is actually Google-able and safe for work, but be warned, you won’t get the whole truth.

Gorilla salad refers to unkempt pubic hair. It’s important to distinguish that I’m not talking a little bush. I’m talking pubic hair that sticks out through your panties, poking you in the thigh all damn day! That’s right, the long, mangy, thick muff with so much fur it would break a Venus razor. Think 70s pussy.

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I know my fellow bush lovers are creaming all over the place right now, but believe it or not, there are some out there who hear this phrase and definition and go “ewwww,” but I caution them! There is nothing “eww” about Alice Hodges and Katie Zucchini swapping hairy pussy juices in the first scene of Rodnievision‘s Horny Hairy Girls 60. You can see Katie’s wild and free hair from behind as it sticks out from between her thighs while she actually sucks the dripping cum from Alice’s soaking-wet pubes. The whole thing is beyond exciting, let me tell you. Then there’s Candy Red fucking her hairy coochie and pulling on her tangled pubic hair for SCORE Group in Bush Babies X-Cut 5. If you’re fascinated with female orgasms and clitorises like I am, you’ll love the close-up shots of Candy as her pussy throbs and her bush catches most, if not all, of her cum.

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The gorilla salad fun doesn’t have to stop there though. ATKingdom has so many hairy pussy series that you can literally get lost in the fur. Classic gorilla salad is guaranteed to be a goldmine, because shaving wasn’t the “cats pajamas” yet, but the real treat is how much camera time is spent on the bush itself. They really made sure you could get up in there and see EVERYTHING back in the day! Seattle Hairy Girls is a Rodnievision series that features dozens of hairy amateurs that can’t wait to show off their natural sex appeal. I definitely recommend!

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Well, that’s it for gorilla salad, so take what you’ve learned today and start hunting through our hairy as fuck category and find the perfect gorilla bush for you!

And don’t forget to look over our porn glossary. I promise it will provide endless hours of entertaining knowledge you might not want, but will definitely figure out how to use. Enjoy!

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