True Confessions Of A Porn Starlet: 3some Edition Movie Review

Sure, watching porn is hot, no question there. But listening to a porn star confess a naughty secret tryst and then watch a recreation of that furtive fuck fest is even better! That’s precisely what you’re going to see in the new Bang release, True Confessions Of A Porn Starlet 3 – 3some Edition. For the most part, beside getting fucked on film for a career, porn stars are pretty normal people. They have private relationships, families, kids. They go to PTA meetings and drive their kids to soccer practice. But every once in a while, just when things are getting a little too “normal” for them, they spice things up! And if you thought watching a porn star have sex was hot, listening to them talk about their private sexual adventures is even better!

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

Scene One: Alexis Monroe, Lilly Ford, and Danny Mountain

Lovely Alexis Monroe and petite cutie Lilly Ford attended the same college where they became good friends, and later, roommates. These gorgeous girls have plenty of naughty stories to tell, but today they’re talking about the pizza guy. Single and bored, the girls decide to play Truth or Dare. Monroe goes first, choosing to take a dare, and Ford is ready with a sexy dare! Ford dares Monroe to order a pizza and when it arrives, fuck the delivery person! Monroe agrees, and the game continues while they wait. In the meantime, Monroe dares Ford to take off her panties and pose for pics that will later be posted to social media. After her naughty nudes are done, Ford dares Monroe to do the same thing topless. Both girls have no trouble catting for the camera! Before they know it, there’s a knock at the door!

The girls answer the door in various states of undress and practically pull the pizza guy into the living room. (The pizza guy in this sexy recreation is played by Danny Mountain.) Poor guy never had a chance! They immediately get to work seducing him, and before he knows what’s happening, they’re taking turns sucking his cock and balls! These co-eds are trouble! It’s Monroe’s dare though, so she’s the first to get fucked. She climbs on top of the lucky guy and her hot, wet pussy swallows his dick with ease. Monroe rides his dick while Ford sucks his balls and then begs to fuck him herself! But Monroe isn’t done with him yet, so she rides him hard while Ford licks her pretty asshole. It’s truly one of the best moments in the scene! Monroe holds Ford’s head tight to her ass as she bounces on that dick, Ford’s face being enveloped by Monroe’s juicy cheeks!

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

It’s finally Ford’s turn to get her pussy filled with pizza-guy dick and she’s more than ready! Pizza guy turns Ford around and pounds into her from behind, fucking her fast and hard right from the start. With Monroe sitting in front of her with legs spread, Ford takes the opportunity to lick her friend’s pussy while she’s being fucked from behind. But Monroe wants to a front seat to that pussy pounding, so she leans in close to watch the rigid cock slide in and out of her friend’s hot hole, every inch covered in both girls’ pussy juice. Pizza guy pulls out so Monroe can clean his cock in between positions, and then it’s Ford’s turn to ride that dick! She climbs on top and sits on his pole, her fat pussy lips wrapping around his dick beautifully. Seriously, that girl has got the fattest, juiciest pussy lips! So delicious! And her clit? Forget about it! That big clit is practically begging to be sucked on!

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

The girls continue taking turns with their boy toy, each sucking their own juices off his dick between turns riding it. Monroe gets fucked missionary-style next, her perfect tits bouncing as her body is pummeled. The pizza guy even goes in for a taste of Monroe’s pussy, briefly taking Ford’s place. But he’s back to fucking Monroe soon enough and Ford is back at it, lapping away at Monroe’s clit while her pussy is being stuffed. Monroe begs the pizza guy to come and to shoot his load all over Ford’s face. Not one to disappoint, he pulls out of her well-fucked hole and unloads his hot wad onto Ford’s eager face.

Cut back to Monroe and Ford on set telling their story and you’re at the end of the scene. The girls giggle as they recount the end of their tale that included the pizza guy forgetting his belt, and more importantly, forgetting to collect for the pizza! I guess he considered it paid in full!

Scene Two: Alexis Fawx, Mr. Pete, and Preston Parker

Oh Alexis Fawx, you dirty, sexy girl! The tawdry MILF is an absolute stunner with her blonde locks cascading over heaving breasts barely contained in the too small nurse costume. That’s how the scene begins – with the mouthwatering view of that blonde bombshell getting ready for a scandalous rendezvous with her boyfriend. Cut to Fawx laying on the bed telling the director about the actual clandestine meetings her and her stud arrange and you get an idea of just how wicked this cutie can be! Fawx tells us how she and her boyfriend like to meet in public places, pretend to be strangers, and then fuck in semi-public locations! It’s scandalous and incredibly titillating! This particular tryst is at a Halloween party, complete with costumes and masks, lending a spine-chilling element to the evening.

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

Fawx continues her story as the recreation unfolds before us. She finds her boyfriend at the party and the two begin to dance, but she had no idea he’d brought a friend to join in the fun! Both men begin to fondle her, pulling her breasts out of her costume and pulling aside her panties to get to her eager pussy. After some intense, short-lived finger-fucking, Fawx drops to her knees to pay some special attention to both her masked dicks, played by Mr. Pete and Preston Parker. She really gets into it, slobbering profusely on both cocks and choking on them repeatedly. She’s a good little cock-sucking nurse! Unable to wait another moment for what she wants, Fawx bends over to take one seated cock in her mouth while the other masked dick stands behind her and slides his cock deep inside her wet pussy. He fucks her hard in this position, his balls slapping her pussy from behind as he buries his dick in her hot hole.

Cut to Fawx on the bed telling her tale. The masked stranger her boyfriend brought turned out to be her fucking stepson! Well the son of her ex-husband, but hey, close enough! And did that stop the horny hottie from sucking her pussy juice off his dick, you ask? Of course not! Fawx dropped to her knees and devoured her stepson’s cock like she was starving, all the while her pussy getting wetter and wetter at the thought of this taboo encounter! Fawx’s stepson fucks her face while her boyfriend fucks her doggystyle, making her say out loud that she’s sucking her stepson’s dick. The recreation is super hot, but to tell you the truth, listening to Fawx tell the story is even hotter! I just imagine that dark room, loud from music at the party, people coming and going as Fawx is fucked by two masked men, one of them her stepson. My god, it’s almost too much! Okay, okay, back to the story.

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

Fawx is fucked doggystyle and missionary for a long time, her body covered in sweat from her exertions. Both men take turns digging out her honey hole, pounding her hard and filling the room with the sounds of slapping meat and Fawx’s cries of pleasure. She climbs on top and rides her boyfriend at one point, but the studs aren’t content to let her take the reins, so she’s flipped onto her back and pounded with her legs held open wide and her mouth filled with another dick. She encourages them with grunts of passion and dirty talk; “Keep fucking me, stepson. You like fucking your stepmom?” It’s the tastiest taboo tryst I’ve seen in a while! They keep going for a long time – much longer than I could hold out! And I’m betting you’ll pop before the scene ends, too! When the guys are done using her holes, Fawx settles onto her knees to await the reward for her efforts – two very hot, very messy facials!

Scene Three: Katrina Jade, Jon Jon, Donny Sins

Tattooed temptress Katrina Jade has a sexy confession about how she spent her last Black Friday. Rather than risk the mobs of people out shopping for a good deal, she goes looking for a good fuck! And since it’s Black Friday, she’s looking for a well-hung black stud to give her exactly what she desires. Listening to her tell the story of that encounter is just as sexy as watching the recreation with Jon Jon and Donny Sins. Especially since she only agreed to meet one guy and then two showed up! But hey, she was feeling horny and she got a two-for-one special since it’s Black Friday! What a deal! So they hook up in a parking lot, she grinds on them a little, and before you know it she’s on her knees sucking both their dicks in public! But when an average-Joe catches them getting nasty in public, they run off to find a better place to fuck.

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

One of the guys has a storage unit nearby and they end up there, Jade on her knees again with two dicks in her face. This is turning out better than she hoped! She slobbers all over their dicks, taking turns sucking one and then the other. They start pulling her clothes off, revealing her body, and boy oh boy, what a body it is! Let me just take a moment to express my adoration of Miss Jade’s fantastic figure. From her pretty face down to her sexy tats, on to her all-natural, pierced breasts and then down to her perfect pussy and ass… this girl is truly spectacular. And the guys seem to love her body too, one bending her over to lick her pussy from behind while she swallows the other’s cock. Then she’s getting deep-dicked doggystyle, her hot hole pummeled from the back while the other stranger uses her mouth.

After they’ve both had their turn fucking her from behind, they flip her over and go at her from the front. Missionary isn’t the most glamorous position, but it certainly gets it done! She is used and fucked hard by them both, even getting choked a little to intensify her experience. This is one insatiable slut! From missionary they move on to pile-driving her, then it’s cowgirl so she can grind down on those dicks as hard as she likes. Next is spooning, which I’ll admit isn’t my favorite position to watch, but when Jade is open wide with a dick in her pussy and one in her mouth; it’s a pleasure to behold! And it only gets hotter when she tells them to use her like a fuck toy. I mean, I like seeing her with a dick in her mouth, but when it’s sans-dick, she’s spitting out dirty words that will make wish you were the one fucking her! And then it’s back to cowgirl position, and let’s just take a minute to thank the gods of porn for this tattooed tart’s ability to grind on a dick, shall we? She’s got the twist-and-sit-down to a T!

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

When they’ve finally fucked themselves silly and they’re ready to cum, you might think she just took a couple facials from these strangers, but not our slutty Katrina Jade! Instead, one of them fucks her until he explodes inside her well used pussy, pulling out slowly followed by his hot spunk. It oozes out slowly, dripping over her pussy lips and down her thigh. I find creampies to be incredibly sexy, and knowing that she allowed a stranger to cum inside her is even hotter! The next guy gives her a hot facial, his load splattering her cheeks and mouth. Jade, ever the hungry slut, swallows every drop that managed to get into her mouth. Now that’s a perfect way to spend Black Friday!

Scene Four: Richelle Ryan, Tommy Gunn, and Mr. Pete

Richelle Ryan’s confession includes a Thanksgiving feast of turkey AND dick! She tells us how her husband fucked her younger sister three years ago on that fateful holiday, and then how she finally gets him back by fucking his younger brother! Bent over the oven checking the turkey or leaning over the sink to wash dishes, there he was behind her, grinding his dick on her ass or copping a feel of her tits through her blouse. Ryan ate up the attention from the younger guy, claiming the thrill is gone from her marriage and it’s nice to get attention from a younger man. Of course, there’s the whole getting back at her husband thing, too! So she blows the brother (played by Mr. Pete in the re-creation) in the bathroom and returns to the dinner table! They wait for her husband (played by Tommy Gunn) to pass out and then they sneak off to the bedroom to fuck.

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

Panties down and the brother’s face buried in her pussy, Ryan is enjoying her Thanksgiving! And then her husband walks in! She’s nervous he’ll be pissed and the brothers will fight, but much to her surprise he’s willing to make it a threesome instead! He pulls out his dick and puts it in her mouth while the brother goes back to eating her pussy. Nothing like keeping it in the family! It isn’t long before the brother is kneeling behind Ryan and pounding his cock into her pussy doggy style. He bangs away at her hot hole while her husband fucks her throat, all the while her big juicy ass bouncing to the rhythm of a good hard fuck! Hubby has her spin around so he can get at that pussy and she cleans her juices off the brother’s dick gleefully.

It’s time for some cowgirl action and Ryan bounces on the brother’s cock like a pro! She sucks her husband’s dick while his brother digs out her pussy, groaning in pleasure at this unexpected threesome! The brothers switch places so Ryan can ride her man’s dick, too. They keep going back and forth, from cowgirl to doggy style, each taking turns fucking her pussy with their rock-hard cocks. She begs them to “keep stuffing that pussy,” and they are only too happy to oblige! Cowgirl and doggystyle are on the menu the most for this Thanksgiving feast, and that might seem a little tame, but watching that big booty shake while Ryan’s being fucked from behind and her mouth is stuffed with dick is one of the hottest moments in the movie!

True Confessions of a Porn Starlet 3 - 3some Edition

But the brothers can’t last all night and it’s finally time to come! Their hips thrust a little faster as they get close to exploding. Their balls tense up as they prepare to cover this Thanksgiving tart with their hot loads! Ryan’s husband pops first, shooting his load all over her face. Cum dripping off her chin and strung across her lips, Ryan kneels on a chair so the brother can fuck her from behind one last time. He fucks her feverishly for about thirty seconds before he pulls out and explodes on her ass. Ryan is quite a sight – her face covered in her husband’s cum and her big booty dripping hot cum fresh from the balls of her husband’s brother! Best. Thanksgiving. Ever!

If you’ve made it all the way to the end of my review, then bravo! You must be exhausted from cumming so much! But I assume you’ve also come this far for a reason, right? You’re here to find out which scene I’ll choose as my favorite! Well, the wait is over! While I enjoyed all four naughty narrations, it was the interracial romp in Scene Three that really shined in this film! Katrina Jade is incredible! Her telling of the story was almost hotter than the recreation with Jon Jon and Donny Sins. I mean sure, watching those two studs fuck the unbelievable Katrina Jade was super-hot, no doubt about it. But watch that scene carefully, folks. Watch Jade’s face as she tells her tale. Listen to her voice as she recounts getting fucked by two strangers in a storage unit. Good god, that girl is equal parts devilish and darling. Absolutely fantastic!

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