Friday Finds: The British are Cumming!

August 30, 2019 – The British have been in the news a lot this past week and it made me notice the movies we posted that featured British performers. I also noticed that they tend to be quite dirty when it comes to how they fuck, which lies in contrast to their reputation for being a fairly conservative, uptight society. So, this week we are featuring the British!

Featured Star: Amica Bentley featured in British Queen Amica Bentley

Amica Bentley Big John XXX

Amica Bentley is a self-described kinky, dirty bitch. She even uses that as a twitter handle and every scene she does lives up to it. Her scene for BigJohnnyXXX opens with her in mid-sentence saying that she is going to take his big cock up her ass. A minute and half later, Bob’s your uncle! She spends the rest of the scene saying a lot more dirty, nasty things while riding Big Johnny like a Harley on a bumpy rode. For the finale, she uses a speculum to open her gape and prepare for Big John to jerk off into her asshole. Did I mention the whole scene was being streamed live! Dirty. Kinky. Bitch.

Featured Scene: Jojo and Chris in Fake Taxi – Jojo and Chris

Jojo British slut fake taxi

Jojo and Chris come across this taxi cab parked out of the way and decide to have a shag in the backseat. Yes, the scene is obviously a setup, but Jojo and Chris appear to be an amateur couple who just really enjoy fucking on camera. This is the second scene the two have performed in together, the other being from Fake Agent scene. Jojo is a particularly fun loving sexpot and she quickly has Chris face first between her legs in the back seat. She climbs on top for a while and then Chris does her missionary with her legs spread wide and her large natural tits bouncing freely as Chris pounds away. He is pretty happy when she lets him come on her face and is getting dressed when they caught by the taxi driver. Chris finds out just how kinky Jo is when she offers to fuck the taxi driver, too. Chris may have been done, but Jojo wasn’t. Stay tuned, part two will be coming soon, and so will JoJo.

Featured Studio: British Bukkake Productions

Milf Bang Party morgan squirts

British Bukkake Studios showcase the dirtiest, nastiest Slappers England has to offer performing in no holes barred blowbangs and gangbangs. They typically take two to three girls and put them in a room full of naked, horny men stroking themselves feverishly and waiting for their chance to come all over the women’s faces and/or bodies. The women love the attention and the challenge to see if they have the sexual skill set to make dozens of guys come. The guys love the fact that they get to come on the girls because you know that if they have wives or girlfriends they probably haven’t come outside a condom in years.

Featured Movie: Destroy My Makeup from Evil Angel Films

carly rae destroy my makeup
Angel Long is as filthy as they cum. As a performer, the only limits she would have would be the imagination of the director. But, as a director, all bets are off. Angel doesn’t direct sex scenes, she instigates them. She likes sex raw and hard. You can see she is clearly getting off as she talks dirty to the girls from behind the camera, watching them explore their depraved natures. Her latest offering, Destroy My Makeup features a cast of English porn stars in the truest form of gonzo porn. As a director, Angel is part of each scene but for the most part, not a participant. She is walking and talking (sometimes finger fucking) the performers through the scene, getting them to act out and perform whatever dirty, perverted scenario that pops into her filthy mind. She is as rough and unrelenting as any of her male counterparts in this genre. Yet, because she is a woman, there is a whole new level of depravity and allure to the atmosphere she creates on set.

Featured Series: Private Specials from Private

ella hughes no panties in public
The Private Specials is really more of a line than a series so we admittedly are taking a little license. I am not sure what or if there is an underlying theme to the line but Private has been actively putting movies out under the line for more than 10 years. The latest feature is No Panties in Public and I chose this movie as I wanted to feature the stunning British redhead Ella Hughes. After she catches Pascal using his zoom lens to spy up her dress, she confronts him. She can see the hard-on in his pants. She makes him take it out so she can take a picture of it and then she walks away with her short dress blowing in the breeze. But, she can’t put that genie back in the bottle. Pascal is now hard as a rock and he knows she isn’t wearing any panties. He takes advantage of that easy access and Ella is just as horny as Pascal. The two proceed to have a nice afternoon shag out in the English sun.

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