Performer Roundup: Favorite Place To Be Cummed On/In

It is said by many experts in the field that ejaculation should not be the focus, the best part, or the goal of sex. But really, who doesn’t want to nut, or get nut on? Where it goes is a sticking point (pun intended) that really ought to be a dialogue between the buster and the bustee. Porn has over the years had some really interesting takes on where the cum goes, but it’s difficult to argue with the classics.

Where a performer likes to receive cum says an awful lot about the star. It shouldn’t surprise you that different folks prefer different spots. It also shouldn’t surprise you that nobody said they preferred their eyes, their nose, or their hair (three hazard spots that, unless you’re trying to upset someone, you should probably try to avoid). So let’s get to the climax of this article (again, pun intended) and see where these porn stars prefer to get blasted:

Bunny Colby

Variety is the spice of life 😀

Bunny Colby facial from Blacked
Courtesy of Blacked

Dana Vespoli

In my personal life (with my significant other) I like internals – especially anal. In scenes – it depends on the scene partner. I mean, just keep it from going in my eyes or up my nose!

Dana Vespoli poses seductively from James Deen
Courtesy of Pornstar Platinum

Marica Hase

I like a guy [to] cum on my face. Because I’m Japanese. So it’s good for bukkake!

Marica Hase gets a facial from Toni Ribas
Courtesy of Toni Ribas Productions

Kelli Provocateur

I love when a man is having an orgasm inside of me. I can feel his blood pumping into his erect, hard cock as I feel how warm it is dripping from my pussy.

Kelli Provacateur flexes for Hogtied from Kink
Courtesy of

Saya Song

I love anal creampies!

Saya Song has anal sex from Belladonna
Courtesy of Belladonna

Sofia Moon

I definitely prefer on my face ’cause I just love how it looks!

Sofia Moon poses from ATKingdom
Courtesy of ATKingdom

Missy Martinez

You better cum on my tits. I didn’t pay $10k for you NOT to cum there.

Missy Martinez gets cum on her tits from Perv City
Courtesy of Perv City

Christy Love

My mouth! I love the taste of juicy cum to swallow!

Christy Love receives a facial from Wicked
Courtesy of Wicked

Amilia Onyx

I prefer swallowing. It’s really sexy and less messy. 😉

Amilia Onyx awaits a facial from Pornstar Platinum
Courtesy of Pornstar Platinum

Lisey Sweet

Oh man. I love a vaginal creampie. That moment when they’re fucking me raw and I can feel them tense up; their dick getting harder and thicker as it pulses and pumps into my pussy… flooding it with cum, stretching me out. I feel so powerful and it feels so amazing.

Lisey Sweet gets a creampie from BAM Visions
Courtesy of BAM Visions

Karen Fisher

My favorite place to be cummed on is definitely my boobs. It looks hot all over my big tits.

Karen Fisher gets cum on her tits from Skow for Girlfriends
Courtesy of Skow for Girlfriends

Luna Rival

I like deep throat a lot, but to be honest I prefer to be finished deep in my ass. So an anal creampie is the best place for the cum to be!

Luna Rival receives anal sex from Marc Dorcel
Courtesy of Marc Dorcel

Della Dane

OMG THIS IS SO EASY!!! My saying is “Cum in me or on me… just don’t waste the cum!”

Della Dane smiles with cum in her mouth from Aziani
Courtesy of Aziani

Riley Reyes

Creampies are my favorite by far! They feel so much more intimate and realistic.

Riley Reyes gets a creampie from BAM Visions
Courtesy of BAM Visions

Brooklyn Chase

My favorite place for a guy to finish is definitely my tits! They’re my favorite feature and it turns me on to be able to see and play with the cum afterwards!

Brooklyn Chase after cum shot from Wicked
Courtesy of Wicked

Charlotte Sartre

I love getting my pussy cummed in. If my husband doesn’t cum in me at least once a day my pH actually gets out of whack. It just feels the most natural and right for me… to get completely filled inside. I will literally wrap my legs around someone so they can’t escape my vagina and have no choice but to cum inside.

Charlotte Sartre after a creampie from Evolved Fights
Courtesy of Evolved Fights

Kenzi Ryans

I love getting my tits cummed on because seeing the look of satisfaction on his face is probably the hottest thing ever!

Kenzi Ryans waits for a facial in Shop Lyfter from Crave Media
Courtesy of Crave Media

Jay Taylor

If I like you, in my mouth. If I dont, or am indifferent, cum on yourself. LOL Coming on the other girl in group scenes is also a treat!

Jay Taylor gets a facial from James Deen
Courtesy of James Deen

Sonia Harcourt

Creampies and in my mouth are my favorite places to receive cum, because there’s no stopping the guys’ momentum/breaking their orgasm up. The faces and noises they make are always SO much more intense, and it’s so damn hot!

Sonia Harcout has sex from Obsession
Courtesy of Obsession

Pepper Hart

I want Daddy to cum on my little orange grove of pubes. If I go bald, as I do, then I want it on my face so he can be proud.

Pepper Hart gets a facial from Bryan Gozzling
Courtesy of Bryan Gozzling

Kimber Haven

My favorite place to be cummed on? LOL! It’s funny because I don’t think anyone wants to be cummed on. I mean that’s like saying “I love it when people blow their nose on me.” Of course, on film, we act like we can’t get enough of it and wanna spread it like Nutella all over ourselves. I guess my favorite place for a guy to squirt his jizz on me is anywhere it looks best on camera.

Kimber Haven poses via her Twitter page
Courtesy of Kimber’s Twitter page

Blanche from The Golden Girls cooling herself off

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