The Motorbunny Club Episodes 1-8: A Movie Review

Accomplished author and director Kay Brandt has spent ten years honing her crafts in the adult entertainment industry. 2019 also marks the year she’s made her 8th and 9th book adaptations in collaboration with studios like Adam & Eve, proving that there is a definitely an audience for adult movies that are based on works of literature. And BOY is there an audience! Especially when you have exceptional people like Romi Rain, Tommy Pistol, Britney Amber and more on the cast to help bring a novel to life in such a salacious way! Let’s dive right into the action that occurs during the eight episodes of The Motorbunny Club.


Episode OneRomi Rain & Tommy Pistol

Tasha (played by Romi Rain) and Max (played by Tommy Pistol) are a couple who are so in love, and more importantly so in lust with each other. A perfect night in for these two has NOTHING to do with a quiet candle-lit dinner, but everything to do with a skin flick playing in the bedroom, a vibrator on her clit, and trying to palm those massive tits of hers, which gives Romi the perfect segue to talk to him about something she’s been holding in for a while now. Even though she has an extensive collection of adult toys she wants another one… or two… or maybe even three. Even though he doesn’t need any help in my humble opinion, Tommy uses several of his little adult toy addict’s personal faves to fuck her silly. The sexy gasps and moans she makes, the dirty talk uttered, and her eyes rolling into the back of her head with each orgasm makes Tommy shoot a fountain of jizz right into her greedy mouth. After the energetic fuck he serves up, Tommy think the matter is settled, but quickly finds out how persistent a horny woman can be when she wants something. Happy wife, happy life right? Since she was pondering starting a home-based company, he suggests she ventures into selling adult toys since she’s so passionate about it. With that advice in mind, her husband’s consent and a VERY satisfied smirk on her face, she eyes the several models and options on how to use a Motorbunny. This is gonna be one hell of an endeavor!


Episode Two – Romi Rain (Solo Masturbation)

Early the next morning, the kinky, loving couple are in the kitchen debating the pros and cons of procuring such an expensive piece of pleasure paraphernalia. He thinks it’s going to collect dust in the corner just like the treadmill, but all she can see is a mega-vibrating-pleasure-pony that’s able to keep up with her on those lonely nights when Tommy travels for work. Tommy, being the financial advisor he is, states that that an expensive investment like this should bring them a profit in return. There’s ride sharing, there’s job sharing, why can’t there be sex machine sharing? That way, she can order the model she wants, which is obviously the most expensive. He even solves the problem of who her client base should be by suggesting she call her long-time girlfriends and sorority sisters to be among the first to enjoy the benefits of an “oh-my-fucking-god” bliss machine in this venture of good vibrations. The day of delivery has finally arrived, and like any good businesswoman, she has to test out her own product right? After getting an up-close and personal look and feel of every assortment that came with the powerful vibrator, Romi doesn’t waste much more time straddling her new toy for the ride of her life. I loved watching the curvaceous beauty swivel, squirm, gyrate, and percolate all over the many phallus-shaped attachments she chose. The stimulation she receives is evident in every hip thrust, moan she makes, and the awestruck look on her face once she orgasms quite a few times on her inaugural ride! It’s no wonder she wanted to share this feeling with others.


Episode ThreeBritney Amber (Solo Masturbation)

Nikki (played by Britney Amber) is the first of Romi’s friends to purchase her toy-share experience. Nikki’s so eager to get off that she’s stripping while Tasha gives a brief overview (those must’ve been some pretty wet and wild college days). She takes Tasha’s advice about which attachment to use and gets to work making it nice and wet with a quick tonsil tickle before she jumps up into the saddle to start her solo session. Although she starts with a mild vibration, it’s not long before she’s revving the engine and bucking her hips with wild abandon. The first time she came she kissed the attachment with gratitude. The second time Nikki cums, she screams loud and long with a resounding “YES!” The buxom, blonde bombshell is so far gone into a state of orgasm euphoria that she even start’s talking to the inanimate object like it was a human being servicing her needs! I think it’s safe to say that Nikki is so happy with her experience that not only will she be the first official member of “The Motorbunny Club,” she’ll soon be a V.I.P. Gold Card member of the club.


Episode FourAaliyah Love (Solo Masturbation)

Kim (played by Aaliyah Love) is waiting patiently in the living room for her session with the toy everyone’s raving about. The bashful beauty plays with the machine before undressing with a coy giggle, taking a deep breath, and climbing aboard. She quickly gets a feel for the toy by grinding on the attachment before flicking the switch. Once said switch has been flicked, she grabs a handful of her perky tits and is on the verge of an orgasm within minutes! She tries to hold it off but has no choice but to finally give in and go over the orgasmic edge. Shaking from head to toe, she choose the bunny attachment for round two, and what a round it was! Kim throws one leg up, giving her more room to pivot her clit at just the right angle. She revs the motor even higher and couldn’t be any more delighted! Her high pitch moans quickly bottom out into guttural moans, indicating another body-quaking orgasm is near. As the smooth motion of her hips turn into jerks, she revs the engine more and more until she cums again, only this time it’s with a tooth-chattering bleat accompanying her quaking limbs. All that’s left to say is, “Do you take credit cards?”


Episode FiveCharlotte Stokely & Sofi Ryan Lesbian Love Play

Kim was so impressed with her experience joining the new club, she employs the oldest and most reliable form of promotion: word of mouth. She thinks that Ashley (played by Charlotte Stokely) & Daisy (played by Sofi Ryan) would be perfect candidates for this exclusive organization. Ashley is a divorcee who is free to finally act on her sexual desires with her “friend” Daisy. It never occurred to Tasha to offer a two-fer deal… but what the hell! Let the good times roll right? Lovey-dovey words and a few sensual kisses lead to a scintillating 69 before Daisy sits on the machine for a gentle rectal vacillation while Ashley dives face-first into her shaved muff. Not one to hog all the fun, she lets Ashley hop on to get a quick-but-powerful orgasm off. The Sapphic duo take turns riding and worshiping each other’s bodies before ending their cunt-loving conference by scissoring each other to climax on top of the Motorbunny for the perfect ending to the perfect “date night”.


Episode Six – Romi Rain & Tommy Pistol

Max is finally home from a long business trip and Tasha couldn’t be more excited! Even though she sent him a video of herself while he was away, he wants to see the action in person. She sets up the Motorbunny and shows him how powerful the toy is while he jerks his cock. Soon after, she’s sitting astride her beast of a toy (complete with her favored attachment) while he watches with lust and awe. Wanting to get in on the action, he takes the controller and revs up the engine while fucking her face, fingering her sensitive clit, and then laying down so she can deep throat his cock again. The combination of vaginal and clitoral stimulation, coupled with guzzling Max’s dick, is the perfect equation for the perfect shared masturbation between husband and wife. However, when Max inserts his throbbing shaft into her love tunnel along with the dildo for a double vaginal penetration, I honestly think she came with each thrust! Tasha is worked up into a fevered pitch so high she’s practically begging for Max to cum all over her. What else is a man supposed to do other than give in to the request and cover those luscious tits with his sticky seed?


Episode Seven – Britney Amber, Avi Love & Jay Smooth

V.I.P. gold member Nikki is back, but this time she has two prospective new members with her: her husband Tom (played by Jay Smooth) and younger sorority member Renee (played by Avi Love). Since Nikki has already taken a ride, plus she has her husband there, she lets Renee have first crack at the machine while Tom licks and sucks Nikki’s trimmed muff. Renee helps Nikki suck Tom off before he slams into Nikki doggy-style until Renee cums. The soror sisters swap with Nikki now, sitting astride the toy to get her ass vibed while Renee rides Tom just as hard and fast as she rode the Motorbunny. It’s a good thing Tom had the help of the vibrating wonder because it seemed like these two got more excited and more animated with each sensation they received! Renee and Nikki take turns trading mounts, building up to a climactic crescendo that leaves Renee’s ass cheeks covered in sticky goo and smiles on everyone’s faces!


Episode Eight – Romi Rain, Britney Amber, Aaliyah Love, Tommy Pistol, Jay Smooth & Isiah Maxwell Orgy Scene

With her satisfied members cumming back for more, and new members signing up each day, business is booming for our voluptuous businesswoman! Tasha finally has enough members in her club to set her newest sales gimmick into action. There’s just one thing, Tasha knows she needs to order another Motorbunny for this night to go off without a hitch. That way there’s more fun to go around for everyone who’s invited to “Couples Night!” Max and Tasha come down the stairs to find Nikki, Tom, Kim, and Isiah Maxwell gathered around the powerful masturbating tools. It doesn’t take too much urging from the erotic entrepreneur to get the festivities started. While Nikki and Kim straddle one of the toys, Tasha teases Max on the stairs by grinding on his growing bulge, before she dropping to her knees to worship his dick with a deep-throat blowjob that makes his breath hitch with every head bob. By the time the girls decide to switch out the toys to receive cunnilingus from their guys, Max is already balls deep in Tasha’s eager pussy. Turned on by all the debauched action, they decide to come down the stairs and join their loyal customers for a cock-guzzling, pussy-pounding, clit-vibing, labia-licking… and let’s not forget the tit-fucking… orgy! This is literally a get-in-where-you-fit-in fuck-fest the likes of which I’ve never seen before. This lust-driven crew switches partners seamlessly to keep the lewd action going in an energetic display of sexual multi-tasking that leaves Kim’s, Nikki’s, and Tasha’s tits covered in copious amounts of jizz! The first “Couple’s Night” party was such a success, Tasha vows to keep the service on her bill of fare for all to enjoy in the near future. After all, it’s brought her soror sisters closer together like nothing else has over the years. Now they’re not just constituents of Tasha’s budding business, they are BFF’s forever!


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