Lotus Lain Interviews the Quadruple-Anal Queens

It all started with the legendary Ginger Lynn sticking one solitary cock up her ass on film in the 1980s. Before then, anal wasn’t really a “thing.” Butt from that moment in porn history, the public’s appetite for all things anal has not only grown—but intensified in recent years. I remember when I first saw a double-penetration scene in the early 2000s, featuring Audrey Hollander, with her long, red hair and two cocks up her ass at once. I was simultaneously shocked and amused (yet confused) to how it was even possible!

The thought of double, triple, or quadruple anal scares the shit out of the typical person. But for some superstar adult performers, single-anal penetration just isn’t enough! I had the absolute delight of speaking to two of the most bad-ass anal performers that are not typical or scared of more than one dick in a hole, at all. They were born and blessed with the stretchiest, most resilient assholes in the industry, and they have surely put them to good use for your entertainment. Their enthusiasm for this extreme sport of sex acts may even sway you into being a believer that anything is possible, with practice.

I spoke with the philosophically named goth queen herself, Charlotte Sartre, and the deviantly seductive, Sansa (from Game of Thrones) lookalike, Violet Monroe for this titillating exploration of triple and quadruple-anal penetration scenes!

What even made you want to go to triple or quadruple anal? Personal challenge? Or natural career progression?

Charlotte Sartre: For me it definitely was a personal challenge. I have never cared about pacing the “firsts” in my career; my first scene was a brutal anal fuck session with a massive strap-on, and I think my third or fourth scene was a gangbang with a DP. From a young age, even before my first kiss, I have had this personal obsession with anal and pushing the limits of my own body out of curiosity. I had been wanting to shoot triple and quadruple anal so badly, even since I first started in porn, and it wasn’t really my choice to wait almost four years for my first quadruple, but sometimes I can’t control how soon I get booked for certain scenes.

Violet Monroe: I think for me, it was both! I’ve done so many crazy anal scenes at this point in my career I think people expect it of me, and they know I’m always trying to push the envelope a little. I also love to challenge myself, after I did triple anal I realized it was actually easier than double anal (maybe because of the shape of it?) and so I thought, why not try quadruple and see if my body can handle it?

Double Anal Harlots from Evil Angel
Double Anal Lovers from Legal Porno

Obvious question: how do you prepare?

CS: Everyone prepares differently, so what I do may not work for everyone. Personally I just take psyllium husk fiber (it’s basically Metamucil) mixed with water or juice every morning for three-four days before the scene. This makes me more “regular” and it’s infinitely easier to clean out in the morning. If I’m doing a lot of anal in general I just take it every day. I give myself enemas with a 200cc plastic syringe (recommended to me by anal queens Natalie Mars and Lydia Black), because it’s much faster and easier than using tiny Fleet enemas over and over again. I just keep rinsing until the water runs clear, and if I know I’ll have to wait on set a few hours before the scene starts, I just take an Imodium in the morning. I try not to take too many because then I won’t shit for several days after and that’s no good. Also, I normally don’t do any stretching with toys; I don’t find it necessary and for me it’s a waste of energy before the scene. Real cocks feel much better in my ass anyway, so right before the scene begins I just take a couple minutes to warm up with one of the guys. For me, stretching is far more mental than physical. If my mind is relaxed, and especially if I’m horny, my asshole will just open up.

VM: Well, I had done a couple of double-anal scenes that week already, so that definitely helped! But typically I use glass or metal toys because there’s no friction and it’s so much more comfortable to slowly stretch that way! If you prepare with the wrong toys then you can make yourself swollen or sore before you actually even attempt to do the anal scene, which can make it much more difficult, or even not doable. That’s why it’s so important to go slowly, start with smaller toys, and size up over a couple or even a few days. Go slowly, and use glass or metal toys because they won’t irritate you nearly as easily as a silicone toy would.

How did the first time feel? And who was it with? For what company? Were you nervous?

CS: The only times I’ve done triple anal (and I just did my first quadruple a few days ago) was for Legal Porno, directed by Giorgio Grandi. I don’t really trust any other companies or crew of guys because of all the coordination involved. And I’ve worked with generally the same crew of men for Legal Porno in so many scenes that I feel really comfortable with all of them and they know my limits. I was a bit nervous for my first triple because I wasn’t sure if I could do it or if it would be painful, but now I am much more confident in myself and my abilities, and I love doing these types of scenes as often as I can.

VM: Well I had done triple anal for kink, EverythingButt.com, and then quadruple—but both times with toys—so I had control and my partners in the scenes were very awesome and careful when helping me get the toys in, which is very important! I actually didn’t plan on it. I mean of course I stretched out at home prior to it, but I just went to set those days thinking, “Let’s see what I can do,” and being on such a comfortable, relaxed set definitely helped! Then I did it for Legal Porno.com with real dicks, which I was definitely nervous for, but thankfully the guys knew what they were doing and it went great!

How often have you done it since?

CS: I’ve done triple just a few times, and quadruple once. But I really would love to do it more!

VM: Just those few times 🙂 I’ve done double anal a lot more, though.

Do you do it in your personal life?

CS: I’ve never even done a DP in my personal life other than using toys on myself, so I definitely haven’t done double/triple/quadruple at home. It sounds a bit prudish, but I prefer to fuck just one person at a time and my desire for multiple partners gets satiated enough since I work all the time. I don’t need to pursue it outside of work. I have the best job in the world.

VM: I have yes, but it’s not something I do regularly as it does take a lot of practice beforehand!

Are there any specific dick shapes or body shapes on the dudes that work best for triple or quadruple anal?

CS: Uncircumcised dicks are the best all around for anal. Also, the guys have to be completely hard, otherwise the dicks just flop out. The guy anchoring on the bottom has to be especially strong and can’t lose his erection. And the longer the dicks are, the easier it is to get them all in my ass. Body shape is not so important in my opinion.

VM: I think it really depends on your body; everyone is different. For me, long and average width works best when doing multiple.

Is quad anal always three dudes and a dildo? Is it ever four dudes?

CS: I’ve only ever seen quadruple anal done with three dudes and a dildo, because people unfortunately have lots of legs and arms that get in the way. Even if the fourth guy had a two-foot-long cock that could fit, you still couldn’t see the penetration because his body would be in the way. A lot of porn viewers complain about this, but I guarantee they would be complaining more if they couldn’t see the penetration and they would just accuse people of faking it anyway.

VM: As of now I believe three guys and a dildo, just because it’s already very difficult to get three guys in the perfect position to make it work, and there’s not really anywhere else a guy could go and still fit in.

Can you describe how the orgasm feels?

CS: When I have an orgasm from anal it’s more of a full-body experience, versus just my vagina. Also, I think vaginal orgasms are more of a hindrance for me because afterwards I’m too sensitive to be touched for a while. With an anal orgasm I can just continue the action and it feels amazing.

VM: It’s very intense, at first my breath was taken away and you can’t move your body because of safety reasons of course, so it’s hard to have this insane, intense feeling but remember other than moaning you can’t really react like you normally would. You can’t move or even breath too heavily because you’ll either push the guys out, or you could potentially injure yourself if you make any sudden movements.

Can you describe how the penetration feels?

CS: The more cocks you have in your ass, the more shallow the penetration is since the guys have less distance to work with, but for me that’s fine because I much prefer girth over deep penetration. And I love opening my ass as wide as it can possibly go. It feels wonderful when the cocks in my ass are moving in and out at different intervals, so I get varied sensations all around and inside my rectum. Once you have two cocks in your ass it’s more difficult to enjoy just one, at least in my experience.

VM: It just feels like you’re really, really filled up. Also it’s pushing so intensely against the other side of your vaginal wall; it’s an insane orgasm.

Do you think that only a certain type of girl or anatomy is able to handle triple or quadruple anal, or do you think that anyone can get to that level with practice?

CS: It’s really hard for me to give a thoughtful answer to this one because I’ve always been able to put a lot of things in my ass. I don’t know if it has more to do with my anatomy or my rectal elasticity, or if I just have such an open mind and calm attitude about it that it makes it easier for me. I don’t like having big cocks in my pussy at all, but many people are quite the opposite. Maybe it’s a mixture of mind/body, but I certainly think there is a fair bit of practice involved too. Maybe you don’t have to stretch so much before every triple/quadruple anal scene, but I think your body retains a certain amount of “muscle memory” and remembers the capacity of your ass, so it’s easier to get to that level after you’ve already done it before. I don’t know if that makes sense or if I’m just talking out of my ass. I would like to compare it to how if you learn how to ride a bike, then you always know how to ride a bike as if it were your instinct, even if you don’t sit on one for a long time. So it’s just like riding a bike for your asshole, I guess.

VM: I think with enough practice most people could do it, but yes I’m sure in some situations depending on a person’s body it may not be possible.

What is your aftercare routine after these scenes? How long before you can do anal again after a triple or quad scene?

CS: I have this special ointment made of oak tree bark from Czech Republic called Dubova Kura. I think it’s meant for hemorrhoids but it soothes the ass like nothing else I’ve ever found. Giorgio introduced me to it. After just a few hours my ass goes completely back to normal no matter how swollen it is. I can normally do anal again the next day (or later the same day if I’m in the mood), but I like to give myself a rest day in between extreme scenes just in case. I don’t get torn very often, but even if I do, it’s very small and I’m healed within a day or so. It’s nothing like when I tear my pussy and can’t work for a week.

VM: I usually soak in an Epsom salt and coconut oil bath. Both Epsom salt and coconut oil are good for any swelling, and helps with any soreness or discomfort. Normally I would take at least three days off after something like that, but honestly my body snapped back pretty quickly I was hardly sore the following day even. When you prepare carefully beforehand it really helps!

Violet Monroe in the bath

What do you eat before or after?

CS: I eat a lot of carbs and dairy in general, but especially the day before a scene. I usually eat pizza or pasta. A little bit of protein from meat is good, but too much is hard for me to digest. My only strict rule is absolutely no fucking salads or too many leafy greens. I hate salad anyway, but there’s no despair quite like rinsing your ass for hours the morning of a scene because pieces of lettuce won’t stop coming out. It’s horrifying. And a lot of people I know love chia seed pudding before anal because of the fiber content, but I don’t eat it anymore because it gives me an endless hell of chia seeds coming from my ass. A lot of this stuff you can only find out from trial and error and experimentation with yourself. It’s really tricky because everyone’s body is different and some people are better at digesting certain foods than others. After scenes I usually crave steak—the bloodier the better.

VM: I eat bland foods that I know won’t upset my stomach: breads, or rice, things you’d eat if you had an upset stomach basically. And after I usually reward myself with eating whatever I want since I ate super bland foods prior to that.

Violet Monroe in Double Anal Lovers from Legal Porno

Is the work day any longer for these type of scenes compared to a typical threesome?

CS: Thankfully these scenes are much faster than typical porn with dialogue. I love gonzo because we just get to the point. Fuck my ass and we can all go home after. At Legal Porno everyone is so efficient. The only thing that makes scenes take too long is pissing, since everyone needs to take frequent breaks to chug water. But I’ve never done a triple or quadruple anal scene that also had pissing. As much as I love piss, I prefer it that way because it’s the most practical and least complicated. If there are too many breaks in a scene, my ass starts to close up and get swollen from not having enough cock in it, and then it hurts and I’m more likely to get torn. And your ass can only stay clean for so many hours before your digestion starts moving again.

VM: It depends on the company. For Kink no it was not, but for Legal Porno it was quite a bit longer, but I think that’s just because they shoot longer scenes in general.

Were there any of those triple or quadruple anal scenes that stood out as a favorite?

CS: This last scene I just shot a few days ago for Legal Porno (my first quadruple anal) definitely sticks out in my mind because I had so much fun. Holy shit, I couldn’t stop smiling, and I was begging the guys to punch my body while they were fucking my ass because it felt so perfect. Every time I got punched I could feel my asshole loosening up, my pussy got wetter (even though we weren’t using that hole at all) and I felt tingles throughout my entire body. I was so horny I felt like I was on another planet and I didn’t want the scene to end. Whenever it comes out I’m buying it and jerking off to it immediately!

VM: All of them! I’ve only done a few and they have definitely been highlights of my career for sure!

As you can see, there’s not a doubt in these performer’s perfectly filthy minds that this is what they want to be doing and want you to be watching and jerking it to. Truthfully, I myself am not the biggest fan of watching triple or quadruple anal scenes, but I am a big fan of watching performers loving every minute of the scenes they’re performing in. I love seeing intensity and passion. I love seeing a performer’s true spirit come out! After receiving such enthusiastic answers to my queries from both Charlotte and Violet, how could I not want to see all of their orgasmic overloads from this still-quite-taboo sex act?! I’m here for it, and I’m ready to witness all the wetness, all the dicks, all the gapes, and all the wild anal stuffing these two TAP/QAP Queens are known for!

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