Thick from Jules Jordan: A HotMovies Review

I love a big juicy ass. I’ve literally never heard anyone say, “Man! I love a girl with a flat ass!” Nope, never heard those ridiculous words. So it makes sense that so many XXX movies focus on that glorious globe! But nobody, and I do mean nobody, does it as well as Jules Jordan Video. Famed director, and one of the most devoted big ass lovers in the biz, Jules Jordan, knows exactly what fellow big booty lovers want to see. He knows you want those back-end closeups. He knows you want to see that bottom jiggle when it’s slapped. And he knows you want a perfect rear-end view as the girl carrying around that juicy-ass peach is being fucked from behind. You’re going to get all that and more from his newest release, Thick. Packed with enough jiggle to make a Jello commercial envious, Thick is sure to please, and I could not wait to share it with you!

Thick from Jules Jordan box cover

We’ve got quite a lineup in this big booty, thick-thighed spectacular. The lucky studs that get to nail these badass broads are in for a real treat! So without further ado, let me introduce the babes that are rounding out the roster:

Savannah Bond

Savannah Bond in Thick from Jules Jordan

Valerie Kay

Valerie Kay in Thick from Jules Jordan

Lela Star

Lela Star in Thick from Jules Jordan

And last, but certainly not least, the lovely…

Samantha Staxx

Samantha Staxx in Thick from Jules Jordan

That was a nice little preview of what’s to come, don’t you think? Is your mouth watering? Pants a little tight in the downtown area? Well then, let’s not waste another moment, folks! Here we go!

Scene One: Savannah Bond and Manuel Ferrara

The Gods of Porn were in full swing when they designed the ridiculously sexy body of the one and only Savannah Bond. This Australian beauty should appear next to the word “perfect” in the dictionary. Her tits are big and overflowing the black bra she’s wearing. Her waist is trim, her thighs are thick, and her ass is so juicy and delicious I just want to take a bite out of it! And that accent! My god, I’m a sucker for an accent! Put it all together and she is pure perfection. She shows off her goodies walking around the house, modeling in front of a mirror, and making her booty clap like a pro! I seriously can’t get enough of this girl!

Savannah Bond & Manuel Ferrara in Thick from Jules Jordan

Savannah is paired today with Manuel Ferrara, and I honestly can’t think of a better stud for the job! He’s never fucked this Aussie babe before and he can’t believe his good luck! He buries his face between her breasts, moves down her body and devours her pussy, and then flips her over for the real prize! He spreads her ass cheeks and tongues her asshole with fervor, loving her puckered little hole and the way her buttcheeks hug his face as he eats her ass. Manuel finally slides off his jeans and out pops his huge cock. Savannah instantly wraps her lips around his fuckstick and delights in the size, claiming it’s “massive!” in her adorable accent. She sucks and slurps on Manuel’s uncircumcised cock, making sure to give his balls the attention they deserve. When he finally gets to bury his cock inside her, Manuel is on bottom, and Savannah slides down onto his cock, taking every inch. I love this part of the scene because it showcases her booty perfectly! Watching that ass bounce up and down on his cock is a truly beautiful sight! Manuel spoons Savannah next, telling her to bring that ass back to him and then pounding her from behind while his hands roam her body. He just can’t seem to get enough!

Savannah Bond & Manuel Ferrara in Thick from Jules Jordan

Savannah’s beautiful ass is on display again when Manuel flips her over and fucks her doggy style. He wraps his hands around her throat and slams into her from behind, slapping against her booty and making it shake beautifully. But it’s when he turns her over and fucks her missionary that I really fell in love with this girl. Missionary is generally my least-favorite position, but it allows us a view of her entire body that is just breathtaking. Her thick thighs spread wide, her pretty pierced pussy, her big soft breasts… my god, this woman is stunning! He fingers and fucks her in this position, eliciting moans of pleasure from her that are like music to your ears. Savannah hops back atop Manuel to ride him again, her head thrown back in ecstasy as she slides up and down on his thick cock. Next, Manuel fucks her from behind again, this time with Savannah standing up, her legs and ass on display. Manuel enjoys her body so much he’s about to pop! He flips her over and buries his cock between her breasts for a wonderfully soft titty-fuck, finally shooting his load onto her pretty face. What a show!

Scene Two: Valerie Kay and Chris Strokes

Boy oh boy, Valerie Kay is a sexy chick! This scene begins with the lovely Latina standing in a doorway, her body clad in some seriously skimpy lingerie, leaving nothing to the imagination. Let’s all take a moment to thank the Gods of Porn for that! She steps out onto the patio and walks around slowly, showing off her beautiful ASSets! The cameraman is in awe of her booty, saying he wants to see it as she walks. To which Valerie replies, “It can do a whole lot more than walk. It can fuck. It can shake. You can eat off of it… or you can eat in it.” SWOON! I”ll take a healthy serving of that ass, please! Valerie spends several minutes showing off her body in various poses and positions, each one more mouth-watering than the last. Finally, it’s time to meet her scene partner for today.

Valerie Kay and Chris Strokes in Thick from Jules Jordan

Chris Strokes steps into the scene when Valerie is on her hands and knees, booty in the air, and ready to be fucked. He immediately bends down and buries his face between the massive mounds of her booty. He licks her tight little rosebud lovingly before oiling up her heavenly hind end. He takes out his long, stiff prick and slides it between her cheeks, the oil making it glide with ease. His dick looks so good between her perfect, round butt cheeks! But Chris wants to test out her hot mouth, so Valerie turns around and swallows as much of his cock as she can, letting him fuck her face and sucking on his balls. When he finally slides inside her pussy, it’s in standing-doggy position, Valerie gasping in pleasure and saying, “You’re so fucking big!” Watching her ass jiggle as Chris pounds into her from behind is super sexy! They move the fun into the house and Chris gets another blowjob before getting Valerie on her hands and knees to fuck her doggy style. Her beautiful ass cheeks spread open and show off her sweet rosebud with each thrust.

Valerie Kay and Chris Strokes in Thick from Jules Jordan

Chris dives back in for another taste before laying beside Valerie to spoon-fuck her. This provides an amazing view of her entire body, her ass bouncing merrily as she’s being fucked. Next, she climbs on top to ride him, the camera coming in close to give you amazing views of that tasty tush! But these two are insatiable and cannot hold a position for long, so Chris flips her onto her side, legs together, and fucks her hard as she moans, “Oh my god, it’s so fucking deep!” Chris pulls out and Valerie rubs her pussy, hoping for more. He walks away and tells her to crawl to him. She drops to her knees on the floor and crawls toward him, telling him, “I want that fucking dick!” She stops mid-crawl and shakes her ass for him, and honestly, I’d like to thank her myself! This girl is spectacular! After another brief blowjob and a cock and titty sandwich, Valerie rides Chris’ cock again. But he can’t leave her in charge, so he puts her on her back, eats her pussy, then pounds her in missionary position until he finally explodes all over her tits and face!

Scene Three: Lela Star and Jules Jordan

Scene Three brings us another luscious Latina, Lela Star. The scene opens with a close-up of Lela’s lovely bottom as she straddles a chair with her booty hanging off the edge. I can’t think of a better way to begin a scene! Lela is a Miami girl, born and raised, and that’s where they went to shoot this scene with her and Jules Jordan. Now, I’ve been to Miami dozens of times and I’ve never seen anyone that looks as sexy and tasty as Lela Star! Her lips are to die for and her body, spattered with ink, is amazing. I know we should focus on her booty and those thick thighs, but damn, everything about her is absolutely beautiful! She walks around the room to show off her body and I can’t stress enough how perfect she is. Long legs, a big round ass that is deliciously firm, a slim waist, back tats, big gorgeous breasts, and then that lovely face… this girl is a showstopper! No wonder Jules just had to have her in this film!

Lela Star and Jules Jordan in Thick from Jules Jordan

Lela and Jules step out onto the balcony for some sun and sex. Jules wastes no time getting his hands all over this lovely Latina. He fondles her breasts and ass before she drops to her knees to suck his cock. And while Jules enjoys his blowjob, it’s not what he REALLY wants from her. So he turns her around and buries his face between her juicy globes! They move back inside and Lela gets her pussy licked before sitting her giant ass down on Jules lap, her pussy enveloping every inch of his dick. She bounces up and down, the camera focusing on her ass and the ridiculously sexy sight it provides. Jules didn’t quite get enough of that pussy the first time though, so he has her hop off and lie down so he can get another taste. He eats her out and then pounds her in missionary position, telling her what a good girl she is as he uses her hot hole. Jules pulls his dick out of Lela’s pussy and moves up to her face; Lela opens her mouth eagerly and Jules fucks her mouth before telling her to turn over and stick her ass up in the air.

Lela Star and Jules Jordan in Thick from Jules Jordan

Lela assumes the position and Jules is right there behind her to reap the reward. He fucks her doggy style in front of the windows, anyone able to see in and watch her being fucked hard. After a couple minutes he lies next to her and spoons her, sliding into her from behind, fucking her hard as she gasps in pleasure. They take a cock-sucking break between position changes, Lela licking her pussy juice off Jules’ fuckstick. She rides his cock again briefly before they move back over to the stools where Lela sat to show off her ass at the start of the scene. She straddles the stool, her ass, and pussy hanging just off the edge and giving us the sexiest view possible! Jules steps up behind her and slides his dick, balls deep, into her waiting pussy. I really love this part of the scene! Lela looks so hot with her ass and pussy hanging off the chair and being fucked hard; it’s the perfect position to show off her ass. But Jules is about to pop, so Lela is back on her knees for another blowjob until Jules shoots his hot load all over her face!

Scene Four: Samantha Staxx and Chris Strokes

Samantha Staxx and Chris Strokes arrive at the shoot together today. Chris tells the cameraman that he brought a gift. In all my years on this planet, I’ve never received a gift this great! The guys marvel over Samantha’s super-stacked ass and the fact that she arrived on set in a super skimpy outfit! For the most part, Samantha doesn’t have much to say, but she is happy to walk around, bend over, and shake that ass for the camera! Chris says she has “power cakes,” and can’t help burying his face between those giant cheeks. They’re not even past the intro and Chris can’t keep his hands off her! He takes her out by the pool and oils her up, making her big tits and booty glisten in the sun. Chris acts like he’d fondle that ass forever, but Samantha is already pulling out his dick and getting to work! That’s a good girl!

Samantha Staxx and Chris Strokes in Thick from Jules Jordan

Samantha gives Chris a stellar blowjob, proving that her oral skills are on point! But Chris is more interested in that ass, so they get comfy by the pool and she shakes her ass while Chris rubs his dick between her cheeks. He just can’t wait to be inside her though, and he slides his dick into her pussy from behind before he even takes off his jeans! He fucks her steadily from this position, her big ass jiggling each time his body bumps into hers. Samantha turns around to suck some dick again and then squeezes her tits together so Chris can fuck them. She’s got big, natural tits and they’re perfect for a nice dick sandwich! Chris loves them! After he fucks them he can’t stop sucking on her nipples! Even as they move the party into the house, he keeps stopping her to suck those perky nipples! Now it’s time for Samantha to do some work, so she sits on Chris’ lap and takes every inch of his dick inside her hot pussy. She bounces up and down, giving Chris a great view of her big tits. Next, she’s on her knees again, sucking her pussy juice off his dick and giving him another titty fuck!

Samantha Staxx and Chris Strokes in Thick from Jules Jordan

It’s time for missionary, folks! Chris slides in and out of Samantha, marveling aloud over her big tits and fondling them often. He tells her, “Wow, your pussy is fucking crazy!” Samantha moans with each stroke, her pussy taking every inch of that dick as her big tits bounce around playfully. It’s time to switch positions, but first, Samantha gives Chris another taste of her blowjob skills, blowing his mind as she sucks his cock and balls like a champ! She climbs back on top for another quick ride, the camera getting in nice and close to that bouncing booty! They switch to spooning position and Samantha begs, “Fuck me,” as Chris grabs her tits for purchase and gives her the pounding she desires! It’s back to doggy style for just a minute or two before they switch again to missionary and Chris tells Samantha to beg for his cum. She tells him, “I want you to come all over me!” Chris is only too happy to oblige, pulling out and giving her his hot load all over her tits and face.

We’ve come to the end, and I’m exhausted! I had to take a few more breaks than usual writing up this review! I really do love me some big ol’ booty, so Thick was a particularly fun movie to review. As has become my habit, it’s time to divulge which of these scenes was my favorite. I hope I don’t disappoint anyone when I say that two scenes were tied for first place, and there was just no deciding between them! I equally loved Scene One with Savannah Bond and Scene Three with Lela Star! First, I can’t help but get a lady boner over Savannah’s accent! Add in all her other assets and her super obvious love for her job, and you’ve got yourself a winner! But then there’s Lela’s mouth watering DSL’s, that tattooed body, and those long legs leading up to an amazing ass! Not to mention the fact she looks great with a fresh load of cum on her face! So there you have it, my friends, I just couldn’t decide between the two of them. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention how much I’d love (love love love!) to see Savannah Bond and Lela Star in a scene together, being fucked by an industry great and a personal fave, Manuel Ferrara. Now that would be a scene that could win awards!

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