10 Must-See WTF Titles

Happy April Fool’s Day! Here is a top list of the 10 best movies in our WTF category in celebration of the prankster’s holiday! These movies are NOT pranks. They are movies that surely all the models involved turned to the director and asked, is this a fucking joke? No, no it is not.

Erotic Avengers Hardcore Version from Radioactive Theater


The super-villain of this amateur and charmingly goofy superhero spoof wants to destroy the world so mankind can NEVER fuck again. That’s damn harsh. Thanos and Marvel should take notes. Kelly Steele and Kat Kleevage should replace Cap and Iron Man immediately. Blending science fiction, beautiful women, big tits, and a lot of sex, there is plenty to love and be perplexed by in this equal parts high-energy and campy fuck-film.

Crude from Crude Films


Crude is a short clip of pseudo-gore and insanity mixed with one man’s desperate need to blow a load to a beautiful woman in a space helmet. Crude is barely three minutes long, but it is three minutes you won’t soon forget. From executive producer Lloyd Koffman, that saintly pervert-slash-madman from Troma Films. This clip has been described as “the Citizen Kane of environmental pornography!”

The Pinion Monster From The Everglade from BEX Television


Do you like adult content that makes you blow loads in record amounts while simultaneously thinking “there is no God,” in the middle of your orgasm? Nihilism is positively the most underrated prostate/clit-tickler out there! Indulge in some existential dread to give that orgasm an extra kick!

Boxtruck Sex: Street Sex 5 from Boxtruck Sex


Exhibitionism and public sex has never been so bizarre… okay it probably has but this is a film about having peek-a-boo sex in a translucent truck (from the inside). Even cult author J.G. Ballard could ever come up with anything as strange as the Boxtruck series in his indictments against technology and automobiles on the human soul. You’ll never think of a idle truck the same way again.

Shadow Army from ZFX Productions


Any number of the odd, intense fetish set-pieces that pay homage to violent B-movies of yesteryear that make up the catalog of ZFX titles could make this list. The first scene of Shadow Army featuring Candle Boxxx will leave your mouth agape in the very best way. Director Rick Masters shows he’s a master of the macabre, and he just gives no fucks about using callbacks to harrowing horror movies to get us up and get us off on incredible BDSM scenes, consequences of what just came too, be damned!

Clown Porn from RAMCO Productions


Fear of clowns is as cliched as the setting sun in the West, but terribly easy to understand. Clowns are everywhere in our lives, hovering like obnoxious shadows with brightly colored faces that belie the darkness smoldering behind their terrifying, jarring facades. They hunt from our sewer systems, they roam the empty roads and streets less-traveled, and breed in our forests. They’ve infiltrated our political and religious institutions, and yes, our pornography too. The darkest fears hiding deep behind our collective hearts has a painted face and a rubber nose that goes HONK HONK if you’re foolish enough to squeeze it before having your arm devoured.

Let My Puppets Come from Caballero Proudctions


This hardcore feature from director Gerard Damiano is one of the first films to feature puppet sex, and it’s so wonderfully charming and strange you’ll find yourself questioning “how did this get funding?” while watching. Marionettes deserve a good stroke too.

Mail Order Teens from Seventeen Productions


Just look at what millennials have done now. They couldn’t just stop with their demands for avocado toast and end to crippling college-debt. The sight of beautiful eighteen and nineteen-year old girls climbing out of postal boxes to suck a dick is bizarre. This is what we have wrought from late-stage capitalism.

Coco Velvett: The Hand Biting And Arm Biting Nurse from Ultima Entertainment


Cannibalism is a societal taboo that seems to have missed its mark in the porn-mainstream spotlight, like the fauxcest phenmenon. Getting turned on while watching the lovely Coco Velvett feast on Eric Jover‘s “flesh” while dressed as a nurse will be certain to have you scratching your head while unleashing the Wendigo from within.

The Princess Has Come of Age from Double Exposed


This magical piece of adult animation will give you a nostalgia boner with your actual boner. In a far-away galaxy, a young Princess goes on a whimsical adventure to find a husband by fucking every being in the kingdom to see who can satisfy her sexual desires the most, as one does. Don’t be fooled if that sounds underwhelming. The first suitor our Princess fucks is an elf from another planet. It only gets stranger!

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