'My Dad Wrote a Porno' Dream Casting

This Father’s Day, HotMovies wants to pay tribute to one very special dad, that erotic worder of words: Rocky Flintstone. Flintstone is responsible for not one, but two pop-culture sensations: his celebrated erotica series exploring sex and end-stage capitalism, Belinda Blinked and the smash hit British podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno, featuring his son Jamie Morton reading and reacting to his father’s novels with his friends Alice Levine and James Cooper. There are already talks about a mainstream film adaption. HotMovies would love to see a hardcore adaption. Wondering if your favorite porn stars ever pondered which Belinda Blinked character they are? HotMovies has decided to put together a list of our picks for the hardcore film adaption of Rocky Flintstone’s sexual odyssey, Belinda Blinked.


The Women of Belinda Blinked

Romi Rain as Belinda Blumenthal


Belinda isn’t just a kitchenware salesman, but also a renowned succubus with a sexual appetite that could only be matched by a performer like Romi Rain. Belinda Blumenthal is equal parts Shannon Tweed and Carly Fiorina. Both Romi and Belinda are bisexual and incredibly skilled at pleasing another woman. Romi is incredibly well-traveled and respected across the adult industry, as Belinda is in hers. Romi has consistently shown that she would bring that same attitude of professionalism and sexual gluttony that Belinda employs to push the ledgers of Steele’s Pots and Pans deeper into the black. And those gorgeous Romi Rain eyes!

Romi Blinked.

Don’t miss Romi Rain in her latest on HotMovies in Women Seeking Women Vol. 166 from Girlfriend Films.

Charlotte Stokely as Giselle


Bubbly, but brilliant, Charlotte Stokely would make a fantastic Giselle and gal Friday to Romi Rain’s Belinda Blumenthal. Giselle is Belinda’s blonde co-worker and confidant, but she does eventually get her head shorn like a sheep in our story. Frankly, Charlotte Stokely would look stunning with a shaved (remodeled) head! She also has a keen eye for a woman’s internal attributes, as any good Giselle would! Charlotte’s the 2019 AVN All-Girl Performer of the Year and she has incredible chemistry with Romi Rain, as shown in the superhero parody, Justice League XXX – An Axel Braun Parody from Wicked Pictures and director Axel Braun.

Aiden Starr as Bella Donna


Bella (Donna) is described by Rocky as having “substantial tits” and seems to be known/referred to by more than one name. Belinda first meets Bella (Donna) in the leather room: a room the kinky Aiden Starr would feel right at home in. Aiden also shares Bella (Donna)’s sense of sexual adventure. And Aiden’s tits aren’t just substantial, but incredible! Aiden, like most of the characters in Rocky’s series, simply loves the thrill of being a sexual exhibitionist. Aiden would make for a memorably sexy first meeting with Romi Rain in The Leather Room.

Don’t miss Aiden Starr in her latest title on HotMovies in Perversion and Punishment 13 from Severe Sex!

Julie Holly as The Dutchess


International adult star Julie Holly is a kinky performer always in need to indulge in purchasing a sexual servant or two, as The Duchess purchased both Giselle and Belinda. We need to witness Julie perform in the film adaption with her beloved black leather dildo. Julie Holly would slip right into Romi Rain as The Duchess! Star Wars star Daisy Ridley has said she’d love to play The Duchess in a possible mainstream adaption.

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Cindy Starfall as Helga


Helga is an assistant to Dr. Robbins. Helga just loves to dress in wool and she eventually reveals herself to be an undercover FBI agent investigating corporate espionage. The gorgeous Cindy Starfall is a prolific performer of many talents, and she’d make the FBI agent reveal memorable. Cindy may not enjoy dressing in all that heavy wool like our kooky Helga, but with Evan Stone playing Dr. Robbins, Cindy Starfall has shown us some impressive sexual chemistry with Evan in Shades of Desire from Adam & Eve.

Chanel Santini as Hazel


Hazel is a beautiful pilot encountered by Belinda on her flight back to London. The two share an instant attraction and embark on a mile-high adventure. Chanel has stated the she’s really into doing work that features real stories and acting. Ultimately, Chanel is an actor as well as a performer. We really like to think seeing her perform with her natural energy and charisma in a pilot’s uniform would drive us wild. Chanel belongs in the mile-high club with Romi Rain, and would make an excellent Hazel for our hardcore adaption!

Don’t miss Chanel in her latest on HotMovies in Transgression from TransSensual.

Misty Stone as Natasha Biles


The iconic Misty Stone is a must in the casting of a hardcore production. Misty’s mind is perfectly suited to embrace the brilliant randomness of a Rocky Flintstone sex scene. Misty would eat this shit up. Natasha Biles was introduced in a chapter-read during the recent live HBO special. Rocky is an eroticist who loves details… so many details. Natasha is a training guru and local female lifeboat service member organizing a corporate retreat. Misty Stone consistently tickles every spot that begs for tickling. She lights up any scene or film she’s in, and she could understand the mind of Rocky. She always does a lot with the little details. We’d love to see Misty as Natasha Biles.

Don’t miss Misty Stone in her latest title on HotMovies in Black Squirt Volume Two from Elegant Angel.

The Men of Belinda Blinked

Isiah Maxwell as Tony


Tony is the Managing Director of Steele’s Pots & Pans, and like Isiah Maxwell, this guy’s a do-er and just CHERISHES pussy. Both Isiah and Tony give their numerous sexual conquests the old one-two, one-two! Isiah Maxwell is one hell of a performer, and has already shown his sexual prowess with Romi Rain in Busty Interracial Vol. 3 from Dark X and director James Avalon. The character of Tony needs to know how to FUCK first, and sell pots and pans second. That’s Isiah Maxwell!

Manuel Ferrara as Peter Rouse


Like Peter Rouse’s cock, Manuel Ferrara’s dick is truly tasting the flesh of mankind: ask any of the female talent Manuel has pleasured. Peter Rouse is described as biggest thing Belinda has ever put in her mouth. Manuel Ferrara IS Peter Rouse.

See Manuel in his latest title on HotMovies in Young & Beautiful 7 from Vixen.com

Danny Mountain as Jim Thompson


Jim Thompson is Sales Administration Manager for Steele’s Pots and Pans. Jim is reliable, a little safe, and he has a huge cock. Danny Mountain and his massive member would make a great addition to the male cast for our film adaption.

Don’t miss Danny Mountain’s big dick in his latest title on HotMovies Gina Valentina’s Dirty Lil’ Movie from Penthouse.

Evan Stone as Dr. Robbins


Mainstream actors from Emma Thompson to Elijah Wood have lobbied for parts in a possible film adaption. Actor Michael Sheen has expressed interest in the role of Dr. Robbins. Like Sheen, Evan Stone is an esteemed veteran in his industry, and has proven to have great chemistry with Cindy Starfall, as his assistant Helga. Evan Stone would be perfect as Dr. Robbins in the hardcore adaption.

Don’t miss Evan in his latest title on HotMovies Sacrementum from Bare Maidens.

Tommy Pistol as Agent Spooner


Tommy Pistol is the talented chameleon known as one of the hardest-working guys in the industry. Tommy’s boyish good looks and antics were made for the bumbling secret agent, Agent Spooner.

Don’t miss Tommy in his latest title now on HotMovies The Collector 6 from Bizarre Video.

Jimmy Broadway as Jim Stirling


Jim Stirling goes to great lengths to please the ladies. Jim travels to Brazil to get some dubious penis surgery. Stirling does get his monster cock, and some monster side-effects, that Belinda experiences first-hand during one of their sexual romps. This could only happen to Jimmy Broadway. Jimmy Broadway is a veteran performer who has been making shame sexy for years. If a beautiful Mistress orders Jimmy to Brazil to have dick surgery, Jimmy will do what he is told.

Watch Jimmy’s latest humiliation in Elena De Luca: Brigadier General, Black Stiletto Army from Severe Sex!

Timo Hardy as Grigor Kalansky


If we closed our eyes in a room alone while Russian entreprenour Grigor Kalansky was seducing us, we’d hear Timo Hardy’s voice. Timo was born in St. Petersburg and has been in the industry for years; his earlier meteoric rise from fucking beautiful women to successful fuck film director for Buttman would be a perfect fit for a horny Russian businessman.

Rocky Flintstone and the My Dad Wrote a Porno podcast isn’t finished with us yet. The cheeky trio will set out with the infamous lost chapter for a brand-new world tour in 2020, from New Zealand and all the way to the sunny shores of Radio Music City Hall in New York City! Rocky Flintstones’s blossoming career continues to make readers around the world as hot as a flushed vagina. Chapter One of Belinda Blinked Book 5 will be read by the My Dad Wrote a Porno team starting September 9th! Be sure to POP open those vaginal lids and DMs to let us know your favorite Belinda Blinked quotes and if you agree with our picks! Happy Father’s Day, Rocky!

Oh, and never try to grab a woman by her cervix for fuck’s sake.

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