Teacher Dominations 2: A HotMovies Review

I’ll be the first to say it: don’t be fooled by the title and cover! Our latest exclusive from Innocent High, Teacher Dominations 2, actually has very little to do with domination… and there aren’t even many teachers in the movie. Does that mean this is a bad movie? Hell no!

Innocent High is probably the best game in town for good, vignette-style schoolgirl content. This collection of scenes does not disappoint. And you have to admit: it is a very compelling title and cover.

Teacher Dominations 2 box cover from Innocent High

Clip 1: Daisy Stone, Maya Kendrick and Marcus London

Daisy Stone and Maya Kendrick in Teacher Dominations 2 from Innocent High

Daisy and Maya have done it again. The adorable schoolgirls are back in detention for defacing school property with drawings of dicks. Mr. London seems fed up, and excuses himself to attend to other matters. The girls take this as an opportunity to dick up the blackboards and giggle and talk about sex. It comes out that the best friends are both virgins… and that they’ve heard that anal doesn’t count against their V-card status. The talk turns them both on, and they’re soon on the teacher’s desk playing with themselves and each other in their short, plaid skirts.

Marcus London walks in on them; topless and tonguing each other. The girls ask about anal’s effect on virginity and Mr. London informs them that schoolyard gossip is right and they’d still be virgins. So the girls plead for his dick, and he reluctantly obliges. It’s a pretty classic set-up but very effective. The girls both have enough acting chops to pull it off, and they both seem to genuinely enjoy anal. Maya Kendrick winds up squirting a couple times for good measure. This is true, vintage Innocent High.

Clip 2: Athena Faris and Logan Pierce

Athena Faris in Teacher Dominations 2 from Innocent High

Athena and Logan are best friends. While the two of them are hanging out, Logan is working his way up to asking Athena out to prom. He stutters through asking her out, and she excuses herself to the bathroom. She comes back, sans panties, and asks him to fuck her instead of whatever he was looking to get out of her. Like any red-blooded human would if Athena Faris comes out in a schoolgirl skirt and no underwear and asks to be fucked, Logan jumps at the opportunity.

The scene is pretty no-frills. But with Athena Faris, you don’t need frills to create a compelling fuck session. The two of them share a good chemistry, and Logan’s balls tighten up pretty soon after entry. As a side note, Athena keeps her skirt (and shoes) on the whole scene… which is something I tend to look for in a schoolgirl scene. I don’t know what it is about the skirt, but I’m glad to know I’m not alone in the power it holds over me.

Clip 3: Claire Black and Oliver Flynn

Claire Black in Teacher Dominations 2 from Innocent High

So this was my first time seeing Claire Black in a scene, and despite the slightly cartoonish eye-rolling every couple minutes, I can’t wait to see her in another video! Her dark complexion, gorgeous little body, and nicely maintained bush add up in my head to an instant favorite.

In this flimsy premise, classmate Oliver Flynn convinces Claire to ride with him back to his place instead of going to school; promising nobody is home and they can have some fun. Claire sells the timid virgin role fairly well for a newbie. Oliver’s delivery is about as flat as can be, but when you are H-U-N-G like Flynn is hung, I guess you don’t really need to be able to turn in an Oscar-worthy performance. As I mentioned before, Claire is prone to over-exaggerated eye-rolls, but it’s clear that she is enjoying the plowing every bit as much as you’d hope she is. She is put through the ringer in terms of positions, and it gives us every opportunity to appreciate her dusky body (and excellent tan lines). Claire can barely handle Oliver’s cock, and it leads to several instances of queefing (if that is your thing).

Clip 4: Sofie Reyez and Oliver Flynn

Sofie Reyez in Teacher Dominations 2 from Innocent High

Sofie has ditched out on class in order to avoid an exam. She catches wind that a concerned classmate is coming over to check in on her. Oliver shows up with the exam in hand, and Sofie confides in him that she didn’t go to school specifically to avoid the test. She then comes up with a Godfather offer for Oliver: do the test for her, and he can do her. Like anyone would say no to that!

Sofie is a stone-cold stunner, and she attacks Oliver’s cock with her mouth like a seasoned pro (despite only have about a dozen credits under her name). So much of the schoolgirl genre is tied up in the costuming and the scenario (and the underlying power dynamics therein), so I’d be remiss not to mention her outfit. Sofie’s look is perfect for a schoolgirl-gone-rogue, her ponytail and knee-high socks hinting at her student status, but in a sultry black ensemble with a choker for good measure. It’s a great scene, and an indication that she is headed for stardom if she sticks with the business.

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