6 Top-Rated Virginity Movies from Pure Taboo

Pure Taboo released Biography Of A Virgin exclusively on HotMovies.com and we realized they’ve created a lot of virgin-themed movies over there. It makes sense too. Virginity can play into the taboo theme very nicely as it lends itself to tales of control and manipulation. I decided to take a closer look and below are the six top-rated Pure Taboo virgin movies, rated by you. Let’s dive in…

1 – Daddy Diddler

Pure Taboo Virgin Top List HotMovies.com

Ashley Adams wants stepdad Steve Holmes to check her womanhood while mom is gone, and you already know he can’t turn that offer down. This one takes a disturbingly sexy turn as Steve sticks a few fingers inside her pussy and realizes she’s been fucking her boyfriend. PSA: you can’t tell if a woman is a virgin by fingering her or checking her hymen (looking at you TI and followers), so please don’t embarrass yourself in front of people talking that bullshit.

2 – The Allowance

Pure Taboo Virgin Top List HotMovies.com

Mick Blue hires Cadey Mercury to babysit his kid, and initially it seems pretty straightforward. The baby is sleeping, so basically just don’t wake the little shit up and keep an eye on the house. Should be easy money, but when she catches Mr. Blue tugging on his favorite member, she decides she wants to work for it.

3 – Daddy’s Girls

Pure Taboo Virgin Top List HotMovies.com

When stepdad brings a random chick home claiming her as his charity project, you can’t ignore the red flags man. Alison Rey is having none of Karlee Grey and Ryan McLane sneaking around while her mom is away, until she totally is! She starts out trying to catch them in the act but eventually ends up joining them. Talk about inappropriate!

4 – Doctor’s Orders

Pure Taboo Virgin Top List HotMovies.com

Elena Koshka is ready to take the next step with her boyfriend, so like any responsible young woman, she goes for a doctor visit. Her main concern with losing her virginity is the risk of pregnancy, so she wants to discuss going on the pill. Donnie Rock plays her doctor and a real fuckboy. He takes this opportunity to show this young naive teen patient what sex really is and she might be changing her mind after he flips and tosses her in and out of various positions.

5 – Mail Order

Pure Taboo Virgin Top List HotMovies.com

I remember watching the second clip of this movie like it was yesterday. Chloe Cherry plays a blind teenage virgin and Ricky Johnson pretends to be her doctor when she catches him sneaking around her house. Chloe does a wonderful job playing a blind character and Ricky does great staying in character as a creep. It’s written all over his face while he’s fucking her that he knows he shouldn’t be. But knowing you shouldn’t do something rarely stops any of us, and Ricky is no different. It’s a super-sexy clip that will have you in your feelings afterwards.

6 – The Anal Virgin

Pure Taboo Virgin Top List HotMovies.com

Kendra Spade is an anal virgin, but she’s about to give it up to her stepbrother, played by the amazing Small Hands. When she wakes up to the sound of dude masturbating she can’t get the image out of her head, and once the thought of him taking her asshole for the first time takes over, it’s a wrap. She waits for him to come home from school, and when he does, he quickly realizes she doesn’t just want to talk about catching him.

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