Performer Roundup: Under-The-Radar Music Suggestions

We see them in what, for many people, is their most intimate moment: naked as the day they were born, and having sex. In many ways it makes us feel a connection to the performer, and makes us feel as if we know them because we have seen them at their seemingly most vulnerable. But the fact of the matter is that we don’t know them. What they are showing us is a performance; it is entertainment (super sexy entertainment, but entertainment nonetheless).

So we might know that an actress is willing to do double anal, or that a male performer curves to the left a little, but what are they like when the cameras aren’t rolling? There are few things more soul-baring than someone’s musical taste, and if we can cut through the radio hits that everyone bops along to, it can be especially revealing. So with that in mind, we wanted to take a peek behind the curtain and ask some of our favorite performers: “Give us an under-the-radar music suggestion. What do you like about it?”

So many performers were tremendously excited about answering that for fans. Many couldn’t contain themselves, and offered up multiple suggestions. Others opined that the prompt for the Roundup was only for one. So if you really want to learn more about these performers’ musical tastes, engaging with them (and us at HotMovies) is not a bad way to go. Chances are if you are genuine and respectful about it, you could get even more new tunes to plug into your ear holes.

[Editors Note: We’ve compiled as many tracks as possible into this Spotify playlist you can follow and listen to on shuffle. We’ve included a Soundcloud embed where the tracks aren’t on Spotify.]

Dana Vespoli

Dana Vespoli & Chanel Preston

I’m not sure how obscure it is, but “Acme” by The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion is one of my most favorite albums of the 90s. I used to dance to some of the tracks when I was a dancer at The Mitchell Bros O’Farrell Theater. I used to go see the band play at The Fillmore. They always put on such a great show.

Michael Vegas

Liv Revamped and Michael Vegas in The Luckiest Guy from Pure Taboo

This is actually very difficult for me because I have so many obscure songs that I love so much and love to share. You will have to listen to my Spotify playlist called “Taking America By Stormy,” it has a bit of everything. For my song entry I want to say Sparks – “Music That You Can Dance To.” It just makes me want to move around. It sounds super 80s and forever has a place in my heart because of it appearing in “RAD“, my favorite BMX movie of all time. Close second (also from that movie “RAD“, a Lori Loughlin classic), Real Life – “Send Me An Angel.”

Edyn Blair

Edyn Blair

Well, Pandora has done wonders for me. It’s too hard to pick just one! I pick “Champion” from Barns Courtney, “Lions Inside” from Valley Of Wolves, “Horns” by Bryce Fox, and “Bury Me Face Down” by Grandson. Love these bands. When I dance these are some of my favorites to dance to: dark, sensual, different. These are my favorite songs to strip to right now. They cut through the usual music girls dance to and draw attention. But I could listen to them all day.

Sammie Six

Sammie Six in Ready For Anal 4 from Evil Angel and Mike Adriano

I have been listening to System Of A Down and Korn… ’cause I grew up to it, and it really is a part of who I am and came to be. Helps me get through hard times and reminds me who I am.

Kendra James

Kendra James in Lesbian Desires 3 from Babes

The Sassy Swingers. I wandered into an underground (literally underground) jazz bar in Paris back in March and they were playing. They’re a New Orleans-style French swing band, and their music is so fun and happy. Everyone in the bar was swing dancing and in such a good mood. In the middle of the show a random guy put on tap shoes and started tap dancing across the floor. Good music and good memories.

Johnny Goodluck

Carmen Caliente and Johnny Goodluck in I Caught My Wife Fucking The Help 3 from Devils Film

I HIGHLY HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend getting into the latest wave of Ska… and start with a little band from Los Angeles called The Interrupters. Check out original tracks like “She’s Kerosene,” but also their cover of Berlin’s “The Metro” as well as Rancid’s “11th Hour.”

I myself identify as Rude Boy, and a soldier for the 2-Tone Army. So everything ska is upfront for me. ESPECIALLY Ska/Punk factions.

Courtney Trouble

Courtney Trouble from her Twitter

We work with a lot of bands and musicians on our queer porn soundtracks. In our latest film we were able to collab with KT Spit, an Australian dream pop artist. It’s a 45-minute soundtrack and we are really in love. KT Spit, highly recommended!!!

Kimber Haven

Kimber Haven poses via her Twitter page

A singer named Tevin Campell that was featured on the soundtrack of The Goofy Movie. He sang a song called “Stand Out” that, although a great example of 80s cheese, the lyrics really spoke to me with their meaning (and still do today). It was one of those songs for me that you hear and it seems it was written just for you.

[Unfortunately “Stand Out” just isn’t available legally for streaming anywhere. Instead we added “Another Way” by Campbell.]

Nina Elle

Nina Elle in Prime MILF Vol. 2

Lil Skies’ “Red Roses.” That’s the song that never gets old, and the lyrics are amazing.

Kiki D’Aire

Kiki D'aire

Oh wow… that’s a tough one, because I like so many lesser-known bands. I’d say my one recommendation would be Jackson Taylor and The Sinners. He does a version of “He Stopped Love” that’s great.

Sofie Marie

Sofie Marie posing from Girlfriends Films

A good friend of mine is a great DJ for house, trance, and laying by the pool naked music! Dady Manther: you can find him on Soundcloud!

Indiana Bones

Indiana Bones from his Society 15 model page

My number one music recommendation right now would definitely be Coheed and Cambria. They are an amazing progressive rock band out of New York. Their music is just so driving; it’s like they take you on a journey with every album… and their live shows are epic. As a musician I really like that the music has such a high level of skill and integrity to it, too. It’s my go-to workout soundtrack for sure. They started in the same town I grew up in, and I remember going to see them at small local shows… so it’s also nostalgic for me. I’m friends with their incredible drummer Josh Eppard. He absolutely kills it on the drums and seeing him do his thing is amazing. Make sure to follow and check them out, and check out Josh’s side project Weerd Science.

Luna Rival

French porn star Luna Rival

I fell totally in love with the first song of Videoclub, a french group (they’re a couple). It’s called “Amour Plastique”. It has loud lyrics [vocals] and is such a vintage, clever song. I think I recognize me a lot in their song, even if the lyrics don’t totally make sense. The result is so nice and light to hear. It’s something a bit melancholic, and still so exciting. It’s comfortable to hear, and makes me in a positive mood each time I hear it. Adèle Castillon & Matthieu Reynaud are really underrated artists in France. They deserve more than a scene. They already have a following, but it’s not enough. 🙂

Jay Smooth

Jay Smooth getting his dick sucked

My under-the-radar music recommendation would be the band called Cannons. I’ve heard it recently and it reminds me of the 80s synth-pop influences I absolutely love. I hear some Human League and Duran Duran influences in their music. My favorite tracks are: “Nevermind, Never Mine,” “Neon Light,” “Mood Rings,” “Touch,” and “Fire for you.” Check them out!

Codey Steele

Alison Rey and Codey Steele in Holly Randall's Graphic Content from Wicked Pictures

There’s a band called The Midnight. They play a genre called synth-wave. The thing I like most is they incorporate a saxophone in their songs, and even play a sax live at shows. They just have an electric trance kind of sound that really just fits nicely into what I like.

Violet Starr

Violet Starr porn star

My favorite under-the-radar artist is Sofi Tukker. I first noticed her music in the movie Cam on Netflix. She is a very eccentric artist. Her music puts me in a party mood! 😛

Brock Doom

Brock Doom via his Twitter

Music is one of my favorite things in life. I listen to a very broad spectrum of sounds, so my tastes range from bebop jazz to EDM to dub reggae to delta blues. And I love everything from The Cure, or Sex Pistols, or Santigold, to Jerry Lee Lewis, or The Doors, or Pink Floyd, or Kool Keith, or The Weeknd, or Coil. But I would have to say that my under-the-radar recommendation musically would be the incredible and incomparable Sebastien Tellier. Sebastien Tellier is a French musician and songwriter who sings some of the most beautiful and incredible songs ever. His album Sexuality is a cornerstone achievement, and a landmark for me. It is the most romantic and most erotic album of practically all-time. The only way to really understand it would be to experience it. You just have to listen to this album. It’s so beautiful. Heck, you might even get a bit moist.

Sonia Harcourt

Sonia Harcourt

I always love telling people about Glass Animals. They’re an awesome band, but in particular their album Zaba is the best to have sex to. 🙂

Mischievous Kitty

Mischievous Kitty posing via her website

Oh man! I listen to a lot of obscure stuff, but my ultimate go-to is the soundtrack for Repo! The Genetic Opera. Especially the song “Infected” and the song “Zydrate Anatomy.” They’re both super catchy and fit into the theme of the movie well, so I can’t stop listening to them. Back before iTunes was a subscription that was one of the few albums I actually purchased (I was a CD hoarder for a long time), just so I had it everywhere I went.

Tarantino XXX

Jasmeen LeFleur and Tarantino XXX in Art Sluts 2 from Creation of Adam

An under-the-radar music suggestion from me is John Cougar Mellencamp. This very underrated rock star has had hits from the 70s, 80s, and 90s… which are my favorite three decades of music that I listen to on a daily basis. He started out as John Cougar, then became John Mellencamp, and eventually John Cougar Mellencamp (we hardly noticed). What I like about John’s music is the lyrical feelings about life, such as examples from real-life couples in “Jack & Diane” or being in a relationship in “I Need A Lover,” or living in the United States Of America in “Rockin’ In The USA.” He gives it all in his feelings in the lyrics and the music itself… but I feel he’s totally underrated and an under-the-radar musician.


Kingsley from her Twitter page

The band Carnivore, a side project by THE Peter Steele from Type O Negative. It is post-apocalyptic heavy metal with a delicious mix of violence, tongue-in-cheek references, and nihilism.

Jay Taylor

Jay Taylor poses from James Deen Productions


Charlie Comet

Kinky Gaga and Charlie Comet at XRCO Awards 2019

If you love 80s dark-wave, synth pop, post-punk, or just 80s dance music in general, then you need to check out this music channel on YouTube called New Retro Wave. It’s new contemporary music that still maintains the feel and spirit of the 80s with new, original music, and new interpretations of classic soundtracks from that era. There is another 80s-inspired music channel on YouTube very similar to New Retro Wave called Miami Nights 1984. It’s pretty much like New Retro Wave but more heavily flavored by the TV show Miami Vice, and has some Miami underground influences. Also, there’s a good modern club/dance music channel (again on YouTube) called 120bpm that’s worth checking out.

Kinky Gaga

Kinky Gaga from ATKingdom

Now, if you’re more into the dark arts, are romantic, and have an undertone of being gloomy (like me), then put on your black lipstick and listen to nostalgic bands such as: A Split Second, Sisters of Mercy, Ministry, Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, Joy Division, Depeche Mode, Dead Can Dance, Gesaffelstein, Niños Del Brasil, and The Cure (just to name a few). Listen until your little, black heart is content.

Riley Reyes

Riley Reyes

CocoRosie. They’re a psychedelic folk duo made up of two sisters, and I love the way they experiment with diverse instruments and sounds. They’re true artists who put their vision into their music videos and the creative aesthetic of their performances.

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre

Kool Keith!!! I’m not sure if people already know about him. He is an underground rapper from the Bronx, and a pioneer of horror-core. He also invented pornocore with his groundbreaking album Sex Style.

Jimmy Broadway

Jimmy Broadway porn star with his dogs

Ah, music. Music has always been a big part of my life, largely due to the influence of my grandfather, who led a big band prior to entering WWII. He taught me from an early age to explore the wide variety of musical styles… and to this day my playlists may range from classic rock to blues to classical to old country, depending on my mood.

After we relocated the world headquarters of Severe Sex Films to Las Vegas, I went looking for something with a lounge-y, old Vegas vibe to listen to by the pool while sipping a highball… and I came across Deaf School. They’re a band from the 70s out of Liverpool. Stylistically I’d describe them as what you would get if you threw some punk, some new wave, and some show tunes in a blender.

Why do I like them? They are just fun. Their lyrics are smart and funny, and they have an energy that just brings you up. And let’s face it, we could all use a mood boost from time to time (and also they wrote a song called “Golden Showers!”)

It was a toss-up between them and The Dollyrots. You should give them a listen as well.

Dee Severe

Mistress Dee Severe from Severe Society

Well this isn’t under-the-radar, it’s a big hit but: you don’t have to be a country fan or religious to really appreciate Blake Shelton’s excursion into dark country/metal, “God’s Country.” The year’s second most iconic country song Lil Nas X’s “Old Town Road” wins. The video is really cool too… like a Grapes of Wrath vision of rural life.

Jasmine Jae

Jasmine Jae in Jessy's Girls 2 from Buttman and Evil Angel

I don’t know if this is under-the-radar as such, but this is my fave at the moment, “About A Place – Superlover Remix” by Tim Light. It has just got a perfect summer vibe to it!

Sailor Luna

Sailor Luna in Bush League 12 from Devil's Film

One of my favorite bands is Closure in Moscow. I think they still make music to this day, but I am obsessed with their album First Temple. Most of the songs have a very fast BPM, which will get you feeling ALIVE. They are influenced by many genres such as jazz, punk rock, pop, and R&B. I love their intricate harmonies and the epic guitar/drum solos!

Missy Martinez

Missy Martinez

I’m a sucker for today’s rap and dubstep hits, but I do confess I’m a “classic rock” woman at heart. Bands that kids today roll their eyes at when they hear their songs. I love Styx, Toto, Foreigner, and Golden Earring. It reminds me of being a little kid and hearing my parents blare it in the car on road trips, way back before I had to worry about bills or having responsibilities. Just cranking it up, banging my head, and belting the lyrics at the top of my lungs. God I’m old.

Texas Patti

Texas Patti from Perv City

V 8 Wankers – “Fist Of Rock!” I love those guys, and would like to go with them on tour.

Patti’s song recommendation wasn’t on Spotify, so we used the V 8 Wankers song “The Harder You Push, the Better It Feels.” If you look up the “Fist Of Rock” video online, Patti makes several appearances in it herself.

Lisey Sweet

Lisey Sweet porn star

“The Rain Song” by Led Zeppelin (one of their lesser-known hits). This song taps into your deepest zen of emotions: happiness, sadness, hope, regret. It lifts me when I’m feeling down as a therapeutic zen, and it’s a beautiful mixture of instruments coming together.

Britney Amber

britney amber naked squat

I really like CupcakKe because she has super sexual lyrics, and my FAVORITE song by far to dance to when I’m feature dancing is her song “Deepthroat.”

Fallon West

Fallon West

IAMDDB because she has a feel-good flow to her music. There’s a real melodic, fun, and sexy vibe in her songs. Her lyrics are catchy, yet real, and her voice is soothing and sexy… but with an attitude!

Lotus Lain

Lotus Lain at the Armory

ABRA is so fun and amazing. It sounds like dance music from the early days of raving. And, in a way, I like how her voice sounds a little off-key. “Roses” and “Atoms” are my absolute fave songs! ABRA is my femme music recommendation.

Budos Band would be my masculine music recommendation. They’re all instrumental. It’s a live band of about 12-20 Hessian-looking dudes. They sound like a bad-ass version of Roadrunner & Wile E Coyote soundtrack music.

Leya Falcon

Leya Falcon shows her butt

I have a couple! First one is G.Battles. He’s an up-and-coming Bay Area rapper who just did a song with Spice 1 and Rick Ross called “Rolls Royce” that’s coming out soon. He’s definitely one to look out for. I like his stuff because his voice is just cool, and the music is easy to jam to.

My second one would be someone that’s underrated in the music industry: Dre’sta. He’s a Compton rapper that has been on several songs with Eazy-E back in the 90s, but doesn’t get as much recognition as he deserves for the songs he writes and produces. I love his stuff because it has that West Coast Eazy-E feel to it that we all know and love.

Also, Caine is very under the radar. He’s an artist [protege] of Krayzie Bone from Bone Thugs’n’Harmony. He has his own style, but you can definitely tell Krayzie’s influence on him. He separates himself from most of these newer rappers by making music that actually has lyrics that mean something.

Kit Mercer

Kit Mercer in True MILF 5 from Archangel

Well, it’s an older song… but I absolutely love Nick Drake’s song, “Pink Moon.”

Norah Nova

Norah Nova

Kyro. He’s also a sexy performer! #muscles

[Kyro is none other than porn star Jason Brown.]

Kitty Jaguar

Kitty Jaguar from Spizoo

“Running Miles” by Hippie Sabotage. I find the lyrics to be very empowering and motivating. They make me want to get up and keep running miles towards achieving the goals that I’m working for.

T. Von Swine

T.von Swine from his Twitter

Hello there HotMovies readers! My name is T. Von Swine (aka Swiney), and the venerable J. Sinclaire Banks asked me if I would share an ‘under-the-radar’ artist I listen to that maybe many of you have never heard of. Now, I swear I won’t be picking someone or a genre that’s obscure for obscurity’s sake. But I am pretty confident that where I’m going with this will be a bit of a surprise… and hopefully a discovery for most of you that end up reading this.

Since I spend major chunks of time on my desktop, filling the space around me with music can be crucial to my attitude, focus, and temperament… depending on what I’m working on. For example: when I have scenes to edit I like to have the sonic stimulation of some background music in my headphones, but not something too energetic or I’ll risk losing focus and potentially increase the mistake factor… adding more beers to my evening than initially needed, lol.

About six months ago ‘synth-wave’ came into my sonic palate and has since been a tremendous addition to my almost entirely guitar-driven music library. Even though I had seen the movie Drive (w/ Ryan Gosling & Andy San Dimas) in theaters, I felt it was time to view it again on-demand. And the majority of that soundtrack, especially the opening track “Nightcall” by Kavinsky had me searching online for more artists from the genre.

There were about three or four different artists that got the initial run-through, but none of them had the lasting impression from track to track that Lazerhawk did. Now if you’re unaware of what ‘synth-wave’ is, it’s a flavor of music that came from the most unconventional place I’ve ever heard of: video arcade game soundtracks of the late 80s & early 90s. Now, all video game arcade nostalgia aside, I picked this artist Lazerhawk for how effective their music is for helping me stay busy for stretches of time without much loss of focus. Poke around the web and look for the collections Redline, Dreamrider, and Skull and Shark if you’re still curious to see what this synth-wave is all about.

I’m not gonna lie, I rarely listen to synth-wave unless I need it for my writing or editing projects… as my affinity for all things guitar-based still reigns supreme. But here was a chance to share an artist I felt was COMPLETELY off of the radar, and can hopefully turn some readers onto an overlooked genre of music that gets little-to-no recognition. Cheers, gang.

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