Friday's Finds: It's All About Family

May 03, 2019 – They say you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose family, and I didn’t. I went through and selected the items I wanted to feature this week, and it was only afterward that I realized all but one of them revolved around a family. However, the one feature that doesn’t deal with family does have plenty of sisters and a “Mother Superior,” if that counts for anything.

Featured Star: Ella Knox featured in The Family Discount

Ella Knox Jay Smooth

The lovely Ella is lauded for her sexy, sensual features and her outstanding, natural 36DD bust which have been featured in three different movies this week: Nature’s Breast 2, Big Tit Jerkoff Instructions, and The Family Discount. Ella’s in-law Jay Smooth unknowingly comes into her spa for a therapeutic massage. He is apprehensive, but she assures him that she is a professional and will handle everything professionally. Spoiler alert! She lied.

Featured Studio: Team Skeet

Blair William Forbidden Family Affairs

By far, Team Skeet is one of the most popular studios who has their fingers on the pulse of the latest trends in porn. Their reality series, Spring Break Fuck Parties, continues in the tradition of the now-defunct Shane’s World, and their fetish series Disciplined Teens was able to make fetish-oriented content appeal to a non-fetish audience. Of course, one of their most popular series at the moment is the fauxcest series Forbidden Family Affairs. In their latest volume, a bold Blair Williams blows her stepdad Filthy Rich in the same bathroom where her mom is taking a shower.

Featured Scene: Brett Rossi, Daisy Stone, and Xander Corvus from Dinner For Deviants

Brett Rossi and Daisy Stone Deviants

In a pseudo-parody of Dinner For Schmucks, Xander Corvus plays an aspiring actor who goes to dinner at the house of notoriously eccentric star-maker, Bernard. Although he tries to make a good impression with Bernard, Xander keeps winding up in compromising positions with Bernard’s wife and daughter. In the climactic final scene, daughter Daisy Stone is toying with the actor when her stepmother, Brett Rossi, catches her with Xander tied to a table. Brett wants her to stop and for him to leave, but the spoiled Daisy always gets her way and winds up having both of them for dessert.

Featured Series: Grandpas vs. Teens from Productions

Grandpa and Anya Krey

This week, we added a new category for movies that feature the pairing of Older and Younger in any variation, and we wanted to highlight the Grandpas vs. Teens series because it doesn’t play quite as creepy as it sounds. Experienced men know how to please a woman and these girls know it. They may play around with their boyfriends, but when they want to be sexually satisfied, they turn to these older men who are only too happy to oblige. The series features AARP-member porn stars like Attila Schuster showing the ropes to the likes of young, Turkish-born Anya Krey. Grandpa’s been around the block a few times, so you know he has the stamina; we all just hope his arteries aren’t as hard as his dick.

Featured Movie: Confessions Of A Sinful Nun 2: The Rise of Sister Mona from Sweetheart Video

Ricky Greenwood follows up with a sequel to his critically acclaimed Confessions Of A Sinful Nun. In Vol 2: The Rise of Sister Mona, Ricky brings back many of the same characters who have been transferred to a much more restrictive convent run by Magdalene St. Michaels. Magdalene wants to put a stop to Mona’s immoral behavior, but she doesn’t realize her own convent is rampant with lesbian tendencies illustrated by two busty “sisters” (Lena Paul and Cassidy Banks) having a Sapphic romp out in the open air. All this is set against the backdrop of a dying Mother Superior played by Nina Hartley. Warning: the ending may make you cum, but it also may make you cry.

Lena and Cassidy Sinful Nuns

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