Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2: A HotMovies Review

Both blasphemy and the thought of Nina Hartley nude excites me immensely, so of course I’m thrilled that director Ricky Greenwood is back stoking his exploitation sensibilities of yesteryear. Greenwood returns with his usual (but welcomed) dash of poignancy and modern flare in a sequel fans have been clamoring for all year! Featuring Charlotte Stokely, Nina Hartley, Mona Wales, and Magdalene St. Michaels (in a stunning performance) in Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2 from Sweetheart Media. Read our review of the original right here! Let’s take a closer look at Ricky Greenwood’s sequel Confessions of a Sinful Nun 2 – The Rise of Sister Mona.


Scene One – Cassidy Banks & Lena Paul


Sister Charlotte is getting into her nun habit and filling the audience in on what has happened this past year with her convent via voiceover. Sister Lily has been sent away by the Diocese; Mother Superior has fallen ill, and change is on the horizon and the uncertainty in the air is making the sisters feel stressed, and we know stress encourages sin. We meet Mother Jones, played by Magdalene St. Michaels. Mother Jones is all about the punishment. She hovers over Sister Mona Wales, humiliating her and berating her for her lust. Mother June has the salacious nun stripped naked, and leaves her to wallow in the shadows while she contemplates her corruption. Mother Jones doesn’t fuck around, but the pain in her eyes belies the venom she spews toward her Sapphic subordinates.


Sister Charlotte is studying her Bible outside in the green grass and warm sunshine. Unbeknownst to her, two horny Sisters are frolicking in the background, played by Lena Paul and Cassidy Banks. The two young nuns find a spot that is just secluded enough – they certainly don’t want to be caught, right? Lena Paul and Cassidy Banks kiss each other deeply. Lena pulls up Cassidy’s habit and licks her pussy and pulls down her habit to reveal her gorgeous, natural breasts. Cassidy spreads Lena’s full lips and tongues her deep. Cassidy Banks turns and bends to give Lena’s mouth a taste of her asshole, so Lena hungrily rims her right out in the open daylight. The two young nuns then engage is sensual 69 session, ending up with Lena’s pussy in Cassidy’s mouth, causing Lena to shake and cum intensely. The two women of God kiss each other and press their big tits gently against one another… hoping they won’t get discovered, out here in the wide open!

Scene Two – Mona Wales, & Serene Siren


Magdalene St. Michaels is punishing Sister Mona Wales through more humiliation and confession. Sister Mona is covered by a sheet while she repents, until it is removed and replaced again by the shadows of the blackened room. Mother June begins to whip Sister Mona cruelly. Mother June finishes her abuse, and then leaves the room ordering Sister Mona to mechanically recite prayers while she’s gone. Meanwhile, Sister Charlotte visits Mother Superior, and she has bad news for her mentor, and us the audience. Mother Superior is dying, and there is nothing anyone can do. Her progression will only become worse.


Serene Siren confronts Mother June about Sister Mona’s harsh treatment. Mother June justifies her actions, but gives the concerned Sister permission to tend to Sister Mona’s broken body. Serene is delighted to have a chance to sponge bath her broken companion. As Serene washes Sister Mona’s wounds, Serene reveals she is sexually curious. She wants to know what its like to be with another woman. Sister Mona describes this connection in philosophical detail that would give the Sermon on the Mount a run for its money. Serene and Mona hesitantly kiss, before they both just give in entirely in to each other. Serene Siren uses her hands to caress the wounds and bruises all over Mona Wales’ back. These two gorgeous blondes of God go on to eat other’s pussies, before Serene Siren climbs on top of Mona Wales for a rough scissoring session directly under the leering eyes of our Lord!

Scene Three – Charlotte Stokely & Kenna James


The damaged Sister Mona is ordered to stay in her room until she overcomes her perversions. Good luck. Sister Charlotte is seen by Mother Superior’s bedside writing a letter for her mentor. Mother Superior and Mother June are old friends, and before her death, Mother Superior wants to reach out to her embittered Sister. Later Sister Charlotte asks fellow Sister Kenna James if she plans on staying in their convent once Mother Superior passes. Charlotte is relieved to hear that, indeed, Kenna plans on staying right here with Sister Charlotte. Sister Charlotte tells Kenna that she has been chosen to take Mother Superior’s position in the convent once she has passed. Kenna James gets her habit quiet wet over this development.


Sister Charlotte slowly undresses the shy Kenna James, but leaving her pink panties on. Charlotte circles her hungry mouth on top of Kenna’s panties, pushing into her mound, wetting the fabric, taking her time with that tongue, to get her ready for her full, bare mouth. God wills it. Kenna James’ hips buckle as Charlotte Stokely pulls off Kenna’s panties, still leaving those delicious white thigh-high stockings to cling to her legs, which Kenna uses to wrap around Charlotte’s neck as she gets her tongue miles deep into Kenna James’ vagina. Charlotte Stokely looks as if she’s trying to fit her whole head inside Kenna James’ body, and it nearly looks like she’ll succeed!

Scene Four – Nina Hartley & Magdalene St. Michaels


Mother Superior’s letter is delivered to Magdalene St. Michaels. Meanwhile, Serene Siren is confessing to a broken Sister Mona that she simply can’t stop thinking about their night together. But Sister Mona responds to their connection coldly, and tells Serene that she will not be giving into temptation again. We see Magdalene St. Michaels at confession. She’s been having many doubts, mostly about her handling Sister Mona’s punishment. She also seems to be feeling guilty for something else. She tells her confessor about the letter she received.


Mother June finally visits her long-time companion in her room. Mother Superior is extremely weak from her mysterious nun illness, but delighted to see her after so many years. Nina Hartley is able to slowly, but surely coax Magdalene St. Michaels into her bed. Nina throws Mother June’s rosary beads off, and they kiss. Magdalene St. Michaels lets her breasts fall out so Nina Hartley can fondle and kiss her. The two women share one another, slowly tasting and revisiting their lust for one another in the brightly-lit room. Nina slowly traces her fingertips over her lover’s body. Nina’s eyes light up as she drives the action, and devours Magdalene St. Michaels’ pussy after pulling off her panties. Nina’s lips look as though they are kneading bread as she brings Magdalene closer to orgasm with her mouth and tongue. Nina takes her time, using her fingers to spread Magdalene open, and then places her lips around her clit and suckles. Mother June takes Mother Superior’s face into her hands while she eats her out, and tells her “I want to experience it all!” Nina sits on Magdalene’s face and reaches back to rub her fingers over her lover’s swollen clit. Mother Superior quickly climbs on top of Mother June to scissor her just as she loses control. Madeline St. Michaels quietly, but intensely orgasms as Nina Hartley finishes her off. The two experienced lovers share some post-coital bliss, but only briefly. Shortly thereafter, Mother June discovers that Mother Superior has literally died in her arms.

Brace yourself: you thought the ending of Game of Thrones was depressing? Ricky Greenwood says, hold my beer fucker. In the epilogue, we see an unhinged Mother June whipping herself for her sins, as she once did with Sister Mona. Something needs to distract from the guilt. At Mother Superior’s funeral, Sister Charlotte finds out that she will not be replacing her mentor. Sister Mona is in charge now. And under the subjugation of Mother June, she’s not only become adroit at dolling out painful punishment, but she craves it, almost as much as pussy. Sister Mona has found out about Sister Charlotte’s Sapphic ways with Kenna James, and a few Hail Mary’s aren’t going to cut it.

We end with a Charlotte Stokely being beaten in a dark room, to be continued… Ricky, wtf? Mona Wales and Magdalene St. Michaels do amazing work here, as does Charlotte Stokely and the iconic Nina Hartley. Like the original, its beautifully shot, and also makes amazing use of shadows and darkness to enhance the mood of this bleak sequel. Shadows in a sex film, you say? It works splendidly, but there’s plenty of light to be found in Nina Hartley’s signature scene with Magdalene St. Michaels, as emotionally poignant as it is sexy, and one of Nina’s most important girl/girl scenes to date.

Be sure to watch Confessions of a Sinful 2 from director Ricky Greenwood RIGHT HERE!

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