Friday's Finds: Love Can Be Deceiving

June 14, 2019 – Sex, lies, greed, love, betrayal: these are all good motives for murder, but they are also good motives for sex, since they happen to be the titles of a couple of the videos featured this week. Love is a many-splendored thing, but it can also make us blind; leaving us to be easily deceived.

Featured Movie: Night Of Reckoning from Digital Playground

Anya Olsen Reckoning

Anya Olsen is a conniving concierge looking to blackmail a politician, Nicole Aniston, who uses her hotel to carry on an affair with an oil lobbyist Kieran Lee. But, her plans become unraveled when she is double-crossed by two maids she enlists to help her, and she finds that she is now the one in a compromising position.

Featured Star: Kristen Scott featured in Greed, Love And Betrayal

Kristen Scott Greed

Kristen Scott has quickly made a name for herself the past two years playing a multitude of characters in some top-ranked feature movies. In particular, she is good at playing dark, deceitful, and troubled characters. She plays the central character in Greed, Love and Betrayal, the latest release from MissaX. Rich and entitled, Kristen finds she is no longer attracted to her amiable and easygoing husband, Zac Wild. She wants a bad boy, and so she cheats on him with several people at her father’s company, where her husband also works. But she soon finds, hell hath no fury like that of a wimpy husband scorned.

Featured Studio: Rocco Siffredi Productions

Roccos Sex Witches

Rocco Siffredi Productions is, obviously, owned and operated by international porn legend, Rocco Siffredi. Now in his 50s, Rocco has been performing in adult movies since the age of 19, so he knows a thing or two about making porn movies. His latest release, Rocco’s Time Master: Sex Witches is a high-concept fantasy involving witches and wizards. It is a distinct change from his usual gonzo fare, but it provides a fitting vehicle for his special brand of hardcore sex and allows him to explore fetish themes that are not usually part of his repertoire.

Featured Scene: Sovereign Syre and Daisy Stone in Sex & Lies

sex and Lies Sovereign Syre

Sovereign Syre runs a high-end “match service” for wealthy and sexually unsatisfied women to live out their most erotic fantasies without having to give up their comfortable, respectable lives. Their wealthy and powerful husbands are usually unfaithful to them, so they get what they need but in a safe and controlled environment, which suits her newest employee, played by Avi Love, perfectly. Another successful match!

Featured Series: In The Room from Digital Sin

Lisey Sweet In the room

Digital Sin breaks the fourth wall in their POV series, In The Room, where they incorporate you, the viewer, as one of the characters in the scenes. You get to be the husband, boyfriend, or brother, and watch as your lover has sex with another. Not just watching from afar, but as if you were right there: in the room. In Watching My Girlfriend 2, you get to watch Lisey Sweet give herself to your good friend, Stirling Cooper, in your living room. She talks to you directly the whole time, telling you how much she appreciates what you do for her, how happy you make her, and encouraging you to jerk off while you watch. Love truly knows no boundaries.

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