Performer Roundup: How We Prepare for Scenes

Being prepared isn’t just for boy scouts, you know. Porn performers need to obviously be prepared too. I’ve spent countless hours on a cold marble floor at 4am with an enema bottle in hand, eyes halfway open, yawning in preparation for an anal scene. Besides cleaning out my rectum, there are a lot of other ways I’d prepare before a scene:

  • Sleep! A good nights rest is paramount. Fans probably aren’t going to be turned on with a female performer falling asleep in missionary (okay, a few guys would probably actually be into that).
  • Stay hydrated! Guzzling water like its semen also helps energize and reinvigorate your sexy body. Also, it helps with squirting (but that’s another article entirely).
  • Stretching! It’s not just for your anus, you know. Doing simple stretches helps limber up your body and prepares you for the crazy positions that make for a dynamic scene.
  • Hype! Get yourself amped up before a scene! Listen to your favorite songs that get you pumped and energized and ready to seize the day (and penises).
  • Communicate! Talking with your scene partner before the shoot begins was an excellent way for me to feel more comfortable and confident. Going over likes, dislikes, and limitations helped set my mind at ease and made for an even better scene.
  • Decompress! After the shoot, I would take time to unwind on the drive home. Listening to relaxing music, taking a warm bath, putting on my favorite bathrobe, and eating something super yummy was the perfect way to end a successful shoot (also I would rinse the semen out of my hair).

Those were just a few things I would do to make sure I was physically, mentally, and emotionally prepared to kill a scene. Surely there must be other ways performers get ready? I called upon some amazing performers to share their tips, tricks, and routines to help other actors and actresses on ways they can get ready for their scenes!

Mia Martinez

Mia had a simple yet effective routine anyone can follow:

“Sleep!! Getting good sleep and eating some type of food before. The basic rules we learned when we were kids about eight hours asleep and the most important meal of the day and drinking enough water. All of that goes such a long way for me.”


Mia Martinez

Misty Rivers

Misty from Smoking Females doesn’t really have a “typical routine” she follows, except for 2 things:

“Just a shower and a drink.”

While there are a myriad of scenes out there, there is definitely a specific genre that is the hardest to prep for:

“Gangbangs are the hardest, because I’m never sure how good each guy is going to be.”

As for advice she would give to her fellow performers, she goes for gusto:

“Best to just jump in the deep end and start swimming!”

Don’t be afraid to go “all in” or “balls deep!” Give your scene all you’ve got, even if it’s something difficult.

Misty Rivers

Tanyth Taylor

This lovely lady (also from Smoking Females) goes down a zen path before shooting:

“I try to sit alone for a while before each shoot, relax, and even meditate a bit… then I imagine the upcoming scene(s) in my mind and let my sexual energy build.”

She’s no stranger to performing new types of scenes on camera either, which can be tougher to prep for since it’s new territory:

“I once got booked to do a 30-guy cum-swallowing shoot and it was difficult to psyche myself up beforehand because I was totally unsure if I would be able to drink all that sperm without getting sick or puking!”

Tanyth also gave some sage advice to hesitant performers:

“Well, if you find yourself over-thinking things a lot or are always having a hard time preparing for shoots, you might want to re-think being in the adult industry. I have found that having a strong personality and high self-confidence are my best assets insofar as doing porn.”

Don’t perform anything you have a hard time with! Remember, you and ONLY you are in control of what you shoot or don’t. Plus, scenes are WAY hotter when you actually enjoy shooting it!

Velma Voodoo

Velma had excellent advice for preparing for a shoot and even SHE still gets nervous beforehand!

“Preparing for a scene is a lot like preparing for the stage, I get jitters!”

She runs through her dialogue in her head while “methodically” applying her makeup. For butt-stuff scenes:

“I walk around with an inflated butt plug lodged in me, otherwise I’m doing some hip opening stretches.”

Her jitters don’t last long though:

“When the camera rolls, I no longer feel like the same person. I feel my persona has so much character that I forget how I’ll actually act until the scene begins and VELMA VOODOO EMERGES!”

Stretching not only just helps your anus! Remember, you’re playing a role so embrace it!

Velma Voodoo

Sonia Harcourt

This beauty had some amazing advice to prep for a bevy of different styles of shoots. For fetish shoots, she touched on how mental and emotional preparation is just as important as physical prep:

“For fetish shoots, emotional and mental preparation is just as important for me as physical prep: stretching, staying hydrated, and having salt/potassium snacks are crucial to avoid injury, but making sure you’re in a good headspace is essential. The only shoot I have ever cancelled day of in my life was a hardcore bondage shoot, as I had been pushed around/taken advantage of the night before and woke up extremely depressed and anxious… I knew it wouldn’t be a good scene at best, but at worst, it could cause an anxiety attack/trauma. If you have bruises/marks after, arnica salve can help to heal them faster.”

For the routine boy/girl shoots, her advice is:

“For penetration shoots, everyone is different, and vaginas are delicate little ecosystems. What works for some may not work for others, but here’s what I have found helps keep my ladybits healthy. Empty douche bottles and rinse thoroughly, you definitely don’t want anything with unnatural fragrances up there. I douche with plain warm water before a shoot, AND after, even if my scene partner washed up multiple times between takes. Before bed, I’ll insert a probiotic suppository, and put Neosporin on any small tears. If your pH gets thrown off despite all these efforts, boric acid suppositories are a lifesaver: I insert one a week no matter what as maintenance. Hydrogen peroxide is also something the vagina naturally produces, so if you’re yeasty, you can do a douche with a teaspoon of hydrogen peroxide and one cup of water.”

Not only is this woman gorgeous, but she also knows her body inside and out (which every performer should) Sonia definitely could use a pick-me-up for some shoots though and it could potentially come at a cost:

“For early-morning shoots, I can’t live without coffee, but we all know the effect that can have, so take some Imodium to help balance.”

Knowing your body and what works for you (besides what makes you orgasm) is essential for any performers success, health, and well-being!

Sonia Harcourt

Mischievous Kitty

This sexual kitty cat has a whole routine before the camera starts rolling:

“I do like to sit down with my talent if I’m working with someone else and go over any no’s that may come up in the scene, which usually leads to a lot of giggling due to my dislike of belly buttons. If I’m shooting solo content, in all honesty, I usually do it spur of the moment. Most days I do my makeup early in the morning so that when I get on cam I’m ready for my day, so when the mood strikes I just sit down in front of the camera and film. I very rarely actually plan to film my solo content.”

Her spontaneity when shooting solo content makes them harder to prepare for, though:

“I very rarely have a set plan to film them, and when it comes to anything involving someone else I have the plan of ‘I have to get ready and have my shit together by whatever time.'”

Her advice to other performers for prepping for a shoot is simple, poignant, and invigorating:

“Honestly, whatever makes you happy is what you should do. If you enjoy listening to music, blast some tunes while you’re getting ready. If oysters make you happy, maybe eat an oyster or two. And most importantly, remember that if you can’t get in the mood or get to that happy place mentally, you can ALWAYS say no to a shoot. Your discomfort may be your body telling you something is wrong.”

Mischievous Kitty

These tips, tricks, and common-sense reminders are excellent tools to keep under your belt as a performer by being prepared inside and out for your next romp in the sack on camera. Always remember: a paycheck is NEVER worth sacrificing your physical health, mental stability, or emotional well-being. Take good care of your bodies, not just for your viewers and fans, but for yourself!

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