10 XXX Series We Wish Would Return

Even in porn where the enumeration of an ongoing series can seem infinite, there are indeed endings to some of the most-storied franchises in the adult entertainment business. Yet there is a crowded graveyard of at-one-point-active porn series that just faded into the afterlife. These series left their mark on the industry as legendary pathways to modern versions of these XXX installments. This list will give these storied franchises a look back from the world of the living. Where are they now? We’ll dissect all of those corpses with this list.

1. Gag Factor

Gag Factor 27
Gag Factor 14

Witnessing any of the extreme covers from the Gag Factor series was a huge draw. Just one look at the excitement contained in those outlandish box covers was enough to get any porn fan intrigued. These at the time shocking covers rewarded those daring enough to see what was behind them. You can thank the mad scientist of porn Jim Powers for that. The covers had faces plastered with spittle and stiff cocks stuffed in their faces, which was the standard design for each volume that went up to the nearly the mid-thirties release count. These weren’t just any faces that were splattered with spit, since it started in early 2000 nearly 20 years ago it gave way to legendary porn names in those throat fucking halls. Taylor Rain’s mug was on the 14th volume of the series. Almost every volume had that guaranteed catchphrase “Cum Eating In Every Scene!” showing the nastiness goes beyond a swallowing a huge cock but going the whole nine for a solid pop. The themes were outlandish for the gonzo series that still hasn’t shown a hint of a return since.

2. Ass Worship

Ass Worship Anal Anniversary box cover

Before anal was as huge as it is today, it was all about the big booty. We had these booty queens like Brianna Love ruling in an era that predates the social media craze. Her glory can be found for the Anal Anniversary edition in the tenth version of the series. It contained other industry staples like Julia Bond. She was another top tart from that time with a full, ten-year career.

This was the place to see big and shapely booties being worshiped for a brand known for harnessing awesome ass-powers. Jules Jordan’s Ass Worship to this day had a 16-film life cycle covering many asses of the adult industry since 2006.

Ass Worship 16 box cover

As I stated, luminary butts swayed for this franchise that indeed focused on those stars that loved sharing their posteriors to the world, but this series was more than another booty series. It set trends in the early to mid-2000s which almost seems like prehistory. The Ass Worship temple had an alternative attitude to its presentation that helped keep Jules Jordan a household name among even casual porn fans, while also pioneering alternative looks for beautiful performers.

Back in 2015, there was an off-the-charts cast for the 16th volume. Bella Bellz had her beauty of booty shaking for that outing. You also have an unforgettable DP with Annika Albrite being stuffed by Manuel Ferrara and Steve Holmes. With casts like that, Ass Worship can be ranked highest among the most yearned for returns by booty-starved fans.

Anikka Albrite gets DP'ed by Steve Holmes & Manuel Ferrara

3. Gasp, Gag, and Gape

Ashley Fires having anal sex with Mark Wood
Mandy Muse having anal sex with Chris Strokes

Luckily the production duo behind this series is still active. LeWood have nearly reinvented the act of anal with the number of anal releases they churn out on a yearly basis. Gasp, Gag, and Gape probably had some their most extreme runs of butt stuff out there for Evil Angel. You will see that LeWood took this brief ass-banging tenure up to four volumes. The very last edition of the oddly titled series had Mandy Muse stacked in a destroying scene with Chris Strokes The gape-focused foray also had a landmark tenure with Ashley Fires starring in Gasp, Gag, and Gape 3 you can also see AJ Applegate with a young career for this wide open ass fucking franchise. The series seems to be on ice after only four volumes, but maybe the tongue-twister title was too much?

4. Hardcore Gangbang

Casey Calvert in Hardcore Gangbangs
Casey Calvert in Hardcore Gangbangs

Kinky fetishes are updated and expedited all over the internet instead of being tucked away in the porno underground in this modern internet age. Kink.com‘s gangbang adventures remain a perfect example of some educational, sex-positive porn; meaning you’ll learn more about the industry and the performers who like to perform rough sex acts for welcoming audiences. Viewers that are sincere in receiving support and educating themselves about new fetishes were also part of the community. It all started with the Bound Gangbangs line (which is just reactivated not too long ago) from Kink which had a slant towards the bondage side of these rough sex bouts.

Finally, a different vision that wanted to focus on the “hardcore” elements of these GBs came to fruition. You started seeing takedowns before the sex, which was unique to that line. Then you saw also saw nefariously themed scripts which seem commonplace for some successful adult studios nowadays. Hardcore Gangbang explored the darker side of these women’s fantasies as they dreamed up these rough takedown sequences of being overwhelmed by eager studs in crazy situations. This showed varying performing levels while pushing limits. This series also introduced a lot of careers that still produce great content to this day in 2019. Casey Calvert is a great example of a Hardcore Gangbang alumnus that had a great takeoff from Kink’s old castle to an amazing career. Even if HGB doesn’t come back, it at least served its ultimate porn purpose by opening doors. We also still have new Bound Gangbang scenes to watch.

5. 10 Man Cum Slam

10 Man Cum Slam 23
10 Man Cum Slam 20

There was a time when the cumshot ruled the day, when entire DVD releases focused on the physical act of these fluid penile releases. Sure it was a blowbang movie, but cum was the star of the show. Where the loads went and how many exact loads were a part of these gooey film’s presentation. Kick Ass Pictures brought familiar faces like Naomi Russell to get coated for this series, comically titled 10 Man Cum Slam.

The fun twist was they actually showed multiple camera replays of the flying semen going into the girl’s mouths. Kick-Ass also kept count with each pop that was launched for the respective scene. A small numbered counter would appear at the bottom of the screen during the replays showing how many loads were swallowed. Their site mainly focuses on foot fetish and cuckold stuff if you visit it today. Maybe one day we will see an 11 Man Cum Slam. You never know.

6. Sodomania

Sodomania 39
Sodomania 40

With companies like Elegant Angel still cornering their own anal market, it all had to start somewhere, right? Sodomania is one of those olden series of yore that set the tone for the mass influx of anal movies that decorate every major studio’s halls today.

Sodomania dates it’s origin all the way back to the early 90s. The first edition of these hallowed porn grounds had a young Francesca Le as a cast member. That very same volume was decked out with other familiars from that time. Randy West and Rick Masters were on board for that classic.

1994’s Sodomania 9: Doin’ Time had a familiar face to the series, and that was Tiffany Mynx. The living legend is among glam-porn royalty. A standard for the fans of classic porn were names like Vanessa Chase, for example, she also had a part in that five-scene volume. Old gems like this are great for that nostalgia kick to gush about on social media, but imagine how crazy it would it be if Elegant Angel tried to modernize Sodomania for the masses of anal fans of today?

7. Buttwoman

Buttwoman 97
Buttwoman vs. Slutwoman

We’re going back to the 90s again with this one. This is a crowning series that christened some of the industry’s best butts during its regal run. The Buttwoman was a master class of booty-centric performers that didn’t always focus on the act of anal, but if was on the menu, it was welcomed with plenty of oil.

Buttwoman 97 had a gleaming cast of past performers. Tom Byron got anal sex with Tiffany Mynx in 1997’s run of this huge feature series. Other fine performers like Kyle Stone accompany you down memory lane if you watch this early butt-porn production.

At one point the Buttwoman arena held host to a battle of royalty versus raunchiness in Buttwoman Vs Slutwoman. It had great combo scenes of Kristina Rose and Alexis Texas in sexual marathons. One of the scenes contains a foursome with Gracie Glam joining the fray to face a lucky Mike Stefano. These were exciting booty visions from a film that dropped back in 2010.

8. Jenna Loves…

Jenna Loves Diamonds
Jenna Loves Pain
Janine Loves Jenna

Showcases were something else back then; decked-out features fueling surreal porn visions. Sometimes dealing glamour infused with dark artistic themes, these films filled Vivid’s catalogs with creativity. In the mid-2000s, you saw these special showpieces chronicling this glamorous era with former porn queen Jenna Jameson. No other porn star could encapsulate this demeanor that was executed flawlessly for the Club Jenna franchise. Her namesake also allowed other performers to shine. Janine Loves Jenna contained sordid scenery for a sex film with Janine Lindemulder’s unmistakable look as the tattooed queen of porno. A journey through the afterlife with Jenna Jameson is the graphic, gory opener to the film. You’ll see a young and demonic Katja Kassin in a sexy sizzler for Janine Loves Jenna. It is advertised as one of the most shocking adult films ever, and is directed by Jenna’s then-husband, Justin Sterling.

9. Where The Boys Aren’t

Where the Boys Aren't: Arabian Nights

If there ever was a final word for the most legendary lesbian series, this Vivid gem would be in the argument. Where The Boys Aren’t lined up the adult industry’s most-coveted performers contained in their respective eras. These showcases where about large orgies of lust between true beautiful legends. Imagine seeing Tera Patrick in the same movie as the lovable Lanny Barbie? This dream comes to reality in Where the Boys Aren’t: Arabian Nights. It was the 19th volume that debuted back in 2008.

This teaming river of stars flowed since its first entry back in 1989 with a serious shine that paved the way for a galaxy-wide spectrum of performers in the business today. This rings true to collectors when they hear names like Torri Welles, April West, and Barbra Dare.

10. Dana Vespoli’s Real Sex Diary

Dana Vespoli & Chanel Preston in Real Sex Diary 3
Dana Vespoli & Chanel Preston in Real Sex Diary 3

This series from Evil Angel was the intimate beginnings of some of Dana’s best directing work, mxing some talent and enjoyment for scenes like the one she did with Chanel Preston in Real Sex Diary 3.

The exploratory features invite curious viewers into Dana Vespoli’s erotic visions that carry very stylish box covers (one of them an obvious ode to a mainstream film). These visions still hold for this ever-active artist as she now directs for her own label, Terror XXX, today. Still, even though the pages of this diary haven’t been turned since 2015, it doesn’t you mean you can’t revisit the pornographic explorations of Dana’s diaries.

I hate to throw the old cliche at you “All good things must come to an end,” but it applies to many of these dated entries from their respective periods in pornography. Either the studio decides to move on, or the director gives their focus to another style or vision. The fact is that porn production is a very fluid form of art; it can be redone over and over again until the 1,000th volume if possible. But in reality, porn fans move on and times change. That doesn’t stop remakes and comebacks from happening though, those are very real too.

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