Performer Roundup: Most Memorable On-Set Kiss

Adult film performers are fascinating people. We see them as stripped-down as humanly possible, engaging in acts of intimacy for our viewing pleasure. But do we always know what’s going on in their head? Do we know what they think of their work? Do some scenes, or all scenes, transcend business and become really personal? What is it that goes through their heads during a scene? What are their pet peeves? What makes it from work and into their own personal spank bank?

We want to know the answers to these questions… and more! And we’re willing to bet you do, too! So we’ve decided to go straight to the source and see what performers actually think about all kinds of stuff. We’re starting off our Performer Roundup series with a deceptively difficult question: What is your most memorable on-set kiss? Their answers might surprise you. Some knew immediately what they’d pick. Others just couldn’t decide. Some even sent pictures!

Without further ado, let’s get to the stars of the show:

Katy Jane

I find kissing very innocent! So it’s hard to think of one…

Katy Jane & Blair Williams kissing

Lisey Sweet

THAT’S A TOUGH ONE. I’ll have to think, lol. I am a bad kisser… so I never remember kisses except when I am an asshole and lick peoples’ faces.

Lisey Sweet

Charlotte Sartre

My most memorable onscreen kiss was definitely the first time I worked with Lance [Hart]. We were shooting a trade clip and he was dressed as a baseball player, and I felt so many mushy feelings when he kissed me. He picked me up from the airport the day before and I just ran into his arms. I stayed at his house, and he put my suitcase in the guest room, and I was like, “I’m just gonna sleep in your bed with you.” Haha.

Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart's wedding photo
Photo courtesy of Lance Hart’s Twitter

Charlotte and Lance just recently got married… so looks like it really was a memorable kiss!

Missy Martinez

Definitely the first time I had lesbian sex. It was 10 years ago for L Factor. I had always been attracted to women but had never kissed one until I was on set that day. It’s forever ingrained into my sexual memory.

Missy Martinez & Rose in Her First Lesbian Experience

Lena Paul

Probably the first time I got to kiss my girlfriend Ivy LeBelle. We fell in love on set and you could feel it the first time I got to kiss her.

Lena Paul & Ivy Lebelle for Girlsway

Lena and Ivy just recently shot with Bree Mills to celebrate their one-year anniversary together!

Aiden Ashley

When I was shooting for Juliland with Jayden Cole in a hotel room on Sunset Blvd. I placed myself somehow at the top of a closet and was able to spit in her mouth from above, then slid down and choked her with my high heel. This is the moment I realized I love spit play. I’m a dirty girl.

Aiden Ashley & Jayden Cole for Juliland
Aiden Ashley & Jayden Cole for Juliland
Photos courtesy of Aiden Ashley &

And Aiden sent us the pictures to prove it!

Sofie Marie

Would have to be with Quintin James. We were… I was kind of fluffing him up, being a fluffer. And he just kind of slipped the tongue, and actually I think he’s a very hot actor: very sensual, very sexy, and yeah… so that was for my website

Sofie Marie

Sammie Six

I LOVE Kleio Valentien. She was my first GG.

Sammie Six & Kleio Valentien for Burning Angel

We’re pretty sure she means their scene together for Burning Angel Entertainment in Ronda ArouseMe.

Wendy Williams

I think the most chemistry I’ve had in many years was 2015 with performer Donovan. We were making out before the camera even started. We did a great scene where we both fucked each other. It was so hot to lean over and kiss him as I was fucking him, or feel him kiss my back when he was fucking me in spoon position. Fans can see the scene on my website or in The Wendy Williams Experience DVD.

Wendy Williams & Ramon for Trans500

Amilia Onyx

With James Deen. He was the first person to ever make me squirt. 🙂 We had a scene together and we immediately connected, and then the kissing was fun and natural.

Amilia Onyx & James Deen

We’re assuming she means for their scene in James Deen’s Amateur Applications 4.

Jiz Lee

My first scene of my career, in The Crash Pad, will always be the most memorable.

Jizz Lee kissing in The Crash Pad

Jiz was kind enough to send us a GIF of that historic kiss!

Dana Vespoli

Most memorable on-set kiss would have to be with Jon Dough in 2004. I just really loved working with him. And one time he spontaneously kissed me during the bj, and it made me happy because it felt really sincere.

Dana Vespoli for Sweetheart Video

Luna Rival

With Francys Belle for Chicas Loca. The improbable situation: we were under a bridge near Barcelona. It was so cold, but we were laughing about it. And it was our only lez scene. It was so cold… but so hot!

Luna Rival & Francys Belle for LetsDoeIt

Tee Reel

Many people would think it was Sasha Grey, Bree Olson, or my ex, Tori Black; all of which I’ve shot some great, passionate scenes with. But the one that comes to mind is a scene I shot with Tiffany Holiday for Red Light District, Teens Need Chocolate Cum 2. I’m pretty professional when it comes to being on set. I let my director and talent have their space and distance… but Tiffany was all over me. She kept saying, “I just want to touch you. I just wanna kiss your lips. You’re so sexy.” I was the new guy at the company and my contract had just started. I had shot a bunch of scenes but was still new. I thought Tiffany had the perfect tits… and she just kept staring at me. Once the video started, we started making out. We both just forgot the cameras were there. If you watch the video, he [David Luger] actually had to cut it short because we were just making out like a couple of high schoolers. It definitely intensified the shoot, and there was a natural chemistry between us.

Tee Real & Tiffany Holiday in Teens Need Chocolate Cum 2

Tee sent along a pic of him acting like a pent-up teen with Tiffany!

Mischievous Kitty

Definitely with JB on the set of my beach scene for Plumper Pass. When we did the pick-up, there was no chemistry, so I was partially dreading the scene. But when we got inside and started the fucking part of the scene, the second we started kissing I remember thinking to myself, “Damn this is gonna be hot!” And it was. That scene actually changed my entire sex life, because it was the first time in my life someone was rough with me (the hair-pulling, spitting type of rough). I had no idea I was into rough play! Haha. My favorite kiss and my favorite scene.

Mischievious Kitty & JB Rodeo

Before you think to write in and ask… we are already working on getting each of the scenes that aren’t already on the site on here for your viewing pleasure.

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