Brand-New Studios on HotMovies (June 2019)

Busting ass is what you love to watch, and at HotMovies we’re constantly busting our asses to make sure we can bring you brand-new content! Below are seven new studios added to our ever growing list. Enjoy!

New Studios Added To HotMovies (June 2019):

Bare Maidens

May New Studios on

Bare Maidens is all about fantasy-themed adult content that promises to be epic. You’ll find swords and sorcery mixed in with beautiful models and hot sex all shot in high definition so you don’t miss a thing!


May New Studios on

New Auntie Trisha content is always a good thing, and that’s one thing you can expect from Speedybee. As part of an online community of sexy moms, Speedybee brings amateur mature women right into the bedroom with you. Solo, lesbian, and character play are a few things you can look forward to from this fun and playful studio.


May New Studios on

MYLF is exactly what you’re thinking: hot and horny-as-fuck MILFs looking to get laid. With stars like Aubrey Black and Blaten Lee in the lineup, I think this studio will be a hit maker pretty soon.

Banana Jacks

May New Studios on

Banana Jacks is amateur bisexual content with touch of Femdom added to give it that extra appeal. So far I’m loving it, and with seven titles already live on the site, you won’t get bored quickly.

Swiney’s Pro-Am

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Tim Von Swine has been in the adult entertainment industry for years, and with Swiney’s Pro-Am he’s putting all the knowledge and experience on further display. The sex, actors, and directing are spot-on, and the pro-am theme really enhances the fantasy.

Fembot Academy

New Studios on

Interesting is the first word that comes to mind when thinking of Fembot Academy. Their first title features the gorgeous Marsha May as a sex-crazed robot who must do whatever her master says. I can’t wait to see what they put out next!

Fun Movies

New Studios on

Fun is a major requirement for Fun Movie flicks, and nobody has more fun fucking than Germans! Just look at those two up there, all happy with their toys, ready to dive in and fuck until they can’t anymore. It’s amateur content spread across lots of categories so there’s something for everyone, and everyone really does seem to have a blast while shooting.

Check out these studios and stay tuned for updates as we add more!

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