HotMovies Porn Glossary Update: Sybian

In case you missed it, we had a 8 week long Adam & Eve and Kay Brandt exclusive, The Motorbunny Club. Watching those movies made me think: we really should highlight the Sybian and all its glory. First, here’s a quick reminder of how to get to our Sex & Porn Glossary from any page. Access the Help drop-down menu located in the top right, from any screen, and you’ll see the glossary option.

HotMovies Porn Glossary

A Sybian is a masturbation device consisting of a hollow saddle like seat with powerful electric motors that are used to vibrate at various speeds, and I won’t lie to you, they scare the hell out of me. Adding a motor to a dildo and creating a fucking power tool seems like asking for trouble, but I’m still fascinated by them and watching women ride them is incredibly entertaining. Just look at Aaliyah Love down below. She’s having the time of her life! And I have to admit, anything with a remote control immediately grabs my attention (nothing wrong with being a little lazy during sexy alone time), so I had to dig deeper.

HotMovies Porn Glossary Sybian

The first thing I learned is that Sybians are everywhere and have been for a while now. A guy named Dave Lampert first thought of the idea in the 70s, and by 1985 the first prototype was born. He realized women better achieve orgasms when riding cowgirl and created the sybian for practice. To me, it sounds like men couldn’t consistently make women cum so they figured let’s put her on top and work for it her damn self (but you all know I’m biased). The Sybian gained some attention in 1987 when it was featured in Penthouse Magazine, but the real publicity came in 2006 when Howard Stern was gifted one for his birthday and had guests test it out on his live radio show. Take a look through our catalog and you’ll find that both mainstream and amateur studios have experimented with the device. GPicasso Productions has over 100 flicks featuring amateur chicks riding Sybians and New Sensations has a Screaming Orgasms series that took things to a whole new level in the early 2000s. Desert Wind takes your average girl-next-door for Sybian rides with their sex machines challenges, and if you throw in a little Fetish Network for the extreme Sybian lovers, there’s something for everyone!

I definitely suggest watching The Motorbunny Club series just because they’re all so fucking awesome, but make sure to check out our entire selection here and let us know what you think.

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