For Your Own Good: A HotMovies Exclusive Review

The For Your Own Good series from director Missa and studio MissaX is now exclusively on HotMovies. The movie features Kristen Scott and Zac Wild as step-siblings who indulge in some uncomfortable truths about one another after a family tragedy. Let’s take a closer look at Missa’s boundary-prodding family drama, For Your Own Good.


Part One: Mona Wales and Zac Wild

Kristen Scott is dragged kicking and screaming by her stepmother, Missa, to be locked away in an empty bedroom. The reason why is not immediately clear, but Kristen is desperately in love with somebody she is being forcefully kept from thanks to her stepmother and stepbrother, Zac Wild, who comes in to soothe her into accepting her circumstances. Stepmother Missa doesn’t understand how a nineteen year-old girl could be in love when she knows nothing about life. Zac’s mother orders him to gag and blindfold his stepsister. Before Zac leaves his sister alone, he warns Kristen that the only thing her boyfriend is worried about is the reward money. Apparently, Kristen’s boyfriend, played by Robby Echo, knows something.


Zac’s girlfriend, played by the lovely Mona Wales, stops by to confront him about his sister and stepmother. She’s not happy with the distance Zac is keeping between her and Zac’s family. Zac does have his reasons, but he dodges and tells his girlfriend that he really needs a friend. Sweet Mona gets closer to him and coos, “Well, here I am,” but then there’s a scream. It’s Kristen Scott from the empty bedroom, begging to be let free. Mona’s a little startled, but perhaps not startled enough. She insist on meeting Zac’s sister, but Zac refuses and tells Mona she’s sick. Mona takes Zac’s big hands in hers and squeezes, now ready to share a piece of her past with her troubled lover. Mona recounts the loving relationship she had with her father when she was a child, and how it drove her mother to commit violence and abuse against her, because the woman seemed to sense there was more going on there. Mona doesn’t add much to refute this idea as she gushes over Zac’s large hands. Mona’s father had big hands too, and she’s been aroused by a man’s hands ever since. Zac reaches for her thigh and squeezes…


Mona stands, her dress pulled up slightly, giving us an amazing shot of her juicy ass cradled by a black thong. Zac Wild’s eyes flicker at the sight of his girlfriend’s body. “Do you want me?” she whispers. Mona sucks on Zac’s fingertips, glazing them in her saliva, savoring them like a cock. Mona takes Zac’s hand and warms it on her pussy. He fingers her, massaging her lips, skating his fingertips over her clit, prodding the soft moans sneaking out from her lips. The lovers undress; after eating her pussy Zac leans back on the bed so Mona can swallow his swollen cock. She covers it in her spit before letting Zac enter her cowgirl-style, his cock-head teasing and butting her lips before her thrusts inside her. Mona lies back on the bed to get slowly fucked missionary style. Zac blows his load deep inside Mona Wales. Zac slips out and Mona gives us an amazing shot of her pussy dripping droplets of semen to the floor.

Part Two: Kristen Scott and Robby Echo

Zac’s beloved stepsister is still hysterical. After ejaculating into his girlfriend, he shoos her out of the house and rushes to Kristen’s room to calm her down. She feigns rationality for a moment to get him to come close… too close. She inhales, catching his smell when he’s close. Zac feels her lust sending blood-flow back to his now-soft cock, and pulls away. “Mom wants me to sedate you,” he warns. Kristen just wants him close, to come close so she can pretend he’s her lover… Robby. Robby is the boyfriend who is so entrenched in Kristen’s secrets that the risk is clearly making her aroused. Kristen’s already killed her father, so pretending her stepbrother is her boyfriend to get emotional and sexual satisfaction is no big leap for her tenuous psyche. Kristen decides to use threats. She tells Zac she will tell her stepmother that he had his girlfriend over. Then we meet Kristen’s boyfriend, Robby…


We’re taken to a flashback happening shortly after Kristen has killed her father. Kristen is letting Robby in through the patio doors in the back. Kristen informs her lover that her family’s plan is to move out of the country and assume new identities. Robby tells her that there is now a private investigator lurking about with a possible reward for information that would lead to an arrest in the murder of Kristen’s father. Kristen is calm. She just wants her boyfriend to come away with her. She plants seedlings of dreams within his head about her devotion, love, and a possible family of their own. And then she tells her that she trusts him completely.


She reaches into his slacks and squeezes him. Robby leans back so Kristen can pull out his cock and place it between her lips. Robby undresses her, peeling off her panties and thrusting his face in between her daddy-killing ass cheeks. He eats her ass, before she leans back to let him tongue and lick her pussy. Robby then takes Kristen missionary style, with slow thrusts before Kristen sits on Robby, eating his manhood with her hungry pussy, savoring each slow thrust on his cock. Robby ends by fucking Kristen doggy-style and cumming deep within her. We get to see Kristen Scott squeeze her boyfriend’s cum from deep within her, coating her lips with Robby’s semen.

Part Three: Kristen Scott and Zac Wild

Zac is feeding his stepsister her favorite: a bowl of cold cereal with milk. Kristen wonders aloud if Mona would visit them in the future. Zac tells his stepsister that there is a warrant out for her arrest. Kristen’s still stuck in a straight-jacket and the walls will not stop closing in. Zac also reveals that he thinks Robby is a bad guy, and his pity for his stepsister convinces him to loosen her straight-jacket after she pleads to him. Kristen knows there’s an uncontrollable beast somewhere within Zac. She teases him, vacillating between succubus and stepsister. She tells him she liked listening to him have sex with Mona, but then asks, “Do you think Mom would kill me?” almost childlike. Zac’s big eyes flicker some more. Kristen reveals she killed her father for Zac.


Zac helps Kristen out of her bonds and confesses that he will never really love Mona. He can’t love his girlfriend when his heart belongs to his stepsister, and it always has. Kristen takes Zac’s hard cock into her mouth and deepthroats it as if it will never come out again. Kristen stands to finish undressing, and Zac grabs her by her hips so he can bury his face into her pussy. Zac fucks his stepsister missionary before turning her over so Kristen can gracefully slide down onto his erection. Kristen rubs her clit while she rides him, climaxing while sitting on her stepbrother. Zac follows her lead and ejaculates inside her. Unease still lingers, and then Zac gets a strange phone call from Robby. He picks it up, and hears Robby say, “I’m sorry.” Kristen’s eyes widen as the flashing lights from a cop car illuminate the bedroom. Zac will never be able to rescue his stepsister. Not by assuming a new identity, not by locking her in a room, nor by making her cum. Now he knows it. Kristen Scott flees into yard naked, running for her life…


Kristen’s Scott acting rivals her stunning physical performance; she has a chemistry with Zac Wild that is as arousing as it is uncomfortable. MissaX consistently makes Greek tragedy and, family tragedy, titillating and compelling as hell. The For Your Own Good series is no exception! Patricide has never been so sexy.

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