Holding Out & Giving In Movie Review

Bellesa Films certainly has a way of capturing reality in this unique film, Holding Out and Giving In. Fantasy and reservation come together gloriously and give familiar scenic depictions about the lure of temptation, and finally giving in to it.

Holding Out And Giving In

Scene 1: Riley Reid & Abella Danger

Scene 1

When Riley matches with a woman on a hookup app, her fantasy of being with another woman seems to be coming true, so she had no reservations about taking the next step. She and Abella exchanged texts for some time before they made plans to finally hook up. When Abella arrives at Riley’s place, she is enthralled by her beauty, and after Riley embraces her in a passionate hug, she wastes no time planting a sultry kiss on her lips. When they head to the kitchen for a glass of wine, we really get to see the beginning of some wonderful chemistry. Abella didn’t come to play any games, she knows what she wants, and it’s written all over her face… and her body. However, she is taken aback by a very shy and reserved Riley, realizing this is her first time with a woman, but that’s not an issue for her because she is aware of what she must do to get Riley to come out of her shell. She places passionate kisses on Riley’s lips, exploring her body with her hands, grinding and rubbing on her pussy, and Riley is slowly giving into her lust. Abella has had enough teasing and places Riley on the counter, where she passionately sucks on Riley’s clit, sending her into a series of orgasmic convulsions. A very pleased and aroused Riley only wants to return what was given to her, so when she eases Abella onto the countertop and dives face first into Abella’s pussy. Abella is impressed by Riley’s skills despite her being a first-timer. When Riley finally finds just the right position, Abella is begging her to keep the pace as her body begins to tremble with orgasmic ecstasy as she moans out in surprise. Abella isn’t done with her new lover yet and presses her against the counter, taking her pussy into her mouth once more. She finishes Riley off, fingering her pussy and teasing her clit with her mouth and watches as Riley cums one last time.

The chemistry here was undeniable and you get to see it with every kiss and touch. Abella is truly passionate when it comes to lovemaking and the way Riley responds to Abella’s every move shows you just how much she is enjoying herself as well.

Scene 2: Emily Willis & Michael Vegas

Scene 2

Emily and Michael’s date is over, but they have so much chemistry, they just don’t want their evening to end. They share an intense kiss at Emily’s front door and she is battling with the idea of letting him in, but she is a bit worried about waking her parents. However, her lust for Michael motivates her to give in, and after she teases him a bit, she mesmerizes him with a kiss before luring him into the house and taking him to her bedroom. Here is where we get to see just how much they’ve been anticipating this moment. The transition from reserved to uninhibited is nearly seamless. Michael almost immediately explores Emily’s body with his mouth, removing her panties and diving face-deep into her freshly shaved pussy. Someone was prepared! Emily returns the favor when she takes Michael’s rock-hard dick into her mouth. The rest is absolute history! Michael puts Emily in all of the positions he’s been fantasizing about, and she responds just as he imagined she would. He is just about ready to explode when he positions Emily on her knees. With her perfect little ass in the air, he administers deep strokes before pulling out and pouring all his pent-up lust onto her cheeks!

Scene 3: Anny Aurora & Tyler Nixon

Scene 3

Anny has moved to pursue a modeling career, but she didn’t realize how much of a strain it would put on her long-distance relationship. It also doesn’t help that she’s insanely attracted to her roommate, Tyler. She’s spent a considerable amount of time fantasizing about him and she’s finding it increasingly difficult being faithful to her estranged boyfriend, but she realizes that she can no longer contain her lust and kisses him the first chance she gets. But she holds out in guilt. When Tyler comes into her room later to hand over her laundry, she talks to him about how she’s been feeling. Tyler is such a nice guy, and Anny truly wishes this weren’t the case so she could feel less guilty about her feelings. But his sincerity and reserve are also alluring to her and she moves in for a kiss, but this time she gives into her desires. The roommates share passionate kisses, removing each other’s clothing. Tyler passionately suckles on Anny’s pussy, making her nice and juicy and she takes his cock into her mouth, getting him harder than he already was. Tyler fucks Anny senseless, giving her everything she’s been lusting about before dropping his load on her landing strip

Scene 4: Gianna Dior & Damon Dice

Scene 4

Gianna adores her roommate Damon, who she grew up with. He’s the perfect guy. He knows everything about her, and when he brings her just the right cup of tea as she likes it, they have a heart-to-heart about her much-older, stubborn boyfriend who barely knows a thing about her. Damon knows she deserves better, and when the opportunity presents itself, he makes it known with a kiss. It is obvious that this pair have been fantasizing about this moment for a long time. Damon is enjoying teasing her as he rubs on her pussy through her panties and sucks on her neck. He knows she wants him, badly. She straddles him, slowly riding his cock, something she’s been wanting to do for quite some time. They both take a moment to taste each other before Damon fills her up again, releasing his passion and firing his load on her stomach.

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