Friday's Finds: First Time for Everything

April 26, 2019 – This week’s features include a first-time performer and the first release from a new studio. In addition, we feature a couple of plot twists where a girl’s revenge takes a rather dark turn. But, we “brighten” things up with a bubbly performance from a brace-faced girl who wants to have sex for the first time.

Featured Scene: “Stella Stone’s First Time” from Shot Her 1st

Stella Stone first scene

We were excited to offer the exclusive release of Shot Her 1st, which features four different girls’ first time on camera. These are truly first-timers, as all but one of the girls has not appeared in any other movie. The movie opens with freckle-faced Stella Stone sporting tan lines and a nice, round butt. She is only 20 years old but estimates she has already been with at least 30 guys. So, we know she likes sex and her performance in this scene is proof positive.

Featured Studio: MissaX

Kenna and Katrina Missax

We can’t get enough of MissaX around here. We have been heavily promoting another exclusive, the release of For Your Own Good, a saga that revolves around a girl who murdered her father… but was it self defense or revenge? Two episodes are up, and we have one more to go. MissaX is an excellent storyteller and this week we also wanted to feature the movie In Vivo. Kenna James and Katrina Jade are a married lesbian couple, but their marriage isn’t seen as legitimate. Kenna and Katrina want to have a baby, but they have been unsuccessful with the in-vitro fertilization. So, Kenna convinces Katrina that Kenna’s brother can do the job and a lot cheaper. Katrina agrees, but finds herself in a much more complicated situation than she ever could have imagined.

Featured Movie: Sacrementum from Bare Maidens

Jay and Maranda Sacrementum

The studio Bare Maidens has been making “fantasy” themed content for more than 10 years. It involves medieval themes of ladies, knights, assassins, and warriors. They have recently begun creating anthology movies and releasing them on VOD. Their first release, Sacrementum features Jay Taylor and Miranda Miller being rescued by a savage warrior. They have difficulty communicating with him, but his raging hard-on tells the two women everything they need to know.

Featured Star: Cadence Lux featured in Bad Samaritans

cadence lux bad samaritans

Adult performers tend to be more comfortable in their skin than most people and Cadence Lux is a shining example. She has never been afraid to embrace and own her sexuality, nor experiment with it. On top of that, she has some acting skills which makes her a doubl- threat in the adult industry. In Bad Samaritans, she finds herself in a bad situation after an argument with her boyfriend. And it gets worse when two would-be “good Samaritans” come to her rescue. They talk her into having revenge sex on camera, but she didn’t expect what would happen next.

Featured Series: Brace Face from Crave Media

Luna Bright braces

The first volume of the Brace Face series debuted just last year. In most cases, braces on a performer are often incidental. Directors can make use of a performer who is currently wearing braces, but it isn’t something you can always depend on. You will occasionally get a movie focused around that look when the talent pool can provide it, but the limited availability makes it difficult for an entire series. But Crave Media has been able to put out four volumes in the past year and a half. The fourth volume features Luna Bright, who has also been around for about as long as the series itself. She is bright-eyed and buxom, and despite her diminutive appearance, she likes to be the aggressive sexual partner. Watch her take advantage of the meek and mild-mannered Alex Jett so that she can finally lose her virginity.

brace face 1

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