Divine: A HotMovies Review

Director Brad Armstrong has an unmistakable eye for glam and polish. It has been one of the hallmarks of his Hall Of Fame career, and a strong component of his long and illustrious partnership with Wicked Pictures. Another wonderful hallmark of Brad’s movies (typically) is the inclusion of his beautiful wife, fellow Hall Of Famer (and Wicked contract girl), Jessica Drake.

The latest outing from Wicked and Armstrong has Jessica at the very heart of it. The movie, Divine is a series of vignettes unburdened by plot and dialogue. It is a glitzy adventure through sexy scenarios—replete with that Brad Armstrong shine. It is the second movie to be branded as part of the Wicked Masterpiece line (as far as I could tell, the only other title is Armstrong’s Carnal). It’s a bold claim, even as far as box covers tend to go, but visually the film sits among the upper echelon of sex films.

Divine from Wicked Pictures

Clip 1: Jessica Drake, Small Hands, and Will Havoc

Jessica Drake, Small Hands, and Will Havoc in Divine from Wicked Pictures

Jessica poses in a sultry, strappy black number and furs in front of a luxury sports car. She is flanked by Will
Havoc and Small Hands in matching sunglasses and shark skin suits. They are both brandishing weapons, guns, and a knife in the tease intro. When the posing and music-video cuts have finished, they get to the sex on a black sofa in front of the car. The three show a caged desire for each other as they kiss, caress, and undress.

Soon the tattooed hunks are filling all of Jessica’s holes. A DP finishes out the scene before Jessica gets down to finish the fellas off with her hands and mouth. It is a rock-solid scene that ventures just a bit further in terms of edginess than most of the Wicked you’re used to. It is probably a great way to help persuade a demure partner to expand their horizons some.

Clip 2: Avi Love and Codey Steele

Avi Love and Codey Steele in Divine from Wicked Pictures

Anything with Avi Love in it is an automatic A for me. This scene begins with her in a bridal veil and lingerie in front of a pink and floral bedroom backdrop, petals raining down from the heavens. She is an absolute vision in her virginal (ha) white. Her groom, the dashing Codey Steele, caresses her as she teases the camera with her bedroom eyes.

Love keeps the veil on as she goes down on Codey in their marriage bed. Her sheer panties come off for a bit of Steele’s tongue before he plows into her in what we could only dream of as our own honeymoon night. Avi rides Codey and only towards the end of the scene strips down to just her garters and stockings. Codey switches to anal, and Avi’s body writhes on top of him in ecstasy. The couple consummate their marriage with a hot load splashed all across Avi’s willing tongue. If you have a thing for bridal wear, this is a scene you won’t soon forget.

Clip 3: Jessica Drake and Seth Gamble

Jessica Drake and Seth Gamble in Divine from Wicked Pictures

Here is the outlier scene of the film. Jessica is in an adorable yellow and black lingerie ensemble, posing and teasing her ‘ride’ in Seth Gamble outside a parked cab. Seth goes into the backseat, and begins to jerk it. The cab driver (why don’t they have taxis like this where I live?), Drake encourages him to stroke himself to her. She plays with herself to orgasm a couple times, asking and pleading Seth to cum to her, as he is down to just his suit jacket, white shirt, tie, and hard-on. When Seth is finally ready, he reaches up and finishes through the fare window onto Jessica’s mouth. It is probably the most stylish and interesting jerk-off encouragement video I’ve seen.

Clip 4: Honey Gold, Jessie Lee, Vicki Chase, Brad Armstrong, and Jay Smooth

Honey Gold, Jessie, Lee, Vicki Chase, Brad Armstrong, and Jay Smooth in Divine from Wicked Pictures

This scene is a rich and sensuous bacchanalian affair. The gorgeous ladies all wear black and have on intricate lace masks. Armstrong and Smooth are bedecked in suits and masks themselves. They are in a plush room on top of black velvet, bottles of expensive-looking champagne before them on a gold platter. It is a luxuriant scene, and they lose themselves in an orgiastic jumble of lapping tongues, wet holes, and stiff rods. The girls take turns lavishing attention on their masked suitors, and as the scene happily crescendos, Honey Gold takes to fucking herself with an empty champagne bottle (and it is quite a sight to see the inside glass fogging up with her warmth). Both gentlemen unleash monster dollops of their cum all over the masked girls, who then happily swap and slurp with each other. It is a scene that I highly recommend be watched with a partner when the mood strikes.

Clip 5: Jessica Drake and Sean Michaels

Jessica Drake and Sean Michaels in Divine from Wicked Pictures

Jessica Drake begins this scene in a red get-up on a red bed that looks like something straight out of the Madonna Inn. She is eating chocolate and drinking champagne as the legend himself, Sean Michaels, lounges behind her in red satin pajamas. Jessica laps at and strokes Sean with vim and vigor before she finally takes him inside of her. The scene is shockingly short, but worth every minute. When Sean climaxes, it sounds as though he were a man possessed, and there’s something gratifying about him enjoying himself so much.

Clip 6: Jessica Drake and Chanel Santini

Chanel Santini and Jessica Drake in Divine from Wicked Pictures

I’ll be the first to admit it that I’m not very familiar with trans scenes, but this scene has me changing my mind. Chanel and Jessica are visions in pink as they sway in front of cherry trees elegantly doffing their petals. The twosome kiss sweetly as they begin to fondle one another. Chanel buries herself deep inside of Jessica with long strokes and forceful bangs. Jessica then has Chanel bend over and goes to town rimming her and tugging on her hard cock. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen Jessica enjoying eating ass more than in this scene… and there is plenty of it! They sixty-nine for a time before Jessica rides Chanel cowgirl. Chanel unleashes all her jism before the two of them passionately kiss and play with the ejaculation; smiles on their faces.

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