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JB: Jeffton Banks here with HotMovies. Got Mr. Louie Smalls, the one, the only, out here for a video interview. Louie is the star of Blacked Raw, Volume 15, an exclusive here on HotMovies, and we have him here to see if he can’t answer some questions for us. So, first and foremost, what is it that you can tell us about your relationship with Kendra Sunderland?

LS: First of all, I just wanted to give all the thanks and glory to God. Without him, I wouldn’t be here. None of this would be possible. So, yeah, just that first. Second with Kendra, we just looked at it as a business opportunity. You know? She was hot. I was hot. So, why not make something hot out of it? In the porn industry, people, it’s actually their fantasy. Who would love to be in a relationship with someone, also see it as their fantasy as well. So with that, we just took it as marketing. You know, a way to you finance out of it.

Okay, so it’s part-marketing, part-real.

It’s basically the whole optic of being an entertainer.

You’re basically a power couple.

It’s just like, “Wow, these two look beautiful together. Let’s see them actually work.” Some people… they like to request a lot of workers together. You know, to make that video happen. And we just took our initiative to make it happen already. We just did it.

So about about you in the industry, you’re pretty new to this, right? How many scenes have you shot so far?

I started last year in June. And l’ve shot almost roughly 50 scenes now?

Wow. And it’s all been for Blacked, right?

No, maybe I’m lying. Maybe 25, 24 or around there. The pages are all on the Blacked website. I haven’t really read on how many scenes I’ve done. I’ve done more for Blacked. I love Blacked Raw. For Blacked Raw I’ve maybe done eight scenes. Eight scenes, ten scenes… it’s a lot. I need to go back and look that up. But I’ve shot a lot.

Abella Danger & Louie Smalls in Blacked Raw V15

Enough where you’ve lost count, which is always a good thing.

Yeah. I’ve lost count already. That’s bad. But it’s a lot. [chuckles]

So what’s the craziest thing that’s happened on set so far? You don’t have to name names, by the way. You don’t need to throw anybody under the bus.

Nah. Nah. None of that. None of that. The craziest thing I’ve witnessed was probably my first scene. I’m a big germaphobe, you know?

Uh huh?

Boogers on my dick. [laughs] Seeing boogers… it’s not, it’s not a healthy thing to see a lot. Just snot coming out… [laughs]

So did she gag and sneeze or something like that?

She was gagging pretty hard, and she kinda released a couple of liquids out.

I guess better to be on your first scene and have that get out of the way, then, you know, further down the line, right?

[laughs] Yeah. That’s something… that’s something to see. It’s pretty bad. It’s funny. It’s so funny. I would say that was probably one of the least of the craziest things have happened on set. I want to say [blows air out while thinking]… I don’t know, because everything is natural to me. I feel so comfortable in certain settings and various, you know, people to where nothing, really, weirds me out… unless it’s like blood or something, you know?

Yeah, hopefully none of that on set.

I would probably say I’ve done a couple of girls where it literally hit certain areas where blood has came out for no reason. And that kind of freaked them out because they’re like, “I’m not on my period.” And I’m like, “What the fuck?!” Did I just break something?

Sounds like you need to sand yourself down a little bit.

Kinda. [smiling and nodding] Kinda. Sharp like that…

So you said everything sounds natural to you. Everything feels natural. Do you prefer the erotic stuff, or do you like the sort of hardcore Blacked Raw stuff more?

Well, naturally, I’m a hardcore type of guy. I’m wild. I’m an athlete. So when it comes to my nature, just who I am. Myself and being able to express the artistry of making sex look fun. And making it look sexy, and great quality work. The profession, and just this level of entertainment. It’s crazy. I played basketball, so I look at everything in a way of strategizing. In the porn industry, it’s really like an acting job. So I really love to portray my great acting skills, because the sex is gonna come. The sex is already going to be there. I already feel like I’ve conquered screen sex. So I want conquer the acting business too, where it’s like it’s more in-depth for people. They really can get a real fantasy out of a great scene.

So were you looking for a feature? You know, hoping Greg Lansky does a big movie epic like a Digital Playground‘s Pirates? Something like that?

No, we’ve done that already. One of the directors, he’s done us out in the street, just interacting out in the street, and then bringing it back to the house, or the apartment, or the hotel. Like it being [part of the] storyline kind of? Certain stories end up happening. So I would like that, where it brings out that imagination, you know? They [the fans] can go to sleep happy. And have it look good happening!

Kissa Sins & Louie Smalls in Blacked Raw V15

What kind of a fantasy would you ideally want to portray? Is there anything as far as a storyline goes that you think is super hot that you really want to be a part of?

Yeah, I’d like storylines [that] have seasons. Start from real, in-depth, true stuff. Like a soap opera that’s really being someone; that star for the whole season. That’s what would really be next-level. You’d notice that people would probably take it seriously because it’s something that every day we think of, as you know, human beings.

So you think like a storyline is sort of what will take adult to the next level make it more mainstream? As soon as something comes out really well-written, really well-directed, like that’s what it’ll take?

I feel like if they don’t do it, I’ll do it.

Do you have plans on directing and writing and all that good stuff?

I like to pay attention to other people. I feel like you’re all influenced by somebody to be who we are. So like to see somebody else do something and to make it look so good. Why can’t you, you know, do the same?

So look out for Louie Smalls: writer, director, actor. You’re going to make the Citizen Kane of porn, right? [laughs]

[Smiles and nods emphatically]

Nice. You mentioned that you play basketball. What’s what’s the highest level that you ever got as far as organized ball?

Professional, a professional team in South America. I played in a league in Uruguay. I’ve played against guys like Blake Griffin, Darren Collison, Eric Maynor, who played in the NBA. A couple of big guys, man. I know a lot of the guys… playing, living in Miami. I was always privileged to be around that kind of stuff. Just to be here and be in that circle. Basketball was a big part of my life growing up. I was able to witness a lot. A true, true blessing.

I imagine that it just gave you all kinds of life experiences that you never would have had, right? Living in South America…

I have to tell you right now I come from a culture of complete Christianity. I’m a Catholic. Once my mom found out I was doing porn, lowkey, she was upset. She was a little bit disgusted to know that I did porn. But, you know, that’s a mother’s instinct for her son out in the world. She just has to know her son can’t always be cooped-up. He has to become that rooster.

You’re just creating the world’s best biography movie, right? Going from ball to balling girls. [laughs]

All the levels of life. [smiles big]

So where is that you lived in South America?

I was in Peru. Lima, Peru. And I was in Montevideo, Uruguay.

What did you learn from your time overseas?

Living in Miami, it’s a Spanish culture, and a Caribbean culture. So they have all the tastes of different cultures. So I already having a piece of Spanish in me… it wasn’t that hard, you know, living in a place like that. You have to be able to communicate. So, me being already able to communicate, I was able to get where I needed to get. And that’s really what it’s about: it’s a lot of moving around. I was able to experience a lot; was able to visit the big sandy desert that’s there in Peru. I never been to Machu Picchu, but I hear that it’s a very traditional spiritual place.

So let’s talk porn for a little bit. Blacked is sort of like a really interesting company in the industry. You know, I don’t need to tell you that there’s just been a lot of categorical racism in the adult industry where black porn and interracial porn are sort of used in an almost taboo kind of way. A lot of racial terms are used. How do you feel about that? And how do you feel about Blacked? Is it exploitative? Is it, you know, making things more mainstream? Tell me your thoughts as as a black male in the industry.

I feel like it just goes down to history. It goes down to where we go by what we see. I love reading my fans’ comments like, I love my fans. Everything they say comes from a [place that’s] completely true. They’re not lying. They see everything like how we see it. So, I take their opinions as much as I take mine.

Yeah, that makes sense…

They speak on just what they want to see completely, just what they love, what they want. And us as entertainers, that should be our job to fulfill it. No matter whether you’re trans, homosexual, straight… whatever. I just feel like that should be our backbone. What fans want. Who’s gonna keep supporting you? Who’s going to keep spitting that word-of-mouth about you? That’s literally how I think about everything. Like my heart is, if I’m going to be working at a job, I’m going to use that job as a door to open another door. I know I can completely go off topic on certain things, but it all goes back to what porn is. This is an opportunity, and it is just a fantasy people like to see.

Abella Danger & Louie Smalls in Blacked Raw V15

So what opportunity is this giving you? Like what do you want to make this a spring board or gateway into?

L: Busting a nut. [chuckles]

[laughs] Good answer.

Who doesn’t want to bust a nut? But honestly, it’s just that love and respect you get from the person from how it all goes down the first time you meet. The first time you say, “How’re you doing?” And you smile at them, and give them the eye contact… that attention that they need, that they want. They [the fans] ask me, “How do you become a male porn star?” You have to cater to women! You have to give them what women want. You know what women want.

They want Louie, right?

[smiles and nods] Yeah they want Louie. Can’t stop it. You gotta just keep rocking it.

So we’re doing this interview sort of in celebration of Blacked Raw 15. In that movie, you have a scene that leads off the movie with Abella Danger, and the movie closes with you getting together with Kissa Sins. They’re two legendary figures in the industry. What do you think people can learn from them, or from you working with them?

It’s just they all have genuine feels for the game. When I did that scene with Kissa… literally she looked like a fierce lion walking through the club. That turned me on, because, you know… I shouldn’t spoil it. [laughs]

[laughs] I don’t think you need to worry about spoiler alerts with porn.

I just feel like, you know, she just literally… that’s just who she was. She was just completely fierce and wanted the biggest, blackest male Alpha in that scene and at the party. Yeah, and it came out perfect. She delivered it perfect. I delivered it perfect. The scene was perfect. Greg [Lansky, director and owner of Blacked] was in the scene… It was a movie, literally. That’s true porn right there. Making that little dialogue like a movie.

Were you intimidated by either one of them, like, getting together with them? Just knowing that they’ve been in the business for a long time, and that that they know their way around a cock? Maybe more than some of the other people that you’ve been with?

No. That’s a great thing, that’s a great thing. Knowing how a cock works. Knowing what to do with a cock… that’s a great thing. For me, honestly, it takes a lot to intimidate me. You know, I’m a big guy. I’m 6’9”… a little tiny girl, even though you are a famous icon… That makes you wanna do better, you know? Because she’s out here exploiting herself, so I’m gonna make sure she’s gonna get the best of it. Kill it, you know.

Right. So you raise your level of the game to the level of your costar.

You have to! When you’ve got guys like Jason Luv… he’s like a fucking male superstar-god! You gotta compare that. You gotta bring the fire.

How do you think you and Jason are different? Like what differences do you think you guys bring to the table? Since you’re both contract stars…

Honestly, with Jason, I learn from him. He learns from me. So we both want to say that we’re GOATs in the game already.

You guys are both awesome.

Appreciate it.

Kissa Sins & Louie Smalls in Blacked Raw V15

You were talking about worrying about spoiling your Kissa Sins scene. Are you big on spoilers? Do you have any shows that you’re following religiously right now?

I was watching This is Us on CBS. I’m watching the playoffs right now. I’m a big basketball head.

What is a perk that fans might not expect about being a porn star? What’s some unexpected good thing that fans don’t really know about being a porn star?

I meet celebrities that don’t even do porn. Like real-life celebrities. Like actors in SAG.

So you get a chance to to rub elbows with some famous people. Very cool. I know that naming names isn’t exactly the thing you want to do…

[shakes head no] But I’ve post sited on social media where they [fans] see some of the people I’ve met. I’ve met Shooter McGavin from Happy Gilmore. I’m a big fan of his. When I was growing up as a kid I didn’t think I could experience this stuff. Riley Reid, even though I think we’re the same age, but I was watching her since before I was doing porn, like in my room jerking off to her. Now we’re getting ready to shoot one day, it’s like, “Fuck!” [smiles] I shot with Abella Danger. Shit is insane. Kendra Sunderland. Just others.

They’re awesome. Icons.

Women that are, like, completely impacting the world. By the millions.

For sure. What is the most interesting interaction you’ve had with a fan?

I was on an airplane. I didn’t expect anybody to know who I was, because I never expect anything. So I walk on the plane, and this guy’s sitting in my chair. So, like, nobody knows my real name, so it could’ve been a coincidence that he’s sitting in my chair. Then this guy was like, “Hold on, you’re Louie Smalls.” And it’s a guy! And he was gay, but I don’t have a problem with gay people. I don’t have a problem with gay people at all. I treat everybody as equal as they treat me. You know, I don’t trip on or look into anything of what they do in their personal business. Nothing like that. I try and be as cordial as I am every day. So I’m like, “You know me?” He’s like, “Yes, oh my gosh, because I watch you every night!” And I’m like, “Oh my god!” And this guy literally sat next to me the whole time. He’s like, “Can you take a picture? Oh, my gosh. You’re so dope…” And needless to say, I would never expect that. Just this random fan knowing who I am while I’m going on my way to LA.

I bet you see that more and more as time goes on, right? Where people recognize you?

[nods] People have been, yeah, but they say that every black person looks alike. [laughs] Boy, this is gonna be a fun one. Because I’ve got comments… people telling me I look like plenty of rappers, like…

They just know that you’re somebody, but they don’t have the the eye for it.

Yes. I’ve had plenty of interactions where they’re like, “Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! You’re a porn star! You’re a porn star!” And I’m like “Yeah. I’m a porn star, but what’s my name?” But I like people knowing that I’m a porn star. You know, there’s nothing wrong with being a porn star.

No. Absolutely not.

People just can’t fulfill that certain lifestyle, because it’s not them. So it’s like, don’t do anything you can’t do, because you’re gonna force it. Forcing things, it won’t be nice. Because when you force things, forced things get bad. The one time I forced something, then I went to jail. And I learned from that, and I’ve never forced anything after that.

Okay. How long were you in jail for?

Hmm… four hours.

Oh, okay. [laughs]

In Jacksonville, Florida. One of the most racial towns I’ve ever been in, but they didn’t treat me racist. They didn’t treat me with any rude behavior. Because I look tall, they asked, “Damn, bro. You play basketball?” That’s what you do. Just ask if I play basketball. They didn’t treat me like a criminal, or like in that kind of way. And I feel like that’s just the kind of energy that I kind of put on where I want to try to help people, like my people, be more level-minded when they’re interacting with police officers. Certain times, they like to feel like they’re being attacked by them. When only they’re just doing their job, you just let them do their job. You know, you’re not doing anything illegal, just let them do their job, and then they’re gonna let you go. Certain people… they like to give them a hard time, they like to yell at them, treat them disrespectful. It’s like, “No, man! They’re human just like you!”

Exactly. It’s like yelling at a waiter when the kitchen messes up an order.

Yeah, right, and then they just put their pubes in your meal. And then there you go. Souffle on that!

[laughs] That is true. So did you have a lot of gay fans?

[nods] That’s a majority of my fans.


And I welcome them with open arms.

Yeah. More power to them. If they like Louie, they like Louie.

I love it. When I was at the AVNs, I took a picture with a guy who had a see-through jumpsuit and overalls on. That was the coolest thing ever!

That does sound impressive.

I love that. Express yourself. That’s what I feel like being in the porn industry is, is expressing yourself. Never being shy, or never feeling like you have to be liked. Because that’s not why you’re going out there. You’re doing it for you. You’re doing it because you want to do it.

Abella Danger & Louie Smalls in Blacked Raw V15

About expressing yourself: Do you have a fetish or a kink that you haven’t shot on film yet that you would like to? Or something that you want to involve?

Handcuffs would be dope.

You being tied up, or the other person?

No way, man. I’m too dominant for that. You gotta let the lion go. Let the lion get what he wants.

Noted. Louie wants handcuffs.

Everyone wants to see a little girl… You know, it sucks to say, but it’s just what the ropes of life is in the industry. You want to see a tiny white girl get beat up by a black guy. You know?

Yeah, I’m assuming you have no problems with that. [Editor’s note: both mean beat up as in rough sex, not as in abuse] [smiling and shaking head no wildly] Ab-so-lute-ly not! That is my profession. That is the lifeline of my career field. [laughs]

So, speaking of little girls getting beat up, I had a question for you about your scene with Abella. At the very end of the scene, you guys were showering off together, and then you guys started going at it in the shower for a while. Was that something that was planned? Did that just kind of happen spur of the moment because you guys were digging each other?

I don’t know if you know, but she’s from Florida. So, like, off the top… once I felt like she knew I was from Florida, she just wanted to fuck with me since she met me. She has a girlfriend, you know, but the chemistry [between us] was amazing from the jump. And that’s normally how I kind of base things with people. I like to ask people where they’re from because you get to know a lot about a person just by knowing where they’re from. I’m very big on states. I know a lot about agriculture.

So what’s the worst state, then? Like, you find out somebody’s from there, and you’re like, “Oh, hell, no!” Like, just walk away.

But you know what? That’s where the plot twist can be! Just because they’re from that state, doesn’t mean they want to fucking be there no more. I’m dealing with a girl right now, she’s from Detroit. Detroit really isn’t that fun of a place to be at. It’s an old-school town; it’s a very retro place. So you know Miami’s retro in a kind of way, but it’s still tropical. Still nice. The sun is always out and it’s next to the beach. So that’s a win. People in Detroit. Yeah, they may have a lot of history in Detroit where it was really nice, but it’s like, it can’t beat Miami. So they want to come here. Now you can tell a lot about a person just by, like she’s from Detroit, so I already know she’s hardcore as fuck. They’re a very down people. So I’m with that. If a person was from Idaho, I wouldn’t take him on a mission to do something where it’s going to scare them half to death, freak them the fuck out, because that’s not what they’re about.

Right. They’re about potatoes.

Yeah! They’re about potatoes! They’re about farming and some shit. Harvesting some shit! Who knows?! That’s what it’s all about. Where we’re all from. We’re all different.

Alright, cool. So, any last words that you want to leave your fans with? Any message?

Yeah. I’d love to just tell them, man, keep supporting me. Make sure I keep coming out with just great stuff for them. Always entertaining them. That’s the number-one thing: this is entertainment. It’s not serious, take it to the heart. You know, because I get tons of fans asking me, “Hey, can you fuck my girl? Can you screw my wife?” I’m super cautious with that thing. I’m very big on spirit. So, like, I won’t break anything. I feel like it’s crazy for me. I believe in karma a lot. So, if I’m dealing with somebody’s wife, I have to make sure it’s completely okay, because everything they do together as a vow… they do that with God. So you disobeying one of God’s vows? That’s a sin to where that’s even an ultimate sin where it’s gonna put you in a bad-karma situation. I don’t mess around with that because it’s happened multiple times. Anybody who’s married where they want me to have sex with your wife, I need to know one-hundred-percent sure, that they’re cool with it.

Right. Like a legal contract saying, “I hereby sign away my wife. I’m down with this…”

[nods and smiles] I’m gonna tell you right now, I’m a serious deal when it comes to fucking. Like they will literally feel that shit. I’m sorry to say it that way. But that’s just the way that it is. It’s like if you want this to happen, you need to make sure you’re cool with it because I don’t want any discrepancies when I’m there and you’re getting upset. That’s what I’m very aware of. You don’t know what’s on these peoples’ minds when they ask for stuff. I always like to keep it super-cautious as hell to make sure they’re not in any funniness to where it’s like that.

Yeah. So let it be known. If you want Louie Smalls to fuck your wife, you need to have a notary in the bedroom with you to sign a document saying it’s cool!

Kissa Sins & Louie Smalls in Blacked Raw V15

[laughs] You better not be mad…

You need a judge. You need a court order…

…a consent form, a newspaper…

Yeah, get your ID on the camera on and then you can party down.

Exactly. It’s gotta be like a professional set. It has to be like that. There’s so much behind having sex. So much. A lot of people don’t know that. They think it’s just sex. You gotta do things in order first, before you do something. You never know what could happen. You can have sex with a girl and catch something because you didn’t check if she was tested.

That’s just a part of the business.

That’s the best part of the business! You know, you’re involved with someone that’s not dirty; that’s not carrying anything.

They’re not infected. They don’t have an infection.

Right. Because once you know they’re clean, you can do anything you want there, and have fun with it! You can do anything you want. It’s just making sure what’s first: good test, number-one priority. My fans out there, you want to become porn stars… or if you are becoming a porn star… I suggest you make your own content. Find someone you know you’re happy with and you just make a video with them. That’s what I did; my first scene with Natalie Brooks. Made the video and posted it on ManyVids and it’s been selling since, and I made that last year. It’s a rimjob video. So, posting it, giving it a good title… that will also cause attention to more sales. Titling it a good name would be ideal. Yeah, just mainly starting your own content first. Letting people see what you have, and if people see what you’re working with, they can book you if that’s what they want. They don’t want to just see a picture of your dick. They want to see how you look. What is your body shape? They want to see what you’re working with. There’s a lot to it. I get a lot of fans asking me, “Hey, how do you get into porn?” And, you know, I’m not gonna want to block their blessings. They want to do porn, let them do porn. It’s not gonna be me who picks them. And if I can help them out, I’ll help them out. So I suggest you take just several pictures, standing up. Profile pics. You know, you try to get your dick hard. I would prefer you to do it with a girl because, you know, she would get you hard, and then she can take the picture for you. That’s how I did that. Send it out to anybody you want to work with it, and hopefully just pray for the best.

[Editor’s note: Do NOT send unsolicited dick pics to performers. Discuss with them first to make sure they understand and WANT to see a picture of your dick first!]

That’s good career advice. Very cool. Well, Louie, I really appreciate your time. And hopefully we can do this again sometime.

[smiles] Ahhh… we can go out for a drink.

Yeah, sounds good. All right, Louie, take it easy and we’ll speak to you soon.

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