Charlotte Sartre Discusses Her 'Elastic Butthole' with HotMovies

Charlotte Sartre is a porn performer like no other, transcending what it means to be categorized as an “alt” star since joining the industry in 2015. Charlotte’s commitment to her personal style and kinks have remained consistent throughout her years of performing, and the industry and fans alike have fully embraced her for it. Her passion for performing intense anal feats, coupled with her disarming, sweet personality are surely what have aided in her well-deserved years of success. HotMovies’ own Jeffton Banks had the opportunity to sit down with the newlywed star and discuss her career trajectory, finding her dominant side, and, of course, her incredibly elastic butthole!

JB: Do you prefer Sartre (Sart) or Sartre (Sar-truh)?

CS: I intentionally go back and forth with how to pronounce it to confuse people. Like even if I’m doing an intro interview and an exit interview for the same shoot, sometimes I’ll say it one way in the intro and one way in the exit, just because it’s not my real last name so I don’t care. [giggles]

You don’t say…[laughs] In your heart of hearts, HotMovies fans get to know, which way do you prefer?

I think… the name doesn’t sound good to me at all. That’s kind of why I picked it, because, like, even if it’s a French person saying it correctly… I don’t have any idea how that would sound… like I’ve heard people saying it when I’ve been working in Europe and stuff. They’re like, “Oh. You say it this way.” It just doesn’t sound great to me. So that’s kind of why I like it: just because the name kind of sucks. [giggles]

Okay. You like the audible dissonance of it.

Yeah! Exactly, exactly. And I like that it’s kind of tricky to spell, and people stumble over it. I like it. But my first name is my real first name, so I like that.

That makes things easy.

And most people have just been calling me Goth Charlotte because that’s my Twitter. And it’s ended up on a few DVDs where I’m just like, “That’s not the name I put on the model release!” I think people just don’t want to deal with it, which is totally cool and fun. I like having two names.

That’s good. I think on HotMovies you have a couple movies listed as Goth Charlotte.

Yeah, definitely.

Yeah. I wasn’t sure if that was like when you first got into the business, “I went by Goth Charlotte…”

Oh no. I totally would have. I didn’t know that was an option. I thought you had to have a ‘real’ name. I didn’t know I could have “Goth” as a first name. But I feel like people probably wouldn’t have taken me seriously, and that I might have gotten stuck doing certain types of roles.

Charlotte Sartre

Right. Do you feel like you’re typecast now?

Not so much anymore, definitely when I first started it was like hardcore BDSM stuff, and I’ve always done a lot of anal. Like double-anal and triple-anal, and all kinds of crazy shit. So lately sometimes I’ll get confused if someone tries to book me for a vag[inal] scene. I’m like, “Are you sure? Are you sure you have the right person? Are you sure you sent me the right call sheet?” But lately I’ve been doing more normal, like, vagina scenes. And I think people understand that I also have a vagina.

[laughs] It’s not like walled-off. It’s not like a Barbie doll.

No, it’s been waxed shut a few times, but I have access to it. It’s there!

Oh! Interesting!


I think as of the taping of this interview your most recent DVD on the site is a LetsDoeIt. I never know how to pronounce it… where you play an AirBnB resident with your shower turned off…

Yeah! That one! Oh gosh. That one was really fun because Dylan Brown, I’ve worked with him like a million times. Every time I go to Prague he’s in almost every scene I do. And on that particular trip I’m shooting with him for Legal Porno, for Evil Angel where Proxy Paige was directing, and then for Bitches Abroad under LetsDoeIt. And so we were doing a scene after that and he’s like, “You’re basically my wife now. We’ve worked together like four days in a row on different sets.”

Charlotte Sartre & Dylan Brown


I just thought that was funny.

That is funny.

He’s just really cool. The only reason I didn’t do anal in that shoot is because I had been doing it so many days in a row and really needed a break, and they gave me the option, so that was cool. But normally, under different circumstances, it would’ve been an anal scene, but it was really fun.

So when you are shooting anal, how much of a breather do you need between scenes?

I like to have at least a day in-between to let my body heal. Like if I get micro-tears it usually just takes a day or so for those to close up and heal, and it’s not something I really notice, I just know that when you put something in your ass things happen… and we don’t have a lot of nerve endings in our rectum so you can’t feel that. But that’s just a safety thing; you don’t want injuries to get worse. And also if I’m doing a lot of anal, my butthole gets so loose I can’t even hold water in to do an enema, so I need a break for everything to get smaller [laughs]. It’s a weird problem to have.

[laughs] I don’t know about weird. It’s a job hazard, for certain. Does it get that way with standard vaginal scenes, too? Like do you need a break in between them?

It depends, a lot of it is dick size. And I am way more likely to get torn and feel pain from a vag scene, instead of an anal scene. Even my doctor said this. My vagina is not stretchy at all. And I take medicine for it, to help with that.

Oh wow.

It’s a legitimate thing. But my butthole… you could drive a truck through it, basically.

Charlotte Sartre gapes her ass

I think I saw that in a scene once.

[laughs] So for vag, sometimes I’ll do a scene with a guy who’s really big, or it’s a condom scene so I’m just more chafed, and then I might need to take a week off just because my pussy is so sensitive.

So with your more… I don’t really want to call it ‘extreme’ because that sort of puts a value judgment on it, but on your more impressive anal performances…

Aww, thanks.

…do you find that to be something you prefer? Or is it just something you happen to know fans like that you’re capable of?

It’s a little bit of both. Given the choice of doing scenes, I would totally love to do easy shit all the time. But I know what my body’s good at. I know what pays well. I know what my fans expect of me, because they’ve seen me do… you know, test the limits of the human rectum. It’s like sort of a butthole Cirque Du Soleil.

Okay, yeah. That’s a good way of putting it.

So it’s mostly the latter I think.

Okay. Have you ever thought about starting a butt circus?

[laughs while trying to swallow water] I think so. That’d be really good.

How much of that bleeds into your personal life? I mean, when the cameras aren’t rolling is Charlotte Sartre doing the same anal gymnastics?

Really, no. In my personal life, I only have sex with my husband, so there’s not another dick there to go in my butt. And even when I used to do like threesomes and orgies and stuff, when I was not-so-serious in my relationship, I just never really got around to doing anal off-camera. Er, doing double-anal off camera. I do anal off camera a lot. Nowadays I will go through the effort of cleaning out my ass if I’m really in the mood to get buttfucked, and I haven’t done an anal scene in a while, and I just need that. Or if I’m on my way to or from an anal scene and I know my butt’s clean, I’m like, “Babe, can you fuck my ass really quick?” Just to like take advantage of the cleanliness. But yeah, in my personal life I’m pretty vanilla. I like getting pissed on and slapped around and stuff, but to me that’s vanilla. [laughs]

Charlotte Sartre

Right, yeah. I’d say based on your filmography that is a little vanilla.

Totally, and it’s not an everyday thing. When I have sex it’s usually like fifteen minutes and I’m mostly lying down because I’m lazy. [giggles]

Okay, let Lance [Hart] do all the work.

Exactly! And he’ll get on top. I get on top for thirty seconds. [laughs]

[chuckles] Just to change it around a little bit. So you’re like a two-position person.

Pretty much. Like, I know what I like. In porn we do all these kinds of crazy positions, like the reverse-cowgirl, and I don’t know anyone who does that shit in their personal life! It’s like everyone’s least favorite position…

[raises hand off camera]

Okay, well, you’re a dude. [giggles]

That’s true. So, uh, what is your favorite position outside of the camera?

I like laying on my stomach with my face in the bed and then getting plowed from behind. I don’t know what the technical term for that position is. Some people call it prone position. I call it ‘lazy doggie,’ because it’s like if you’re in doggie, but then you just give up.


[giggles] It’s the best for me. It’s like the angle of the penetration… yeah. It’s good.

What about on-camera? What would you sort of find to be, I don’t want to say least-favorite, but maybe the most-difficult position?

Most difficult, probably… reverse cowgirl. And then there’s a position that Legal Porno does a lot where the guys are basically scissoring with their dicks touching each other, and then you do double-anal like that: squatting on the dick. You have to hit just right so that both cocks enter your ass at the same time and you have to do a deep squat, and pull yourself out of the squat up and down and up and down. So sometimes I’m like grabbing onto another dude’s leg like, “ahh!” because the lactic acid is burning my legs. It’s more intense than a workout. So that one’s hard. And then sometimes piledriver, even though I love the way it looks and feels… sometimes it just hurts my neck really bad. Yeah. I think those are the tough ones for me.

I imagine a chiropractor would advise against piledriver, especially like a filmed piledriver.

It’s just brutal. Sometimes you get plowed and with each thrust your back crumples more and more and you’re like, “Oh my god! My spine is going to break.”

Have you ever had to go to a chiropractor or something after a scene?

I’ve never gone to a chiropractor because I’m scared my neck is going to be broken on accident, which is a pretty… I’m not scared to get a double-anal piledriver, but I’m scared to get a back adjustment from a doctor. [laughs]

A spinal injury is a legitimate fear.

Yeah. I read in the news once… I saw a chick die from getting her neck cracked at a chiropractor, so I don’t know. It just seems scary to me, but I’ve been on like inversion tables and stuff. Mostly if I’m going to Europe to shoot, what really fucks my back up is the long flight and sitting for so long. My tailbone gets really painful and I just lay in bed for like a week when I get back home.

That’s no good.

But seek medical attention? That’s crazy. Why would anyone do that? [giggles]

Charlotte Sartre

You have such a spooky persona… what else is Goth Charlotte afraid of?

Uhh…. getting pregnant. Babies are scary. I don’t like parasites. I’m not afraid of other parasites; I think I had giardia one time and like, if a botfly were to lay eggs in my skin and a fly hatched and crawled out, I don’t think that’d bother me. But the idea of carrying a baby and having it suck my blood for nine months is terrifying. I’m also afraid of mosquitoes.

For the same reason? You don’t want to give birth to a mosquito?

Yeah, and I don’t want them to take my blood.

So do you have a fear of needles also?

No, not at all. I don’t mind getting my blood drawn for testing, and I get tattoos all the time. So like the needles don’t bother me, but I think something out of my control taking parts of my body…


Also, the burden of passing life onto another human.

And it is a burden, isn’t it?

Yeah, to bring someone into this cruel world. [giggles]

When you’re done filming, it’s such an intense experience… what ways do you use to unwind after a particularly hard scene?

I usually eat something really unhealthy like some type of fried meat, like country-fried steak, fried chicken, pizza’s a good one even though it’s not fried. Anything like that with a lot of grease… I think my body craves the grease. And then I usually take a shower, and then I sleep for a while, pet a cat if I’m at home. If I’m not, there’s no cats to pet, but if I’m at home I have four that I have access to.

Charlotte Sartre with her cat

So what new things have you learned about yourself in the last few years you’ve been in the industry?

I learned I’m definitely a switch and not 100% submissive like I thought, and that was something my husband helped me discover. I had done sessions doing Femdom before just because friends were like, “Hey! This guy really wants to be kicked in the balls and he wants another girl with me. Are you busy?” And I’m like, “Sure.” And that’s always been fun. But I didn’t know I liked fucking dudes in the ass and beating people up and stuff. I also found out I like wrestling. I’ve been shooting for Evolved Fights wrestling men and women. I even won a couple, despite how tiny I am, and that’s really cool. [giggles] Lydia’s laughing because I beat her one time.

For those of you watching, Lydia Black is hiding in the background somewhere.

She’s my baby.

There she is!

[Lydia waves to the camera] Hi. [kisses Charlotte on the cheek] [to Lydia] I love you. [back to camera] It’s satisfying to beat somebody competitively and then still keep humiliating them, especially if they’re really into it. Even if they’re not into it, it’s like, “Hmmm… this isn’t as fun.” But it’s kind of satisfying.

You’re allowed to be a sore winner…

Yeah! Yeah. [giggles]

So I didn’t realize they were legitimate fights when you’re wrestling in those videos.

Yeah. I think it’s like three six-minute rounds, and you’re actually taught wrestling moves beforehand. And you practice, and there’s rules and everything. It looks like we’re just wiggling around because I’m not a professional wrestler. So most of my technique is wiggling, but it’s like, “Okay, if you get in this hold, here’s how you try to get out of it. Here’s how you pin.” And that kind of thing. That’s something I never thought I’d be into but I had a lot of fun with.

Is there a sexual gratification that comes with the victory?

I think so, and I also like losing, mostly cause I can just lay there. [laughs]

Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart for Evolved Fights

Hence the lazy doggie.

Yeah. After you lose, the top is usually, “You’re a fucking loser,” while they’re plowing you. And I’m like, “Please call me a loser one more time.” [laughs]

That’s sort of how most fans began knowing you, as a submissive. And that’s obviously still a big part of your personality and identity, right? I know you said Lance helped you with it, but how did you discover you were a switch? And what is it specifically that you enjoy out of it?

I think I started seeing the signs when I’d be doing some BDSM scenes, and then I’d be getting pissed off after a while. And I’m like, “God, stop telling me what to do. It’s so annoying.” But before porn I would do all kinds of things to myself, corporal punishment-wise and masochistic things like tying myself up, impact play, clamps, electricity, and all that. I had this idea in my head that that’s what I would want from another person, but I think I like the masochism and pain side of it more than anything. Like, with the right person and under the right circumstances, like shooting a Hogtied or Device Bondage for, because the director and I get along really well. But shooting for some other BDSM companies I’m like, “This is annoying! Stop hitting me!” [laughs] And I just get pissed off, but then I started noticing I was getting strangely aroused from the thought of kicking the dude in the balls and things like that. Which I had never seen or thought about before until I tried it and I was just thinking, “Okay, this is a part of me that maybe I should explore a little bit more.”

Let’s go deep, philosophical for a moment, okay? Because of your last name. Do you think that part of the reason that you enjoy the giving side as opposed to the getting side is because of your time in the industry? And that maybe it’s a way of taking back something in performance?

I think so, too. It can be really freeing to be a submissive and give up your control and the responsibility, but I also think it can be really empowering to take that power back for yourself. And for me I really think it depends on the time and place and the mood. But definitely I think I have this mercury thermostat or something. Like if I have too much of one thing I have to move it back to the other side to stay in the middle. If I’m getting my ass kicked a lot, I really want to go kick somebody else’s ass. So I think a lot of my early frustrations came from not getting that gratification, because I didn’t know I needed it. If that makes sense…

It does. What is it that you enjoy about pegging?

Umm… I just like buttholes.

[laughs] Okay, that’s a very simple, honest answer. I like that.

I love putting things in them. I love seeing how many things I can fit in my butthole and somebody else’s butthole. I love playing with dudes’ prostates and stuff. I love fisting people of all genders. That sort of thing is cool, just because I’m fascinated with the butthole.

That’s a very interesting part of the body, isn’t it?

Yeah. It’s like a bonus hole, because most people in the world don’t really think of it as something you can use for pleasure. But, behold there’s a prostate inside dude-butts! For me, sometimes after getting plowed, anal starts to feel better than vaginal, and I can totally squirt from getting assfucked and all that. I just think it’s really cool. It’s like an easter egg in a videogame. It’s like the secret bonus level or something. [giggles]

[chuckles] I wanna play that videogame.


So your butt, not just your hole, is widely adored by fans…


What sort of workouts do you do to keep your butt in shape?

I don’t really do anything. Like if I’m about to do a crazy scene, I’ll use an inflatable butt plug or something and stretch it out, or a big glass plug and I’ll kind of open it up a bit. But I think it’s one of those things where, like, “Maybe she’s born with it…”

Charlotte Sartre

Ever since I’ve been doing anal on myself I’ve always been able to put a lot in there, and I couldn’t figure out why. I think I just have an extraordinarily elastic butthole. Like the elasticity that should’ve gone to my vag just went to my butt, and I’ve just been taking advantage of that. I think just cosmetically my butthole looks like it was meant to be on camera. I think it opens up nice and stuff, so I’m just trying to take advantage of the gift god gave me.

All glory to god with Charlotte’s butthole. So how is it you’ve noticed the industry change over the years? I mean you’ve been since what year now?


Okay, so in the last four years have you noticed any changes?

Oh definitely. I think there’s more acceptance of trans performers in the mainstream. Girls, and agencies who wouldn’t allow girls to shoot with trans performers: that’s been getting a bit more relaxed. I’ve been noticing a little more acceptance of male-crossover performers; guys that will work on the gay side and on the straight side, and with trans people. There’s also been a lot of lip service. Like, fake inclusivity. You’ll have AVN hosted by MFC [MyFreeCams] and then everyone’s like, “We love trans people.” But then only like one trans person got to walk up onstage and accept her award. Then MFC famously doesn’t allow trans models of any kind. But I think with the individual performers, they’re more accepting.

I’ve also noticed people standing up for racism and stereotypes in the industry. A lot of performers are like, “Fuck that! I’m not doing these racist-ass scenes anymore.” And I think that’s cool. I think fans are starting to notice that, too. Another cool thing I’ve noticed is a lot of performers are self-booking now, which has never really been a new thing for me, because I’ve had an agent for all of about a week when I first started and they fucking sucked. So I’ve just been booking my own shit ever since. I’ve seen a lot of girls be like, “Wait. I’m the important one here. The agent doesn’t manage me like they work for me, and if they’re not doing a good job I can book shit on my own.” So I’ve been seeing a ton of people leaving their agents, a ton of performers entering the industry self-booking from the get-go, and I think that’s really cool. I think it’s scaring the agents because people are realizing that we don’t actually need agents. So the ones that are around, if they’re smart, they need to realize that they need to work harder for the models, and treat people better. So that’s been cool. Ideally, there’d be no agents except really good ones. But I know that my experience with an agent was very brief, so I don’t have much experience to judge what constitutes a good agent, because I’ve only seen bad.

Charlotte Sartre & Venus Lux for TS Pussyhunters

Interesting, and as far as the racism thing goes, because I’m kind of curious about this… porn has historically traded on things that were a little on the taboo side, a little on the stereotyped side. Do you have any lines that you won’t cross as far as that goes? Like would you perform in an interracial scene that plays to those stereotypes?

I don’t think I would want to. Even if it’s making fun of me for being white, I don’t think I feel comfortable playing on those stereotypes. And then I also don’t really feel comfortable over-sexualizing black performers, like making it such a big deal for a black dude to fuck a white chick. Like it’s this crazy taboo thing, when it’s really not. I don’t know that I’d want to shoot for companies that did that. I don’t think I would, because also now I’ve gotten more picky about who I work for, and I can afford to be picky. Because it’s not like, “Oh my god. I need to do this shoot I don’t feel good about to pay my rent.” It’s like a, “Fuck that. I make my money and do what I want.” type of thing.

I see why not everybody is privileged enough to make that kind of choice. For some people, sites that enforce those stereotypes are the only sites they get hired for, and I don’t fault people for doing what they have to do to afford to live and shit. I just don’t think it’s something I want to do for myself.

Are there any other lines as far as content or message that you tend to avoid?

I’m not so comfortable with fauxcest stuff, because I have a brother. I’ve always thought that brothers are gross. Why would you want to fuck your brother? That’s weird. And then especially if it’s stepdaughter shit… I know there’s a lot of dudes out there who watch that stuff and then there’s like stepdaughters all over the world who get abused by their stepdads. And yeah, it’s hot having an older dude fucking a younger girl if they’re both into it, but I think some of it is borderline creepy. But that’s just me. I understand if it’s peoples’ fetish or a safe outlet to explore that without actually harming another human being. It’s just mind-boggling to me that it’s such a popular genre. It makes me worried. Are brothers actually wanting to fuck their sisters, and stepdads actually wanting to do that? And like stepmoms wanting to fuck the really young stepson. It just makes me really concerned for the real-life people.

But I understand porn is a fantasy, and it’s not an accurate representation of reality, and it’s not sex-ed, but people are using it as sex-ed because our education system sucks. So I just think we should be using porn to promote good values and stuff; maybe not so much of the racial taboo stereotype shit and maybe not promoting incest as much. But then you could also turn the tables on me and say, “Okay, you get the shit kicked out of you. Does that mean you want to walk down the street and get your ass beat?” And no. It’s a consent thing. Consent is everything. I don’t know if that makes sense.

Yeah, yeah, it does. So do you view porn more as an outlet for darker desires, or do you feel that maybe by making stuff mainstream it makes it more permissible?

I think it’s a lot of both, and it just depends on who you are and how seriously you take it, because there’s a lot of shit I had no idea about sexually until I started watching porn. Also there’s a lot of stuff I didn’t know how to do safely until I started watching porn.

What is it that you’ve learned from porn?

BDSM practices, what kind of things you can put in the butt, and things like that. Because in sex-ed they don’t teach you how to get fucked in the ass, but then they also tell you not to have sex until you’re married and to use condoms 100% of the time, and that’s just not the case.

Is anal virginity, virginity?

Mmm… I think so. Because for me I gave up my butt to somebody I really actually wanted to have sex with, and I had to prepare for it. I had planned it out, cleaned my butt. You know, I had a romantic evening. It was only like the second dude I had sex with, but the first time I lost my virginity it was just something I kind of wasn’t really expecting, and it wasn’t anything special. But if I get the excuse to reclaim an extra virginity that I’m actually proud about… then like, fuck yeah. I think anal is an extra virginity of it’s own.

That’s nice.


How has your relationship with changed with Lance since getting married?

I definitely feel more comfortable around him, and I think I love him more and more every day. I don’t really have a desire so much to do sexual stuff with other people, but I also get a lot of my energy out doing scenes. I think maybe if we were both not doing porn and were pervy as we are now, I think we would be swingers or something. But because I’m lucky enough to be in porn, I get that outlet. After a long day of getting assfucked I get to go home to my baby and pet our cats and watch Netflix and stuff, and then get assfucked again. [giggles]

Charlotte Sartre & Lance Hart's wedding photo
Image courtesy of performer’s Twitter

[chuckles] Okay, so where do you envision yourself in, say, five years from now?

I think I’ll probably still be doing porn. I would love to be doing some producing or directing of my own, or having the luxury of being really picky with what I do. Like, I just got done filming a feature for four days, and we spent like three days just filming the story parts, which was a really cool experience. So I would love to do more big, acting-heavy projects. That would be cool. Or if I’m not doing porn, I would love some really mucky job where I’m in slime or dirt or something, like an exterminator, or a hazmat removal worker, or a taxidermist with my hands in animal guts or something.

So if I’m still in porn I want something really fluffy and easy [laughs]. And if I’m not in porn I want to do something really gross.

Sounds good. And how is it that you want to be remembered when everything’s said and done and you hang up your heels, so to speak?

I just want people to think of me as, “Oh! That Charlotte girl. She was so sweet and so nice. And boy she really liked getting assfucked. And oh, her and her husband were so cute. And she really loved cats. And she was also a really great performer.” I hope people think that about me. And I hope people appreciate my stance on performers’ rights and discrimination and stuff. I want people to know I was supportive of gay performers and crossover people and stuff. I love all those dudes. But I don’t want to toot my own horn or virtue signal because I want attention and credit for shit. I just want my stance on things to speak for itself.

Sounds good. You were mentioning off-camera a shoot that you just did for, is that right?


Is there anything you want to relay about that?

Yeah. I hope the movie comes out within the next few months.

Is that a feature?

Yeah. So JP directed it… and he does HogTied, Device Bondage, Fucking Machines. He’s like my favorite person to have tie me up. He’s just the best at shit. And Casey Calvert was also in it. We filmed in this old, decrepit, abandoned mine, and it was really gross and really cool. Everything was all rusted and covered in years and years’ worth of dust. I got to roll around in the dirt a lot and get chained up and flogged and stuff. And it was really cool, but it’s also story-heavy. It’s like a horror, but it’s also a psychological thriller. There’s a lot of character arc stuff happening.

Are you allowed to talk about your character at all?

My character is very similar to my personality. The way it was written, JP kind of had in his mind who he wanted to play these characters. So he based a lot of stuff off of our personalities, which made it more fun to be in character. There’s a twist at the end, for sure… is what I’m going to say. And also it’s visually very pretty.

Very cool. Guess we should probably wrap this up. Is there anything you want to say to the fans?

Ummmm…. Hi. [giggles]

[laughs] Alright. Well thank you for your time. And where can they follow you on social media?

I’m on Twitter and Instagram @GothCharlotte. And you can see my butthole on the internet, just by googling.

Sounds good. Thank you.


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