15 Brand-New Studios on HotMovies (April 2019)

We’ve been putting in extra work behind the scenes (not to be confused with BTS) and this month we have 15 brand-new studios for you! Let’s jump right in…

New Studios Added To HotMovies (April 2019):

100% Africa

New Studios on HotMovies.com

Starting in the motherland just feels right, and this 100% authentic African content is sure to grab your attention. It is incredibly difficult to find content shot in Africa featuring actual African performers, and The Homeless Girl will definitely leave you craving more African amateur goodness!

German Amateur Girls

German Amateur Girls on HotMovies.com
German Amateur Girls on HotMovies.com

Unlike African porn, German porn is everywhere and German Amateur Girls is determined to leave their mark. They hit the ground running with two titles already live and more on the way.

Bellesa Films

Bellesa Films on HotMovies.com

I love what I’m seeing from Bellesa Films so far and I think you guys will too. With Jacky St. James behind the camera you know to expect porn with a feminine appeal, high production quality, and top-notch acting. I see awards in the near future for sure!


Fun Picture XXX on HotMovies.com
Fun Picture XXX on HotMovies.com

Fun-Picture provides more German amateur porn to the steadily growing library, and I must admit, it did look like everyone had a lot of fun. If normal, everyday people having sex and filming it is your twist, you should feel right at home.

Grandparents X

Grandparents XXX on HotMovies.com

Okay, this one is going to test some of us, but hey, grandparents need love too, dammit. And apparently they need a lot of it! All the grandfathers in Grandparents Teaching Teens take on two women at once, and I didn’t see a single blue pill being popped! Somebody out there needs to take some notes…

Jay Rock

New Studios on HotMovies.com
New Studios on HotMovies.com

Everything from Jay Rock has been incredibly fun and sexy thus far. Their first two titles to drop got 22 and 21 ratings, which is a huge deal on any VOD platform. I suggest everyone check out The Cosplay Experience at least once.

Exposed Latinas

Exposed Latinas XXX on HotMovies.com

Latin women are some of the sexiest women on the planet, and watching amateurs suck and fuck onscreen is a treat! The family roleplay added a nice little touch of fantasy in Latin Family Secrets, but the sex is what really did it for me.


VR Conk xxx on HotMovies.com
VR Conk xxx on HotMovies.com

I suffer with really bad migraines so that leaves me on the outside looking in when it comes to VR content, but that doesn’t stop a girl from dreaming. The concept is super fucking cool when you sit back and think about it and the possibilities are endless, especially in an industry like porn, which is why I was crazy excited when VRConk signed on! Make sure to check them out and leave comments so we know what you guys think.

My Sex Mobile

My Sex Mobile HotMovies.com

All about that mobile sex life, My Sex Mobile stays true to its name and brand by bringing amateur porn to us vertically. It sounds like a simple enough idea, but execution is everything, especially is a business that relies on visuals. That said, I must say I was pleased with their first release. I anticipated it would be harder to watch and to stay into the action because of the vertical filming, but on a phone it really wasn’t that bad and the sex itself was fantastic. I certainly don’t think everyone should go out and start shooting in this style, but it is worth checking out.

Family Sinners

Family Sinners XXX on HotMovies.com
Family Sinners XXX on HotMovies.com

Family taboo has been all the rave for a long time now and I don’t think it’s going anywhere soon, especially if Family Sinners has anything to say about it. Dana Vespoli is directing for them and that makes me very happy! It also makes for great movies featuring big name stars and even better sex.

Trans Focus

Trans Focus on HotMovies.com

Transsexual sex for straight guys is the goal of Trans Focus, and I’m always hyped up when we sign a new trans studio, especially amateur! Watching regular people having sex in their regular homes adds to the experience for me, and you don’t see as much of that in trans content, so I’ll be keeping a very close eye on this studio!

Chazzy Amateurs

Chazzy Amateurs xxx HotMovies.com
Chazzy Amateurs xxx HotMovies.com

We have a lot of new amateurs this month and Chazzy is one that promises to stick out. Everything about it from top to bottom is brilliantly amateur and gets that feel across to viewers with no effort at all. It’s going to be fun watching this studio and content grow as they add to their collection.

True X

True X on HotMovies.com

True X is serving up legit hardcore pro-am gonzo XXX that’s just too damn good to pass up! Be sure to check out our exclusive, Shot Her 1st, which captures and presents Lilo Mai, Stella Stone, Camilla Mae, and Melody Marks’ first ever video shoots!

Porn ConCept

Porn Concept XXX HotMovies.com
Porn Concept on HotMovies.com

I’m probably the only person in the world who gets excited when songs get stuck in my head and for that very reason I like Porn ConCept! Look at the cover art up there and just let the music flow. The sex is great, evidenced by all the ratings their titles get, but I really appreciate when studios and directors put a little something extra in for their audience, like funny props or creative titles. The little things keep us happy, and Porn ConCept is doing their part.

Sin To Win

Sin To Win XXX on HotMovies.com
Sin To Win XXX on HotMovies.com

There’s no gain without pain and sometimes you gotta Sin to Win baby! With only five titles live they’ve already covered some of the heavy hitting categories like big tits but I say start with their POV flicks. Talking about getting your face right in the action!

Check out these studios and stay tuned for updates as we add more!

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