Fuck Thanksgiving: Top 10 Kitchen XXX Clips on HotMovies

Kitchen XXX videos are a peculiar thing: there are more germs and bacteria growing in your kitchen than there are on your toilet seat, your yoga mat, or the shaft of your cock! Kitchens are also typically associated with the family unit. This Thanksgiving, millions of on-edge Americans will travel home to their own personal dysfunction junctions for the most important meal of the year, merely to tip-toe around such hot topics as politics, politics, and Keanu Reeves. So why does kitchen sex turn us on in spite of these facts (or because of them)? Controversial opinion: Thanksgiving truly is the filthiest holiday of them all. Pristine counters are smeared, dishes are dirtied, freshly-mopped floors are stained, and faces are shot full of cum. In honor of the Thanksgiving holiday, here are HotMovies top ten favorite kitchen sex clips for your viewing pleasure! Let’s get filthy, turkeys!


No. One – Angela White & Codey Steele in
Perspective, Clip 1 from Adult Time

Cody Steele heats up some cunnilingus between Angela White’s spread legs on the kitchen counter, in this intense and ground-breaking film from director Bree Mills. It’s easily one of the best films of 2019 but Angela and Codey’s kitchen sex scene is one of the many highlights. Read our Authentic Lesbian‘s review for Perspective RIGHT HERE!


No. Two – Lauren Phillips & Rion King in
Ginger Patch 5, Clip 4 from Crave Media

Lauren Phillips and her gorgeous, rubescent red locks are in the middle of cleaning her kitchen when her son’s best friend, Rion Johnson, stops by. Lauren’s buns are squeezed into a pair of shorts as she bends over to bombard some dust and mildew in bleach. She discovers her son’s pervy pal has been snapping shots of her beautiful ass. Vengeance is a clogged kitchen sink as she gets him in a tight-squeeze with his pants down. Lauren teaches him a lesson that creep will never forget as she gives him some slow, long strokes in a POV handjob and blowjob while he struggles beneath that pesky sink. That’ll teach ’em!


No. Three – Lexi Lore & Eric John in
My Stepdad Came in Me, Clip 4 from FamilyHookups.com

Eric John works seven days a week to pay Lexi Love’s phone bill. Unfortunately, his stepdaughter is an ungrateful brat, and his wife is nowhere to be found to administer discipline. Dirty little Lexi’s been downloading porn videos on her phone! He also finds pictures of sex toys and piercings. Lexi notices a bulge swelling behind her stepfather’s slacks. Instead of cancelling her phone, Eric John inseminates Lexi Lore right on the kitchen counter. Eric busts his ass for his family, so why not bust his nut in his stepdaughter? Someone around here has to be the disciplinarian. Traditional family values are long gone. Get over it!


No. Four – Chanell Heart & Logan Long in
Amateur Ebony Beauties 10, Clip 5 from Reality Kings

Chanell Heart steps into her kitchen confined behind a tight dress that is driving her boyfriend Logan Long wild. Chanell puts away the groceries while Logan films her bouncing butt dying to be unleashed from that dress. He talks her into pulling out not one titty, but a pair of titties! Soon the milk starts to spoil and the ice cream melts on the counter while Chanell gives Logan a wet, POV blowjob on her knees right in the middle of the kitchen!


No. Five – Anastasia Rose & Freddie Cee in
Home For Thanksgiving, Clip 2 from Taboo Passions

This one is really overtly kinky. Freddy Cee takes his stepsister Anastasia Rose by the hips and fucks her doggystyle in the kitchen while Mom busies herself in the background with Thanksgiving duties. Can’t she see them? Maybe Mom just doesn’t like to rock the boat, but Freddie’s balls rock against Anastasia’s ass. This is one open family, as wide-open as a black hole apparently, but Anastasia has a beautiful smile while she gets fucked by her rude stepbrother.


No. Six – Jaye Summers & Vienna Black with Charles Dera & Donnie Rock in
My Husband Convinced Me, Clip 2 from Purgatory X

What starts as an impulsive dare for his beautiful wife, Jaye Summers, to engage in some adult party games, leads to an orgy in the kitchen and a double-handjob finish on the counter with Vienna Black and Donnie Rock. Hotwives Jaye and Vienna are two talented performers, and they have a lot of fun with Charles Dera and Donnie Rock on the squeaky-clean counter, but we do see some dishes waiting in that sink. The extra-marital sex games the couples engage in are incredibly hot, and my personal favorite scene of our kitchen sex top list!


No. Seven – Khloe Kay & Dante Colle in
My TS Stepsister 3, Clip 3 from TransSensual

If The Brady Bunch has taught us anything, it’s that mixed families can take some time to feel comfortable with each other, and sometimes it gets really awkward. However, Catholic girl Khloe Kay is instantly attracted to her studly stepbrother, played by Dante Colle. She catches him making dinner in the kitchen, and they find they’ve both been left home alone by their parents. You know were this is going, but Khloe Kay and Dante Colle are two of the hardest working models in the industry, and all of their scenes pop. Needless to say, Khloe and Dante screw all over the kitchen right after dinner, leaving plenty of dirty dishes waiting for their clueless parents when they get home!


No. Eight – Mariska X & Jimmy Rock in
The Cute Tiny Nanny, Clip 1 from Colmax

Mary Poppins has nothing on Mariska X! Jimmy Rock is looking dapper in some formal wear when he walks in on his hot nanny in the kitchen. Mariska’s beautiful breasts pop out, and he’s quickly and surreptitiously pounding her still fully-clothed against the kitchen sink. Jimmy’s wife is bound to walk in on these two at any second, so it’s a race against time for Jimmy to get his rocks off as his thick cock comes inside Mariska X’s wide open-mouth!


No. Nine – Belle Claire & Sade Rose in
The Pleasure of Black Women, Clip 2 from SexArt

Sadie Rose and Belle Claire are two beautiful chamber maids who can no longer repress their physical desires for one another. Finally, in a chance encounter in the kitchen, these two elegant women finger and eat other until each woman experiences a shattering orgasm in front of the kitchen faucet. Their sex scene is like a beautiful, slow explosion of limbs and wet lips that’s bound to wet your appetite in this stunning lesbian clip.


No. Ten – Zazie Skymm, Sabrisse & Tiffany Tatum in
A Girl Knows 27, Clip 1 from LetsDoeIt

Let’s end on a lesbian threesome that leaves this poor kitchen soaking wet, from the award winning A Girl Knows series. Zazie, Tiffany, and Sabrisse aren’t interested in cooking as much as they are into eating… and engaging in some acrobatic cunnilingus!


BONUS – Amber Rose & LuLu in Juicy Fuck, Clip 1 from Girls Out West

Pumpkin and pecan pie are great Thanksgiving desserts, but a fresh bowl of fruit salad can get the fingers just as moist! When Lulu sucks the juices off of Amber Rose’s fingers it really turns up the heat and these two girls get very hungry! Amber has a beautiful ass and great chemistry with LuLu, and what a pleasure it is to watch Amber Rose get eaten alive. Amateur lesbian sex is on the menu in this sexy kitchen clip that’s bound to leave a big, sexy mess!


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