10 Brand-New Studios on HotMovies (March 2019)

At HotMovies we’re dedicated to providing you, our valued customers, with the best possible VOD experience on the web, and a major part of that is making sure we’re constantly adding fresh new content to our site by signing new studios. Here are 10 of the latest production companies we’ve added to our ever-growing catalog of over 3,500 studios.

New Studios Added To HotMovies (March 2019):

Joanna Angel’s Sex Unfiltered

Big Butts HotMovies.com XXX
Joanna Angel on HotMovies.com

As the name suggests, Joanna Angel’s Sex Unfiltered is the new studio and brainchild of mega-star, writer, and director, Joanna Angel. When the Queen of Alt Porn and true pioneer of the industry creates an “Unfiltered” brand, you know it’s going to deliver, and from the looks of the first two titles we’re all in for a long, sexy ride!

Bawd & Beautiful

Bold & Beautiful - Amirah XXX

European Porn featuring beautiful, international stars is the name of the game with Bawd & Beautiful. For starters I suggest their latest, Very Busty Escorts. Within seconds you’re hit with stunning cover model, Stella Cox, wearing red lingerie and teasing the camera with her perfect breasts and fit figure.

Raw Attack

Tight Fit For A Tiny Teen XXX HotMovies.com
Busty MILFs Exposed XXX HotMovies.com

Raw Attack hit the ground running with their first two releases on our site, and they don’t look to be slowing down anytime soon. Our latest exclusive, Itty Bitty Titty Committee, comes from them, and I’m already jonesing for Nikki Knightly‘s scene.

Vlaanderens Vuilste Films

The Penetrator XXX cover art
Porn Star Fan Fuck - Angelique Secret XXX cover art HotMovies.com

Everyone on Vlaanderens Vuilste Films cover art looks so friggin’ happy, you can’t help but check them out. Have you ever seen four people happier to be around a killer clown than on that cover up there!? That alone was enough for me scroll through this studio and I wasn’t disappointed.

Rebecca Lord Productions

Pink Is The New Black On HotMovies.com
Pure Sex: Riding The Threeways Rebecca Lord HotMovies.com

Welcome to the wonderfully sexy French world of Rebecca Lord! She’s been in the industry for over two decades, so she’s seen it all, and you can bet your next paycheck that you’re going to get a lot of that freaky goodness from this studio. She also has the unique perspective of a female director in adult entertainment and puts her focus on creating content her actresses and actors want to make. As she states, “Happy people make great sex scenes,” and she certainly isn’t wrong!

French Amateur Porn

Outdoor Sex French Amateurs XXX HotMovies
I Wanna Be A Pornstar on HotMovies.com

Amateur porn gets more popular by the minute and French amateur porn is diving into the game by giving us hot and ready girl-next-door types who just want to fuck. Sounds like a dream you once had right!? With only a few titles live on the site my imagination is running wild with possibilities and I’l definitely be keeping an eye out for what they release in the future.


My Big Tit Asian Girlfriend
Asian T-Girl Surprise XXX on HotMovies.com

Beautiful Asian women is the central theme in Samurai movies, and after watching a few of them I’m interested to see what they put out next. Natural big tits on Asian women will always be a hit, and of course everybody loves a good creampie, but what I’m crossing my fingers for more trans content!


Blowjob And Fuck With Big Ass Pawg
Brat Girl Cherry Morgan Ruins My Orgasm

POV porn is great because it puts you in the action, so to speak, allowing your fantasy to feel a little more like reality while you’re watching. POVPerv.com is all getting you as close to the action as possible, and with the hot young talent they have, you won’t have any trouble getting the job done.


Fuck On Arrival Berlin XXX
Patti's Anals 1 XXX

Hitzefrei is a German-based studio, and you know how amazingly freaky they can be! Watch Holly Hunter in the very first scene of Fuck On Arrival Berlin, and you’ll probably want to bookmark this studio just to see whatever she comes out in next.


Tribades Sappho XXX HotMovies
Girls Love Girls XXX HotMovies.com

I saved the lesbians for last, so if you made it all the way down, you’re in for a treat! If we’re being honest, two crazy-hot chicks fucking is going to sell itself every fucking time. It’s just the nature of the game, and Sappho definitely capitalizes on that. They’re another international studio, and based off customers ratings so far, they’re headed in the right direction.

Check out these studios and stay tuned for updates as we add more!

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