Interview with 'Heavenly' New Starlet Jeni Angel

When 18 year-old Jeni Angel stepped off the bus, I could tell it was going to be an awesome day. Jeni has a smile that lights up the room and a personality that screams, “Fuck me now!” Add that to her bangin’ body and there’s no doubt things are about to get smokin’ hot.

Jeni Angel porn star

We started talking on the ride to the location, and man does she have some kinks—even though she’s barely legal. Jeni went wild after losing her virginity and averaged three-four new experiences every month. Luckily for us, she had never done anything too wild on film, so we enjoyed several of her first times, including her first footjob.

When it came time for her debut with Daddy it became apparent that she has a “daddy issue” or two. Naturally, her big tits and sexy ass made it easy for her to get her way with dear ol’ dad in Taboo Diaries 18, and the rest of her adventures too. Jeni is definitely no angel, but the pussy is heavenly for sure!

Check out this exclusive interview with Jeni Angel below:

Well hello young lady, and what is your name?

Jeni Angel

Jeni Angel… that sounds kinda heavenly.

Because this pussy is heavenly. This pussy makes you feel like you’re in heaven.

Damn… I will say that I did come close, but you didn’t put me in cardiac arrest, so that’s good. Anyway, sorry, we’re getting off topic already. How old are you?

I’m 18.

18? And how long have you been in the industry now?

About two months?

Two months? So what made you decide to start doing adult work?

It’s been an idea of mine for years, but I was going through some rough shit back home, and I was like, you know what, I need some money. It’s a little weird, but let’s go check it out, see if I like it, see what people can do for me, and here I am today. I enjoyed myself.

And did you start out camming? Or did you go straight into the deep end?

I went straight into it.

Jeni Angel porn star

What’s the most interesting scene you’ve done in your two months?

The most interesting scene I’ve done was… it was like, what’s it called, Clips4Sale, something along those lines. I forget who it was for, but it was really fun.

Was it the balloons one?

Yeah, the balloon one. It was the balloon one.

How many fetishes did you do that day?

Like two… two or three. We did a Vampire Diaries one.

A Vampire Diary one?

Like you ever watch The Vampire Diaries?

No, cause they glow. I don’t believe in glowy vampires. They can come out in the daylight. But anyway, carry on, sorry…

I think that was the most interesting one I’ve done. It was fun, I liked it. The girl I was working with was really cool too.

Who was that?

Riley Shae, also with AMA Modeling.

I was about to ask you who you’re with, but again, I should already know that. Okay, what is the strangest thing you’ve done so far?

A footjob.

Yeah, I was there for that. Well, for some of it. So why was it strange?

I don’t know, it was my first time. I don’t know, it’s not something I’d normally do in my private life.

So if you had a guy that you really, really liked and he was just into you for your feet, would that bother you? I mean, he’d give you dick, but his main thing was your feet.

Like my feet turned him on? Yeah, that’d be kinda weird.

Really? So you wouldn’t get into like a guy fucking you while your feet were plastered in his face?

I mean, I’ve had my toes sucked on while I was fucking.


It was alright, it just tickled a lot. I started laughing and fucked up the entire scene. I don’t know.

So you don’t really like your toes licked because you’re ticklish.


Okay, I can see that. What’s the most awkward thing you’ve had to do so far?

I don’t know, none of my scenes are really awkward because I’m usually comfortable with certain things and I’m comfortable with people. So, I don’t know, I can’t really answer that.

Okay, now for the personal questions. Before the industry, how many guys had you been with?


Damn, you kept careful count!

I would fuck almost four different guys a month, sometimes.

Jeni Angel porn star

What are your personal kinks? What do you like in the bedroom?

I really fuck with neck kissing, neck sucking. Like licking on my neck, biting my ear: all that type of shit turns me on. Kissing my stomach… all that type of shit turns me on.

So you’re not into like the choking, hair-pulling?

Oh no, I love being choked out, I love hair-pulling.

But your biggest thing is the intimate kissing?

The biggest thing is kissing on my neck, sucking on my neck, yeah.

What’s the most guys you’ve ever had sex with at once?

Just one.

Oh, so you’ve never done like two guys at the same time?

No. I’ve had a threesome with me and my girl and her boyfriend, but never two guys.

What’s the most guys you’ve had sex with or made cum in a day: work, or personal?

I think at one point I fucked two guys in one day. I fucked one dude in the morning-slash-afternoon, chilled at my friends house, and was like “I’m about to go get some more dick lol.” So I fucked like two guys in one night.

Two in a night, huh? Okay, what all do you do as far as scene-wise goes? What are your limits?

I don’t do anal. I’ve done it personally, but I just haven’t done it on camera yet. I’m working on getting a couple butt plugs by the time I leave.

So that’s the only thing you really haven’t done?

Yeah, or like a threesome. I haven’t done a girl-girl yet, I haven’t done a boy-boy-girl.

You like girls?

Of course, yes. I’m bi.

How many girls have you been with?

I wanna say like three or four.

I thought she was gonna say 54. Three or four… so do they tend to either last you longer than guys, or do you just toss them away quicker than guys?


Do you keep the woman around longer than you do the men, or do you get rid of them quicker than you do the men?

Oh, I stay friends with the girls.

Oh, so you have ongoing relationships with the ladies? The guys it’s just, “hey, let’s fuck, see ya later?”

Pretty much, yeah.

So you’re still sowing your oats, got it. Do you watch porn in your personal life?

Like, once a week I would say. Before I got into porn I would watch it like every day.

Jeni Angel porn star

You’re a squirter, correct?

Yeah, a little bit.

Did you discover that you could squirt before or after the industry?


So once you got into porn you figured out you could squirt.


The first time you figured out you could squirt, was it with a guy or with a toy?

It was with a guy.

I gotta ask, what company was that for? Cause I’m probably gonna wanna watch that.

It was with a guy I was kinda staying with at the time. It’s kinda complicated; I can’t go into detail.

Well one of these days you’re going to have to send me a link if there is an actual video.

There is not.

Well, poo. You should’ve been recording.

I mean I might have a video of me squirting somewhere on my phone, if you wanna buy it off me, buy some content.

I might have to consider that one of these days. Well, it’s been real, it’s been fun. Thank you for a great day.

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