Working On The Set of The Motorbunny Club

Day One

It began with an email. I’d told director Kay Brandt that I wanted to get into production—both writing and directing—and that I would love to learn under her tutelage if she were willing. She informed me that she’d be happy to show me the ropes, and told me that I could work on the set of her upcoming film, The Motorbunny Club, for Adam & Eve. She would have me work on my chops by allowing me to film the behind-the-scenes featurette for the movie. Along with those responsibilities, I’d essentially be a production assistant, and lend a hand where a hand was needed.

The Motorbunny Club

The night before I got on the phone with Kay, I asked her what it was she wanted out of the footage. More or less, I was given creative license to handle it however I saw fit. I was told that some crew members couldn’t be caught on video: either because they didn’t have a proper release waiver signed, or because their other jobs (ones that didn’t deal with boobies) might be compromised by the knowledge of their erotic endeavors. Other than that, I was told to have fun with it, not overthink things, and go with my gut. Kay, apart from being a tremendous director and writer, is also a magnificent motivator and a magnetically positive person.

Call times were staggered throughout the morning, and I was expected to be on location at 10 in the morning. The shooting house was a Spanish-y number south of the Boulevard (that’s Ventura Boulevard, and having a home south of it is a status symbol that applies to countless celebrities). It sat in the middle of a neighborhood just down the street from the Sherman Oaks Galleria, the mall that was featured in Nicolas Cage’s 80s classic Valley Girl and in Fast Times At Ridgemont High. On showing up, I began helping unload the craft-services food from the back of Kay’s car. It was a veritable smorgasbord of some of the best and healthiest offerings that Costco had to offer. Nobody would go hungry on this set, to be sure.

After unloading and setting up my camera equipment, I said hello to the people I already knew (most from the time I visited the set of The Lustful Wife), and introduced myself to those that I didn’t. I filled out my release forms and got to work. Romi Rain was already on set. I instantly knew that she would not only be a delight to work alongside, but that she would be the best friend and biggest asset of the BTS footage. Bright, funny, eloquent, and grounded, Romi was gracious enough to start talking to me while still in the makeup chair for the first scene.

Kay Brandt and Romi Rain discussing filming on the set of The Motorbunny Club

The first scene of the day featured Romi going solo on her sex machine. Due to scheduling and working to be efficient, movies are often shot out of order… and this scene wouldn’t appear until The Motorbunny Club – Episode 2. It was a hell of an introduction to the movie for all of us on crew. Romi began to romance her Motorbunny, and rode it hard. When she was finished and Kay yelled, “Cut!” we could not help but effuse praise on Romi. It was clear that this would be a successful and special movie with Romi in the lead role.

Romi Rain rides the sex machine on the set of The Motorbunny Club

In the downtime while shots were being set up, I took myself on a tour of the house. One wall of the main room was adorned by a mixture of posters for classic rock bands like The Rolling Stones, classic action, and spaghetti western movies like The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. Off to the corner of the same room hung a poncho and hat that may well have been worn by Clint Eastwood himself. The rest of the walls throughout the house were fixed up with shields and swords and other accouterments from the “Design Toscano” school of design. The dining area had a convenient monitor setup showing security cam footage of the front driveway. There were other bits of art and movie posters here and there as well.

Cameras on the set of The Motorbunny Club
Home decoration on the set of The Motorbunny Club

Tommy Pistol arrived a little later in the day, as his scenes with Romi were scheduled toward the end of the first day of shooting. As you might expect from his onscreen appearances, he had a lighthearted and fun-loving demeanor off camera. He and Romi have a past history of shooting together, so they were very happy and excited to see each other and share the lead roles together. Seeing them rehearsing lines and bantering with one another brightened up an already-cheery set. A handful of dialogue scenes were filmed, each progressing with few takes, as both were hitting most of the acting notes Kay had wanted out of them.

Tommy Pistol arrives and hugs Romi Rain on the set of The Motorbunny Club
Tommy Pistol peering behind Romi Rain on the set of The Motorbunny Club

As the sun set, the crew made their way to the master bedroom for the big sex scene to cap the day. I got to see some interesting little touches that you might not think about when watching a film. The scene had Tasha and Max (Romi and Tommy) watching porn in bed. Instead of a TV on in the background, there was a special strobing light meant to mimic the light that bounces on a room when a television is on. The room had special lighting set up to make the room’s geography appear different than it was: lights just off the hall, with the branches of a leafy tree attached to a clamp to make it appear as if there were a window where there was none.

Tommy Pistol and Romi Rain intimate on the set of The Motorbunny Club
Tommy Pistol and Romi Rain intimate on the set of The Motorbunny Club

After practicing their lines a few more times, it was time to get down to filming. The idea of the sex scene is that the two of them are watching porn and discussing Romi’s character wanting a new sex toy, despite having a closet full of seldom-used ones. The two of them have passionate, loving sex while using several of the toys Tommy brings out to illustrate his point that they have plenty. Kay’s monitors (to view what the two cameras are capturing) were set up at the top of the stairs, just around the bend from the bedroom. Action was stopped infrequently, and the two pros were allowed to go at it as vigorously as they desired with a bit of direction ahead of time (what to incorporate, general dialogue meant to be spoken in the throes of passion, and so forth). The scene was great, and actually a little bit rougher than I expected from an Adam & Eve scene. If you haven’t seen it yet, it can be found in The Motorbunny Club – Episode 1.

Kay Brandt at the monitors on the set of The Motorbunny Club

The scene in the can, there was some wrapping up to do as far as cleaning and moving equipment. After about 11 hours on set it was time for me to go home, soak my feet in the bathtub, and get ready to wake up and do it all again on Day Two.

Day Two

It might come as a surprise to some of you, but getting up for probably a 10+ hour workday after being on your feet for a 12-hour workday the day before is not the easiest thing to do. At least getting to work with the same level of enthusiasm you had the day before. But here I was, ready for another long day on set… thinking about all the other cast and crew, and about the stories traded in the downtime over cigarettes about some of the more grueling directors and shoots out there. It was with a bit of a shock that I saw everyone on set just as raring to go as they were on Saturday.

It’s a testament to the positive vibes of the set that everyone was so dialed in just hours after we all left the set. Part of the energy, though, came in the form of the early calls for Aaliyah Love and Britney Amber. Aaliyah and Britney, for those of you unfortunate enough to not be aware of them already, are bright and shining stars. Despite their many years in the industry, their enthusiasm and their professionalism have not waned… and it was as if the whole house were infused with extra life just by having the two of them in there. It was my first time meeting both of them, and they were every bit as lovely and friendly as you would hope, based on seeing their films.

Britney Amber getting dressed in lingerie on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

The morning started with some glamour shots. These came courtesy of still photographer Nigel Dictator (one of the many colorful personalities behind the camera in adult, and a great Twitter follow @Blk_Candi). Nigel was familiar with both of them, and as the lovely ladies posed in lingerie in front of a white backdrop, the conversation was breezy and playful and Nigel’s music blared.

Aaliyah Love poses for still on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

One of the main shooting rooms was set up that morning; a bedroom down the hall from the master that was used for all the club members to take advantage of the Motorbunny. The room was dressed up with some purple mood lighting, candles, flowers, purple curtains, and a large painting above the bed’s headboard. Lots of care went into the room’s set up, and it transformed from a completely blank and utilitarian bedroom into something that might appear in the home of Tasha (Romi).

Aaliyah Love and Kay Brandt discuss a scene on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

Kay spent a good amount of time going over the way the machine worked and all the different attachments with Aaliyah ahead of her scene. Then it was go time. Aaliyah confided to me (and the BTS camera) that even after all the years in the business, she still gets nervous before a scene. You’d never be able to tell from how she handled herself… and the Motorbunny! It was a tremendous solo scene and one that set the tone for what would wind up being a wild day. It can be seen here, in Episode 4.

Aaliyah Love rides a sex machine on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

When Aaliyah was finished riding the hell out of the thing, it was Britney Amber’s turn. Kay and Britney went over how to control it. They went over the attachments she’d use, and Kay gave Britney other bits of direction… things to say, how to react to it, acts to be sure to include. And Nigel popped in for some excellent stills of Britney eyeballing the sex machine for the first time. Britney clambered onto the saddle and gave it a severe workout. Britney came over and over again, and when the cameras stopped rolling, she could not stop gushing about how potent and surprisingly good the Motorbunny was. Even after she thought she had no more orgasms in her, the vibrating, rotating sex machine coaxed more out of her quivering body. You can see the amazing results here in Episode 3.

Britney Amber is excited for her Motorbunny on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve
Britney Amber rides a sex machine on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

When the ladies had cleaned up from their Motorbunny rides, it was time to film some dialogue scenes. It was around this time that Tommy and Jay Smooth showed up to set. Tommy was good, old Tommy. And Jay proved very quickly to be both congenial and professional. He had a decent amount of time to wait for his scene, and so I picked his brain for my Performer Roundup article.

Britney Amber, Romi Rain, and Kay Brandt on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

Avi Love also showed up around that time to start getting ready for her scene. I always thought she was gorgeous, but somehow she’s even moreso in person. It’s kind of incredible, really. She was made up, talked with Kay about her scene, and then allowed to relax ahead of being filmed.

Something struck me between Avi, Tommy, and Jay. It is incredible how much time talent has between their call time and the time they’re actually needed. Jay was probably on set for four or five hours before he was in front of the camera. Obviously, there is good reason for this. Female talent needs makeup. The actors need direction, and a chance to go over their lines one last time. There is an allotment for talent to be a little late if something unexpected comes up. And it’s not like a performer can just “turn it on” and be ready to go… having gymnastic sex with camera-friendly positions (which, especially in person, is obviously difficult to do and not natural at all) takes mental and physical preparation beyond what any viewer might expect. Talent puts in a full day, even if they’re only in a scene. It is not easy work, and I’m glad to see that their compensation does take that into account.

That afternoon, Kay solicited the crew on ways to make the grand finale scene of the night different than the others. The yards were out, and we did not want to re-use the same settings that had been used for Tommy and Romi or the solo Motorbunny scenes. There was another bedroom technically available in the house, but it was filled with boxes and stored furniture. It was decided, though, that it would work the best for the scene… and we took to clearing the room with vigor in order to not delay the shooting schedule. The walls were a deep scarlet that practically shouted, “SEX!” All that was needed was for the room to be made to look as if it were something more than a 4-walled storage space. A little fainting couch and ottoman were moved back in and draped with fabric. Some plants were brought in. And then I was tasked with digging into Kay’s magic box of props to help decorate the room. I settled on a zen mini fountain that I decorated very carefully with strings of beads and surrounded with candles. I put them on a night stand that I brought in from the master bedroom and covered with fabric. It was my first time doing set decoration and unfortunately, despite a shocking number of compliments (everyone that worked on the movie was just too damn nice), it was not caught by the cameras in the scene really. I’d like to think that it at least helped set the mood for the performers, though.

 On the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

The big show for the second day of shooting was a threesome between in-movie couple Britney Amber and Jay Smooth, and Avi Love, who they welcomed into their relationship as a thruple. The scene had an unexpected amount of starts and stops. The Motorbunny was so powerful that the ottoman it was set on moved off-camera repeatedly. The motor buzzed so hard through the furniture to the wood flooring that the sound guy couldn’t pick up the performers’ moans over the vibrations. But the three of them hung in there, Avi and Britney both helping Jay stay hard between shots… on top of probably the fastest hummingbird strokes from Jay I’ve ever seen (his arm was a blur).

Britney Amber, Avi Love, and Jay Smooth have sex on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

Every time someone from the crew walked out of the room that they were shooting in, they wiped their brow and remarked on how obscenely hot it was in there. When the scene wrapped, the three monumental talents came out drenched as if they’d been in a sauna. It was a huge contrast to the frigid conditions of The Lustful Wife, which I wrote about previously. The scene is everything you’d want in a threesome: beautiful people enjoying themselves and one another with sheer, unadulterated chemistry. Watch it here in Episode 7 and thank me later.

Avi Love, Britney Amber, and Jay Smooth have sex on the set of The Motorbunny Club from Adam & Eve

The last scene of the day in the books, there was a mixture on set of relief that another day had wrapped up and excitement for the great content still yet to come.

Day Three

So around 11:30 at night on Day 2, we caught word that one of the women cast for Day 3 would be unavailable. It felt like an insurmountable obstacle with less than 12 hours until the call time for the role. Romi spoke up, catching wind of the crew’s distress. She said her good friend Charlotte Stokely (you know, multiple award-winning all-time babe Charlotte Stokely) might be available and, if so, would be super professional about it. And best of all, Romi said she’s often up that late up at night. Within 5 minutes we’d found our replacement. How you get a last minute dropout and wind up with an A-lister and surefire Hall-of-Famer (it’s kind of dumbfounding she’s not already in) is proof that some shoots are simply charmed. Such was the case with The Motorbunny Club.

Sofi Ryan, too, was a replacement for someone that had to drop out… and so the scenes that we were about to film in the morning had a totally different look and vibe than was originally planned. We knew about Sofi coming in well before the shoot began, so it wasn’t the shock that Charlotte’s situation was. Both of them handled it incredibly well, and were amazing people to have on set.

I was especially struck by Charlotte’s professionalism. Here she is, a late fill-in, and she arrived to set less than 12 hours after finding out she had a part in the movie, and she is bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. She already knew her lines, and even had a really good idea for the way she would portray the character. It was so far from what I’d envisioned reading the script ahead of time, but it fit the character and situation way better than what I’d been thinking. Her portrayal added a dimension and backstory to the character that could be read just by her outfit, her mannerisms, her delivery of the lines, and her eyes. It was incredible to see that sort of work.

Kay Brandt, Charlotte Stokely, and Sofi Ryan on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

If that weren’t enough, Kay brought Sofi and Charlotte into the Motorbunny room (they play a new couple recruited by Aaliyah’s character), and began showing them how to use the machine. And she gave them a bit of a list of what she’d like to see within the scene. Charlotte took off her high heels and climbed onto the bed. She spoke to both Sofi and Kay; suggesting positions and activities and how she’d like to transition from one to the other for the sake of the camera and the audience. It was the mark of someone who took her craft next-level seriously. It is a bit astounding to me after seeing that interaction that Charlotte hasn’t taken to directing as well as performing. It is obvious she has a remarkable aptitude for it. Sofi took the energy that Charlotte injected into what would normally be a routine moment and riffed off of it– lending her input and helping to mold the upcoming scene into something that also reflected her thoughts. The end result is a feast for the eyes (and groin), and can be seen in Episode 5.

on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

Following Sofi and Charlotte’s scene, we set up for probably the most elaborate dialogue scene. Romi’s character, Tasha, is explaining the benefits of her special club to the couple as Aaliyah’s character comes back from her next session with the Motorbunny. It was shot in the hallway of the 2nd floor of the house; a long and narrow strip that had room for a small loveseat against the railing. Part of the set-up was being able to get the door to the club room in the shot so we could see, at different times, both Romi and Aaliyah entering the scene. Given the limited space, the two cameras, the lighting rigs, the boom mic, and room for Kay and her monitors, it required a great deal of experience and planning to pull off. The dialogue scene itself was such a great moment because it allowed Charlotte and Sofi’s characters to develop as much as they were going to in such a short narrative, and deepen the development of the club– and Romi and Aaliyah’s standing within it. For all those reasons, it sticks out in my mind more than any scene; sex or otherwise.

Romi Rain, Aaliyah Love, Charlotte Stokely, and Sofi Ryan on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

The last scene of the day was going to be the epic finale, and that meant all hands on deck (minus Avi, who had done her part for the movie). So with all the male talent assembled, and all the main female players, it was time for Nigel to do a big photoshoot for the boxcover. Kay had smartly brought along rabbit ear headbands, and they gave the photos that got shot a touch of playfulness that intimates the light-hearted nature of the movie. This is a feel-good porno; no big dilemmas or dramas in sight. The cover photo that was chosen reflects that perfectly, in my opinion.

Aaliyah Love on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

There was a good deal of sitting around and shooting the breeze for the talent as the crew set up the last scene. They took to their phones at different times: chronicling the day and the upcoming events for their social media followings. Many of them lay in one anothers’ laps or arms as the big moment approached. It was a scene that the cast had excitedly talked about the past couple days… and it was within spitting distance of finally happening!

The cast relaxing on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

Kay had invited AVN to watch the upcoming orgy scene that would close out the movie. They sent Tod Hunter, who spent some of the afternoon getting quotes from the talent. As the orgy scene in the huge parlor/living room was set up, the crew finagled a lounge chair that they plopped right in front of the action so he’d have a front row seat. I found it probably a little too funny imagining 6 people having a sex machine-powered orgy mere feet from a congenial pushbroom-mustachioed journalist that just as easily could have been your uncle witht he bad jokes or your woodshop teacher while he looked on.

Orgy on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

The orgy was the coming-out party for a new model of Motorbunny called the Buck, which featured a stroking motion in addition to the vibration and rotation of the main model. The buck was placed on a small table opposite a regular Motorbunny, dueling piano-style. Kay and Isiah Maxwell (who is just a super cool, genuine, good dude) were fiddling around with the Motorbunny app and putting on display how it can vibrate to music from your phone. There was a lot of joking and laughing around this time.

Motorbunny attachments on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

The sex itself was awesome. Romi, Britney, and Aaliyah are such pros (and the fellas, too) that they needed surprisingly little direction. Very few stops and starts went on, and there was a good deal of communication coming from Kay while the cameras still rolled. In addition to the couches and tables and machines, everyone took turns taking advantage of the steps and bannister, which lent an added element to the proceedings. It was all an intricate, and sexy, dance… and was really something to see in person. You can get the next best thing by watching it here in Episode 8

Orgy on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve
Orgy on the set of The Motorbunny Club for Adam & Eve

When it was all over, the performers washed up and slowly trickled off set; some of them staying longer than others. We all helped clean up and move the equipment out. Hugs were given, praise was effused, and we then went our separate ways until the next time. Being on set for a Kay Brandt production feels like something special, and everyone (tired though they may be) left with a little part of that magic still clinging to them.

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