Angela White REALLY Loves Women!

We’ve had the pleasure of interviewing two-time AVN Performer of the Year Angela White a couple times in the past: once about her directorial career, and last year about her Evil Angel showcase, I Am Angela. Each and every time we speak to Angela, her sophisticated approach to her career serves as a welcome example of a woman not only exploring—but capitalizing on her limitless sexuality in a really powerful way. With the latest release of Angela Loves Women 5, Angela discussed with us her passion for women, transwomen, and the creative process behind her scenes. Catch up with Angela White below!

Angela Loves Women 5

It’s been almost a year since we last interviewed you; what’s new?

Thank you so much for taking the time to speak with me. Since we spoke last I’ve been extremely busy shooting. This year has been a wonderfully productive time for me. I’ve been involved in some incredible projects that have challenged me to grow as a performer and a person. I was fortunate to be cast as the lead in two major feature films in Bree Mill‘s Perspective and Kayden KrossDrive which allowed me to show my range as an actor. I did my biggest showcase ever with Jules Jordan in Angela White: Dark Side, and starred and directed in my own all-girl showcase, Angela Loves Women 5.

HotMovies fans love lesbian porn more than pretty much anything else; what do you think Angela Loves Women 5 brings to the table that will get them going?

The Angela Loves Women line has always been extremely fun to direct and produce and has always resonated really well with my fans. In fact, with five installments, it’s the longest running series out of the movies I produce for my company, AGW Entertainment. I think my Angela Loves Women movies have always delivered great production values and passionate, raw lesbian sex, and with Angela Loves Women 5 the objective was deliver these qualities on a whole new level. It’s a beautifully cinematic release that features four incredibly intimate and passionate scenes.

What do you love about women?

Everything! Of course, I love their bodies. But what I love more is the sensuality of women: connection, closeness, emotionality, tenderness, love. These qualities aren’t unique to women, but women tend to express those deep emotions easier than men. I love when I can also find that deep connection with men, but there are cultural constraints and gendered biases that can hold men back from expressing themselves like that.

Your scenes with Alina Lopez and Ana Foxxx were so sensual and romantic, and then when it came time to fuck Autumn Falls you just jumped on her and ate her alive. What makes you sooo hungry for Autumn Falls?

I have a unique and special connection with all of these women. With Autumn, our connection is expressed in a fervent hunger for each other. When I direct my movies I always focus on letting the energy on set that day dictate the type of scene that is captured. Each scene in Angela Loves Women 5 has a different feel and energy, and all of this was the result of the unique chemistry I have with each woman.

Angela White & Autumn Falls in Angela Loves Women 5
Angela White & Autumn Falls in Angela Loves Women 5

It looked like you and Alina Lopez had a ton of fun making out on the beach and getting knocked around by the waves. How do you conceive of your tease scenes?

We had so much fun shooting on the beach that day. I grew up on the beach so I feel at home when I am in the ocean. It was lovely to share those tender moments with Alina at a place where I feel so at peace. When conceiving the teases for Angela Loves Women 5, I knew I wanted to communicate the joys and care-free nature of afternoons in late summer in Los Angeles. For that purpose, all teases were shot during the afternoon golden hours at locations my team and I had scouted and short-listed in the lead up to production. We got extremely lucky on the day Alina and I shot at Malibu, as there was a wonderful breeze and sea mist that added movement and texture to the tease.

Speaking of your teases, who did the music? What went into the selection of each song for each scene?

The music was selected by myself and my editor. We chose music that we felt not only matched the energy of the scene, but also enhanced the warmth and intimacy of the connection between myself and Alina, Anna, Autumn, and Natalie Mars. Music has always been extremely important to me; it can make the difference between a good scene and a great scene. I always strive to communicate the emotional connection between performers in my movies, and then conjure similar emotions in my audience — I feel that is at the core of good filmmaking, and music plays an extremely important role in this.

You’ve worked with Ana Foxxx a few times in the past; what do you love about Ana? How has each time you’ve filmed with her been different?

Yes, I’ve been fortunate to work with Ana a number of times for a number of studios. Apart from Ana’s obvious beauty, I love her smile, her joy, the positivity she brings to a scene and the screen. When you watch any scene with Ana, you can’t help but feel her excitement. That’s what makes her such a great performer.

Angela White & Ana Foxxx

I loved your scene with Natalie! I feel like everyone’s been trying to shoot with her this year, what was it like to finally get your hands on her?

I feel really fortunate to have gotten the opportunity to shoot with Natalie for Angela Loves Women 5. She is an absolutely beautiful woman and a fantastic performer. Natalie isn’t based in Los Angeles and like me has an extremely busy schedule, so when it became clear that we were going to be able to align our calendars and make this scene a reality I was over the moon. I knew it was going to be a wonderful scene based on the passion and energy I’d seen her bring with other performers. But I wasn’t expecting to develop a loving friendship with her. She is so amazing, and we hung out after our scene was over, snuggling and talking. In fact, I have seen her at a number of events since our scene and every time we just end up cuddling and talking. She’s wonderful.

It’s been so heartening to see transwomen included as women in porn recently. You’ve shot a few trans scenes since I Am Angela; what has the response from your fans been?

Since my first scene with Chanel Santini last year for I Am Angela, I have been lucky enough to shoot with Aubrey Kate for Jonni Darkko’s Trans Glam, Natalie, and most recently Aubrey for a second time in Kayden Kross’ feature Drive. The response from my fans has been absolutely fantastic. I’m so fortunate to have such positive followers.

Angela White & Aubrey Kate in Trans Glam

Have you ever had a relationship with another woman in your personal life?

Yes, I have dated a number of women in my personal life, but I always keep the details of my intimate relationships private.

We recently asked Kayden Kross this question and I’d love to get your answer to: what do you think makes a great porn star?

Having immense passion, a high sex drive, and a love for sex is a great start. But what I think is even more important is having the the ability to connect to any person, even a stranger, on a deep emotional level, and the courage to be vulnerable.

Any final words for your fans at HotMovies?

Thank you so much to all of my incredible fans at HotMovies. I appreciate all of your support and I hope you continue to enjoy my movies for years to come.

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