My Night at the 2019 XRCO Awards

In what’s been an otherwise uncharacteristically cool and gloomy year so far in Los Angeles, the sun decided to make its first real appearance on Thursday at the XRCO Awards. It marked the beginning of the first real stretch that has felt like summer; probably providing a little extra incentive for many of the awards show attendees to dress with a little more skin (as if people in the adult industry need a reason to show skin).

Luna Rival showing Hot Topic bag at XRCO Awards 2019

Folks began arriving in the late afternoon to Boardners, just off the main drag of Hollywood Boulevard. The classic bar was using its accompanying space, The B52 Club, to house the movers and the shakers, the machers and the mavens, of the adult industry. Even in the early portion of the arrivals, the throng of media people were hustling to ensure great shots of everyone that graced the step-and-repeat. As the line for photo ops grew, a pecking order emerged, and certain performers were plucked by unseen hands and cut up to the front.

Press row XRCO Awards 2019

The step-and-repeat took up a good chunk of a miniature alleyway that separated Boardners from The B52… perhaps just the width of three people standing shoulder-to-shoulder. The tight fit, and the people squeezing through to come hither and thither, lent to the frantic-but-friendly atmosphere of the photobugs and PR folk crowding and greeting and calling and herding just past the velvet rope to get in.

Joseline Kelly taking photos at XRCO Awards 2019
Joseline Kelly in lingerie at XRCO Awards 2019
Joseline Kelly

Once past the media gauntlet, the alley opened to a decently-sized covered courtyard described on the venue’s website as a “New Orleans-style patio.” There, around the large unused fountain and flanked by a cash bar and a stage, people began making the rounds of networking and schmoozing… or found a tucked-away corner to lay claim to. By this time I’d parted ways with the lovely Luna Rival, who I drove to the venue with. And Joseline Kelly, in her brain-melting fishnet/lingerie/thigh-high/white vinyl boot ensemble, was gracious enough to pose for me before the night got away from us.

Crowd at XRCO Awards 2019
Crowd at XRCO Awards 2019
Attendees at XRCO Awards 2019

Mingling at an industry event is an interesting dance. It involves picking your spots and imposing your presence without being an imposing presence. I made pleasantries with some folks I already knew, I introduced myself to some people I didn’t, and I made myself open and available in public spots in case anyone wanted to come and talk to me.

Sofi Ryan at XRCO Awards 2019
Sofi Ryan

There was a convivial vibe to the evening as everybody milled and socialized, lubing up with a drink or two or puffing away casually on a cigarette. Even perfect strangers had the air of old friends. Say what you will about the adult industry, but there’s nothing quite like an evening of the biz congratulating and awarding itself to keep everyone friendly and smiling. As the crowd began to build, I bumped into Texas Patti and her very charismatic husband, Patrick. We began talking about bringing her production company to HotMovies (don’t worry folks, we’ll make it happen).

Liv Revamped at XRCO Awards 2019
Liv Revamped

Later still, I ran into HotMovies collaborator and extrovert-extraordinaire James Bartholet, who was making the rounds with Dakota Skye. James pointed out Liv Revamped to me because he knew I’d not met her before and that she just wrote a guest column for us. James and Liv co-host a radio show together, and the two of them are close. Liv was just as charming as can be, and was super excited about the reception she’d received on her first article. The article is great, and Liv is stoked to write more for the HotMovies Spotlight.

Fallon West with fan at XRCO Awards 2019
Fallon West

Taking a breather (and a smoke), I butted up against the stage in the corner of the patio, and who came by but none other than Fallon West? I handed her a cigarette and we chatted about her writing (she is currently in talks to contribute to the Spotlight). As if on cue, the next person I ran into was Tee Reel, who is working on his second piece for HotMovies after dropping the funny and informative piece on how to get started in the industry.

XRCO Awards 2019 venue

I decided to look in on the venue itself, normally a nightclub with a gothic lean. The decor was interesting; a photobooth, small fountains, and a library above the bar with books flying off the shelves. A mirrored disco ball helped to illuminate the moody interior. While a little more sparse than the patio, it was still bumping (as was the bar) before the awards took off. And around about 8:00 an emcee began to work the crowd. He shouted out people in the crowd, directed people to make their way into the room for a start time at 9:00, and provided a little flavor to the proceedings.

Gabbie Carter and Lena Anderson at XRCO Awards 2019
Gabbie Carter & Lena Andersen
Evan Stone on-stage at XRCO Awards 2019
Evan Stone

Things actually got started closer to 10:00. While the showroom was full, a large number of people continued to socialize and network outside in the patio area. The awards themselves were a little… unruly. I stayed for a small handful of awards, but had a difficult time hearing and seeing any of the presentations and acceptance speeches, so I turned my attention to the patio. Of course, not before seeing Evan Stone ham it up on-stage in his Fabio-esque billowing blouse.

Connor Coxxx Sarah Lace recording a podcast at XRCO Awards 2019
Sarah Lace

For those of you reading this that doubt how wild even a mild-mannered evening in adult can be, I counted five unexpected titty flashes. Several women were putting on little shows for the rest of the crowd: either guys they seemed to know or press photographers. While not all performers acted this way, there were plenty there willing to grind on one another to dance or to spank each others’ asses. At one point, I introduced myself a couple beautiful women I noticed sitting at the fountain: Avery St. Germaine and Kitty Jaguar. After introducing herself as Kitty Jaguar, she instantly followed up with, “Would you like to see what a nasty bitch I am?” What can you really say in a situation like that other than, “Of course?” She proceeded to stand up, turn around, push aside the slit of her amazing fetish-gear strap-and-skirt ensemble, and bend over. A large tattoo consisting of a flower with the words “NASTY BITCH” was splayed out over the inside of her ass cheeks, leaving no doubt in my mind that the center of the flower was her asshole. I’m pretty sure that’s the sort of interaction that can only be had at adult events like the XRCOs.

Kinky Gaga and Charlie Comet at XRCO Awards 2019
Kinky Gaga & Charlie Comet
Kinky Gaga licks Jillian Janson at XRCO Awards 2019
Jillian Janson & Kinky Gaga

Outside, people kept arriving, presumably there to bask in the atmosphere more than specifically find out the winners and losers. As I went from conversation to conversation, I encountered Kinky Gaga and Charlie Comet; partners and performers both, who I met while working on the upcoming Adam & Eve movie from Kay Brandt. Mid-discussion, we noticed that a photographer shooting the fetching Jillian Janson on the stage in the patio. Seeing Jillian having all the fun with the camera, Kinky got up there to pose together. It became a very fun (and hot) photoshoot that served as a great way to cap the night for ole Jeffton. In all, it was a grand time had by all. The industry knows how to throw itself a party, and attending an adult awards show should be on everyone’s bucket list.

XRCO Awards 2019 venue

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