Salute Your Shorts: 10 Camp Classics

Attention, campers! There is a convergence going on at the time of writing this. October has just reared its head. The weather is finally beginning to adjust to its season. Summer is still so clear in the rearview mirror of life. And yet, we are right in the grips of Halloween season.

Nothing really quite bridges the gap between the ending of summer and the beginning of Halloween time like a movie about camp. There is a long tradition of camp movies, both in adult and in the mainstream. We have sex comedies like Meatballs, Wet Hot American Summer, and The First Turn-On! And there are horror movies like Friday The 13th, Sleepaway Camp, and The Burning. And thanks to the world of porno, we have a varied tradition that mixes and matches the comedy and the horror dating back 40+ years… on up to the most recent worthy addition, the HotMovies exclusive, Terror Camp. I went back through the annals of camps in adult movies to highlight 10 of the best camping movies.

Terror Camp

We’ve already gone through the ins and outs of this movie, thanks to the excellent review from our own Stoney Rubble. The film is equal parts tense and hot. Director Ricky Greenwood brings together a stunning cast of beautiful women for a found footage homage to the horror flicks of old.

There isn’t a single bad scene in the bunch here. But it seems that Stoney and I both agree that the best, most powerful scene is between Charlotte Stokely and Aidra Fox. I’m not about to do a deep dive on my psychology here, but there is something absurdly hot about the reprieve we can find in sex after a doomed resignation. It probably also helps that Aidra is a vision out of my dreams and that the beautiful Charlotte belongs on the Mount Rushmore of adult performers.

Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre

Kinzie Kenner and Scott Nails in Camp Cuddly Pines Powertool Massacre from Wicked

On the opposite end of the horror camp spectrum comes this laugh/fuck/frightfest from the minds of Stormy Daniels and director Jonathan Morgan. The movie did gangbusters at the 2006 AVN Awards and it’s easy to see why.

Camp Cuddly Pines plays like a pornographic take on the sort of humor from Airplane and The Naked Gun series. The quickfire, absurd bits of humor revolve around several scenes that parody different horror film tropes. We have a Halloween-esque scene where we get to see Kinzie Kenner in a poodle skirt. We have an asylum scene where Manuel Ferrara is in the nympho ward (as a sort of nod to the Nightmare On Elm Street origin story). There’s an 80s camp scene featuring Katie Morgan. But my favorite (maybe because I have a thing for women in Native American dress) is between Tommy Gunn and a vengeful Native American spirit played by Cherokee… who eventually turns into an animal and attacks Tommy.

It warrants mentioning in its own paragraph that Stormy is genuinely hilarious in this. Her character, a total lampoon of a slasher-girl archetype, screams at everything. They then make her dialogue dumb as rocks, leading to the best “Who’s on first?” type riff in adult, regarding ‘getting off scot-free.

Barely Legal #170 – Summer Camp Virgins

Lena Anderson in Barely Legal 170 - Summer Camp Virgins from Hustler

The Barely Legal series should be something every adult knows about at this point. It is a standard bearer for quality—little vignettes featuring young women in sexy, romantic situations (with them as the aggressor nine times out of ten). This selection is a bit of a stretch, since the vignettes in this one very, very cheaply brush against the idea of summer camp (or camping), and mostly just feature a tent in someone’s backyard (if at all). But the sex was just too damn hot not to use it.

It was a really difficult toss-up as to my favorite scene in this one, so I’ll just mention both scenes that deserve recognition. The opening scene features Lena Anderson, an unbelievably beautiful model who to lay eyes on is to fall in love with. She is taken around camp by a dude and, after getting her first kiss and being walked back to her tent, decides to take a big step and remove her purity ring for her first go-round. The next scene features Jada Doll, who I pray we hear much more from. She notices that she’s being spied on, and forces a confrontation. The groundskeeper of her ‘camp’ has an Israeli accent and she confides that she’s always wanted to lose her virginity to a man with a sexy accent. You can guess what happens from there.

Young & Innocent

Brooke Bennett and Ron Jeremy in Young & Innocent from VCX

As with mainstream movies, the early 80s were the Golden Age of the camp film. This gem features Ron “The Hedgehog” Jeremy as the camp director (who was still in his svelte years). The music is a blast, the women don’t wear bras under their shirts (something I greatly appreciate about early 80s fashion), and the music is fantastic.

The film focuses mostly on a trio of young women. Virgins, they make a bet to see who loses their cherry first. The movie finishes (SPOILER ALERT) with an orgy featuring campers and personnel. It’s a hell of a scene, and it ends with Ron Jeremy singing a cheesy song. So worth it.

Summer Camp Orgy

Lily Cade in Summer Camp Orgy from

If you have a thing for good, authentic lesbian content, you best acquaint yourself with The owner/operator/brains of the studio Lily Cade has been working in the business for what seems like forever… and somehow she hasn’t aged a single day. I’d call vampire, but then she wouldn’t be able to film a day-scene movie like Summer Camp Orgy, would she?

The movie is about an all-girl summer camp where the campers are opining their lack of dick. Camp counselor Lily comes to rouse the ladies while wearing a poncho and cowboy hat. When they complain about not wanting to do anything because they’re horny and without dick, she pulls back her poncho to reveal she’s wearing just a strap-on and bullet belts filled with dildos. A great lesbian orgy proceeds to take place in the woods just outside a tent.

Summer Camp Girls

Joanna Storm, Danielle, and Paul Thomas in Summer Camp Girls from Caballero

Another early 80s classic, this film features legends like Janey Robbins, Shauna Grant, Herschel Savage, and Paul Thomas. The movie is about a summer camp for upper-class girls who have a habit of getting into trouble… mostly sexual trouble. The two main characters are a new girl (a Catholic with a mafioso father) who is trying to fit in, and the studly camp counselor played by Paul Thomas, who has just about had it with all the girls in camp trying to get into his pants.

The situations are a little on the more problematic side (as can be expected from many classic films), but still manage to be pretty hot. My favorite scene features Janey and Paul Thomas getting it on while using exercise equipment. I’ve never seen parallel bars used like that, but now I’d like to try that myself.

Young Harlots – Summer Camp

Kira Queen and Francesca DiCaprio in Young Harlots - Summer Camp from Harmony

I am so smitten with Harmony Films titles. They don’t get nearly the recognition they deserve. They are consistently of high quality—featuring beautiful women doing dirty, dirty things (and usually in school uniforms no less). Normally I’m a bit biased against European women, but Harmony does them right, and I’ve yet to be disappointed by a single scene from them and longtime Harmony director Gazzman.

My favorite scene is a poolside lesbian romp. I didn’t know about Stella Cox before, but I’ll be damned if I don’t go through her filmography now! She has a set of the most hypnotizing natural breasts I’ve ever seen. She goes through the Sapphic set along with the gorgeous Mary Kalisy in a scene you won’t soon forget.

A word of warning about this movie: prepare to be a bit put off by headmaster Tony De Sergio‘s hairpiece. It almost put a dent in my boner… but the force is strong in this one.

Girls In Blue 2 (aka Little Girls Blue 2)

Trio of campers from Girls In Blue 2 from VCX

The second (and lesser known) half of the Girls In Blue or Little Girls Blue series sees the girls of the Townsend School sent off to camp. As with the classic original, it focuses on relatively inexperienced girls, their fantasies, and their learnings of carnal knowledge. It might not be as artsy as the first entry of the series, but it is just as good.

The best scene in the title as far as I’m concerned is between a pigtailed Chris Peterson and Eric Edwards. He guides Chris through what he wants done, and when he finally explodes all over her eagerly lapping mouth it is exhilarating. I love how the camp shirt is just a crudely stenciled tank top… not that I’m complaining about how it looks, mind you.

Girlvert 13

Ashley Blue oversees a DP in Girlvert 13 from JM Productions

If you are too young to have known about the Girlvert series from JM Productions, or the star, Ashley Blue, you are in for a real treat. Let me educate you. Ashley is probably the filthiest girl to have ever stepped in front of a porno camera. She owned her sexuality in a way few stars ever do. And she found something of an adult film soulmate in the equally twisted JM.

Girlvert follows the stunningly hot Ashley through her trials and travails in life. She constantly yearns for a normal life filled with happiness and love… but someone or something always stands in the way; ready to beat her down or berate her. Little does anyone know, but her awful life leading up to the moment of the film has hardened her and made her depraved. And when people are trying to get her down, she exacts revenge the only way she knows how… by making people just as sexually deviant as she is. In the 13th installment, she is the newest camp counselor at Camp Brown Eye. Just when she thinks she’s found love in a fellow counselor, some of the mean girls of the camp set out to get her. My favorite scene is the opening scene in which she decides to express her love to her new beau by having him fuck the hell out of her ass.

Barely Legal Summer Camp 2

All-girl orgy in Barely Legal Summer Camp 2 from Hustler

Just like in mainstream film, sequels are seldom better than the original. Lucky for all of us, Barely Legal Summer Camp 2 beats out its already damn good predecessor. The film follows a rich girl camp that turns out to be a total dump… but populated by studly counselors (and the unearthly goddess lead counselor Justine Joli). The first film featured a very fresh to the business Ashley Blue and an equally new Cytherea. It climaxed (yes, that was intentional) with one of Cytherea’s trademark fire hose squirts.

The sequel ups the ante, and features an awesome opening scene that pairs Cytherea with fellow squirting legend Tiana Lynn on the “green” of the camp’s janky golf course. Cytherea suggests that the girls and their counselor make the golf more interesting by spreading eagle on the ground and having them putt into her pussy. It is the kinkiest foreplay (I wanted to make a golf/fore pun here but couldn’t make it work) I’ve seen in a scene, but it works in its own silly way. The movie also features, as with the first, a great all-girl orgy. But this one has the benefit of a young Kimberly Kane cumming like a woman possessed.

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