Friday's Finds: Women in Charge

June 28, 2019 – There are many arguments to be made that the world would be a better place if women were in charge. In the context of adult movies, it is because it is just way more sexy when a woman is in charge. This week we highlight movies from the past week where men drool because women rule.

Featured Movie: My Husband’s Boss – The Power Position from Sweet Sinner

jessica rhodes husbands boss

This is one of those adult movies where you may find yourself watching more of the plot than the sex. Written and directed by award winning director Jacky St. James, this movie tells a good story addressing double standards held to both men and women in relation to their power in the workplace. Jessa Rhodes is a successful owner of a company who is charged with sexual harassment after sleeping with one of her employees, Damon Dice. Damon tells his wife that he was coerced into the encounter, Jessa takes the stance that “he wanted it” and she did nothing wrong other than sleep with a married man. Ana Foxxx is the investigator who has to sort through the story and the power dynamics in order to find who was right and who was wrong when the truth is much more complicated than that.

Featured Star: Adriana Chechik featured in A Cold Night In December

adriana chechik cold december

Our featured star this week is Adriana Chechik, a woman who knows how to get what she wants. When she wanted a change in life and career, she drove herself down the east coast to Miami and started a whole new life for herself. In her latest feature, she plays Veronica Cole, a smart and ruthlesss business woman who will lie, cheat, steal, seduce, and even kill to get what she wants. In fact, she does all that in just one Cold Night In December.

Featured Studio: Harmony

WhoreHouse Kristi Lust

Harmony Films is a UK-based adult film company who produce high-end, glamorous features with a focus on quality and imagination. They have produced award-winning series like Young Harlots and Nymphomaniac which spotlight some of the sexiest European starlets fucking on film, along with plot-driven features, like their parody Down on Abbey and WhoreHouse, a brothel created by women for women to act as a sexual sanctuary. Women’s sexual needs are often greater than men’s and often more complicated. Sometimes, a woman just needs to release her inner whore.

Featured Scene: Anikka Albrite and Mick Blue in You’re Not Going Anywhere

anikka _mick misery homage

Real-life couple Anikka Albright and Mick Blue star in this scene from You’re Not Going Anywhere that pays homage to the Steven King story Misery. Anikka is a superfan of porn performer Mick. She wins a contest for an on-set meet and greet. But, when she gets a quick brush off from her porn idol, the obsessed superfan plots to make sure Mick comes to realize just who controls this one-sided relationship.

Featured Series: Magma Swingt … from Magna Film

Magma Swingt with Klaus

Speaking of real life, it doesn’t get any more real and any more authentic than the swinger series Magma Swingt … from Magma Film. For more than a decade, Magma has been giving audiences a glimpse of what goes on inside some of Europe’s most decadent swingers’ clubs. Their latest volume features Porno Klaus interviewing the patrons about their experiences in-between scenes of the free-spirited men and women, husbands and wives exploring their most inner sexual desires in a safe and inviting environment.

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