Writers' Roundup: Favorite Porn Star Musician

Just when it seems like everything in porn has been done already, a new movie comes along that takes a unique approach to your typical sex scene. Our latest exclusive from GirlGirl.com, Lesbian Rock Stars, begins each scene with an original song—performed music-video style by the cast—which then factors in to the plot of the subsequent scene. It’s certainly different, but also highlighted the fact that a lot of porn stars also have aspirations in the music industry. We’ve come to know this through interviews and social media, and some have legitimately had crossover success. The HotMovies staff decided to highlight the porn stars we know and love whose passion for performing extends beyond adult into the music industry.

Check out Gina Valentina‘s music video for her original song “I Don’t Care,” featured in Lesbian Rock Stars:

Authentic Lesbian: Brian Pumper

Brian Pumper

Talking original music in porn without mentioning my man Brian Pumper would be disrespectful. When it comes to rap and sex flicks, the self proclaimed Lloyd Banks of porn (they really do look alike) is at the top of the list. His Phattys Rhymes & Dimes series is hands-down the most popular and well known, but classic, hits. And of course his entertaining sex including foot fucking, can be found in New Lil’ Freaks Get It Poppin’, Booty Scream, and Pumper’s New Jump Offs. Do yourself a favor a scroll back through Pumper’s Freaky Empire catalog. You’re guaranteed to find a few gems in there.

Kiesha: Skin Diamond

Skin Diamond

You may know the incomparable Skin Diamond as the petite, gorgeous and notoriously filthy fuck fiend we all know and love. Throughout her career she’s displayed her free-spirited, bold nature and natural ability to fulfill some of our deepest, kinkiest desires we didn’t even know we had until watching her perform them! It’s no wonder Duchess of Debauchery has been featured in over 349 titles and easy to see she was a definite crowd-pleaser. Much to our dismay she’s retired from the porn industry to embark on a new chapter in her life as an actress and songwriter. With her sultry, exotic look, amazing body, and a beautiful voice, she’s taking over the airwaves and sharing another part of her artistry with her fans. She has been hard at work in the studio to release titles such as: “Feel Me,” “Freak,” and “Wet Dream” under her given name, Raylin Joy.

Jeffton Banks: Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus

Xander Corvus, owner of the best snakebites in porn, is an ace bellower for his metal band, Circle of Violence (who also happens to contain ex-Warbringer bassist Jesse Sanchez). You can listen to an EP of theirs here. There are a few metalheads in the business, and you’d do well to check out all their projects.

Also, special shoutout to Type O Negative’s late singer Peter Steele who, at the height of his band’s popularity, chose to enter sex work of a sort by posing for Playgirl.

Judy Hologram: Lacy Lennon

Lacy Lennon

With all of the screaming and yelling and hootin’n’hollering that goes on in porno, it’s pretty much expected for a porn star to have a decent set of pipes, but you’d be hard pressed to find a better set than with Lacy Lennon. This redheaded soprano is a trained opera singer! Before entering adult, Lacy went to school to study her craft, and she continues to sing and compose. You can hear her voice in action at the beginning of MissaX‘s Sex Sounds II, where she demonstrated some proper breathing techniques to co-star Kira Noir.

Bridget: Carter Cruise

Carter Cruise

As our culture’s views on sexuality become less and less puritianical, the paths for porn stars to cross over into mainstream endeavors is becoming increasingly more common. A great example of this is Carter Cruise; she’s used her platform as an award-winning porn performer to parlay her renown into a career as a DJ/producer. She has tens of thousands of listens on her Soundcloud account, and recently released her first EP, Send Moods. Carter’s song “We Were” off the EP sounds like a Lana Del Rey song on molly, and it’s honestly really catchy. I’m all for porn stars expanding their brands, and Carter Cruise is doing it right!

Ed Mann: Singing Penis from Opening of Misty Beethoven

Singing Penis from Opening of Misty Beethoven
Singing Penis from Opening of Misty Beethoven

The Opening of Misty Beethoven was already considered one of the all time greatest adult films ever made and is considered to be the apex of the Porno Chic era. So, when Hall-of-Fame actress and director Veronica Hart decided to do a remake, she was smart enough to take it in a whole new direction by making it into a porn musical. Misty Beethoven: The Musical is more of a parody than a remake of the movie and nothing brings that fact into light more than the magical, mystical Singing Penis belting out The Penis Tango, “I run this show, I hope you know, that the penis is the ruler of the world!” If you want to see it, go to 8:53 mark of the movie, but I give you an earworm warning that the song will get stuck in your head for the rest of the day.

Scarlet M. Divine: Sasha Grey

Sasha Grey

When you hear the name Sasha Grey, most likely your first thoughts are deliciously dirty. It’s okay, I get it. Her enthusiastic performances will not soon be forgotten. But this one-time titan of the XXX industry has been retired since 2009, and has been focusing that enthusiasm on her music career ever since. And guess what, you guys? She’s awesome! In 2010 she co-founded the American industrial band aTelecine, self described as “experimental noise.” In 2013, Sasha moved on to her true passion, DJing. Using an eclectic selection of music that she’s spent her life collecting, Sasha began performing in front of awestruck audiences, amazed to see her fully clothed. Amazed to see a woman spinning records at all. But this provocative provocateur knows how to push the boundaries in her chosen profession, and she’s holding her own in a predominantly male-dominated field. She broke down doors in the porn industry and she’s doing the same for music. I love a bad-ass chick that takes what she wants!

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