7 Nefarious & Naughty College Campuses

In the wake of recent university scandals, we find ourselves wondering just what’s so important about college that has everyone in a frenzy and pretty much breaking the law to get in. I mean, besides the obvious goal of receiving an education, what is college really like? There are the obvious various organizations, sororities, and fraternities that students find themselves eager to join. There are the wild parties that get out of hand, where coeds find themselves doing things that they never thought they’d do after a night of keg chugging. But they also find themselves entangled on many nefarious activities outside of those parties that they wouldn’t even tell their parents about. Compiled here are seven porn series that provide you with a window into the naughty happenings on college campuses all over!

Please Help Me Pay for College

Please Help Me Pay For College #1
Please Help Me Pay For College #39

Platinum Media knows that college can be pricy and not everyone has parents that are able to completely cover the costs of courses, books, meals, and many other needs of college students. But all these girls have one thing in common, something they can use to pay their way through school: pussies. Yes, perfectly functioning, juicy, young, tight pussies that can be used in every way imaginable, even as bartering tools! And these very desperate girls will do absolutely anything to make ends meet!

Perv City University Anal Majors

Perv City University Anal Majors 1
Perv City University Majors 6

Perv City is notorious for their raunchiest performances by some of the industry’s perviest performers! These beautiful and oh-so-talented ladies have decided to go to college to obtain their Anal Degrees. All they must do is complete their rimjob assignments and pass their anal exams and their futures are secured!

Lesbian Tutors

Lesbian Tutors 1
Lesbian Tutors 5

Essays, ASSignments, quizzes, and midterms – oh my! Nothing can be more stressful than having all this work to do with little-to-no understanding of the material. Lucky for these coeds, Girlfriends Films have some of the sexiest tutors on campus to assist them with their assignments and provide them with sensual and glorious ways to relieve their stress.

Cheer Squad Sleepovers

Cheer Squad Sleepovers 1
Cheer Squad Sleepovers 29

Besides all the strenuous mental activities on campus, there are many other things that college students do to get the full college experience. What is a college campus without wild, sexy, and completely uninhibited cheerleaders? Have you ever wondered what these babes do when they’re not practicing or cheering for their teams? They’re having sleepovers of course! Girlfriend Films show you that by day they’re on the fields cheering, but by night they’re in their dorm rooms finding something to cheer for!

Spring Break Fuck Parties

Spring Break Fuck Parties 1
Spring Break Fuck Parties 12

Team Skeet presents you with a unique series! Spring Break is one of the most exciting time of every coed’s college year. There are many exciting things to do, like traveling outside of the country for some spring fun or partying on yachts… but these sex maniacs have something much better in mind. They’re throwing their own Spring Break Fuck Parties! If you’ve never been to one, then in you’re in for a real treat.

University Gang Bang

University Gang Bang 1
University Gang Bang 15

Some girls go to college to earn their degrees, some go to join sororities for the benefits and party to their heart’s content… and then there are those who go just to have access to tons of guys and tons of dicks. Devil’s Films‘ college coeds have gone exploring, looking for the largest groups of hunks to stuff them full of college dick!

Dare Dorm

Dare Dorm 12
Dare Dorm 37

Do you dare do anything nefarious on campus? These ladies certainly have! You can’t get any better than REAL FOOTAGE! This Reality King‘s series features real submitted dorm room footage. Parties, threesomes, Spring Breaks and Spring Flings, and incentives to go sex-crazy are all you will see here!

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