Interviewing Lisey Sweet: Anal Squirting & Gangbang Logistics!

Smart, funny, beautiful, and unbelievably nasty, Lisey Sweet feels like she was created in a lab for the sole purpose of being everyone’s favorite porn star. Three years and some 200 scenes into her career, Lisey was gracious enough to sit down with Jeffton Banks for a one-on-one interview for the HotMovies Spotlight. The conversation covers a ton of ground as she discusses her academic background, growing up in the snowiest city in America, her love of coffee mugs, her rare joint condition, how to do quadruple anal, and more!

Lisey Sweet

Read on or watch the full interview on the HotMovies YouTube page for tips on how to squirt, how to take it up the butt, and find out about the collection that has Lisey and her husband at odds with each other!

JB: So for those of the HotMovies fans that aren’t familiar with your work yet, do you want to give yourself sort of a little intro?

LS: Well I’m somewhat new-ish to the industry. I guess I’m coming up on three years, so it’s entirely possible you haven’t come across my work yet. But I’m approaching 200 scenes. Most of my work tends to be pretty hardcore. Lots of anal. Lots of gangbangs. Things of that nature, BDSM stuff, but I do everything!

Very cool. And if anybody’s read interviews with you, it goes on and on, but you entered the industry at sort of a later age.

I did.

Okay, how old were you?

I was 27.

27. And before that… well do you want to tell a little bit about your educational background and your professional background?

Sure. That seems to be one of the most interesting parts of the interviews that I’ve done before. [giggles]

Everything about you is interesting.

Thank you. I have a degree in Molecular Cellular Biology, and was working on a Master’s for Immunology and Microbiology. I studied infectious diseases for seven years as a research scientist. And toward the end of my scientific career I was running a cellular imaging lab, as well as a really large infectious diseases and vaccination research lab. I have a major medicine publication, which is pretty cool!

Yeah. That’s cool. So you had said in other interviews that part of the reason you went into science was you were sort of bouncing around a little bit, and math first came super easy for you, where you were finishing before everybody else, and then the same with science. Have you always felt like sort of an outsider a little as far as that goes? Like intellect?

Somewhat. I want to say that in high school I did feel like an outsider because I had a hard time relating to my peers and other classmates. Even now I think I only talk to one person I went to high school with. And she’s also in the adult industry, which is really cool. But yeah, I had a hard time growing up really connecting with other people my age. I did pretty well in school, but I will admit that in high school I was probably a little on the lazy side. So I guess in college I expected things to come very easy to me, as far as education goes. I started out as a Sports, Arts, and Entertainment Management major at Point Park University… and this was because I had actually wanted to go to school for Musical Theater. But just thinking about being in New York City and living with like ten roommates and scraping by… and just the circles of people, wasn’t appealing to me. Although I loved performing, I did not want to live that lifestyle. So I thought this could be kind of cool. Maybe I could manage a theater or somewhat be immersed in it, right?


And as I was moving along, I was taking the kind of required core classes. And I was in a math class that was just kind of a basic math class. And the instructor said, “You shouldn’t be in this level of class. You should be in a higher level class. Why don’t I see if I can bump you up into one of the higher levels. You’d probably benefit more from it.” And so I was like, “Okay.” And eventually I started to really enjoy the math and I was doing really well with it. So I said, “Okay. Let’s be a high school math teacher.” [giggles] I switched my major to Mathematics, Secondary Education. And I finished all but one of the classes that were required. And I was getting ready to student teach. I went into the summer and took like four classes over the summer… I remember one of them was Calculus 3. And then that fall I was supposed to be student teaching. And I started to be like, “I don’t want to do this.” Freaking out. All the while I was doing science classes. I had to take biology. I really enjoyed it, and excelled at it as well. That’s when I sort of decided to start taking science classes, and delaying that [the math teaching], and switching my major to science. And taking like 21, 23 credits per semester. I only went one extra semester, believe it or not. [laughs] So I graduated with a degree in Molecular Cellular Biology.

So there’s one very famous example of, in the adult industry, somebody being publicly… smart? [laughs] And that’s Asia Carrera. There was always that preface that she was a Mensa member. Have you ever thought about doing that yourself?

Oh I don’t think I’m smart enough for that. [laughs]

Why not?

I’m just… I’m good at critical thinking. And I can learn things easily. But, I don’t know. I would say I’m an intelligent person, but it seems kind of like a little gold star. [giggles] To be part of that. I don’t know.

Okay, tell me a little bit about… well, I know you have a very vibrant sex life outside of adult…

I do.

Lisey Sweet from Buttman

So in adult you do a lot of anal, a lot of Evil Angel titles, Perv City. You’re into gangbangs. You’re into anal. What is it that you haven’t done yet that you would like to do in adult?

That’s difficult. I know that quadruple anal has been done before, so that would be of interest to me. The way that you do that is triple anal, and then you use a fuck machine to do the fourth.

So you don’t just like, tip a guy over…

Triple anal, as it is, is really really really difficult for people to coordinate. Really easy for me, except that I have to be held in kind of like a half-nelson… which is kind of uncomfortable for the guys to be able to be balancing to do it. But I would say it’s more difficult for the guys to do it, because all I have to do is have a hole that’s big enough, that’ll stretch big enough. It’s the guys who have to figure out who goes where. And you have to have the right kind of furniture, too. [giggles] It’s harder than it looks!

I believe it. You like gangbangs. Have you ever thought about trying to recreate something like the Houston 500 [a record-setting gangbang film, and we have the follow-up Houston 620] or whatever? Would that be something you would think about? Like the super, mega gangbangs?

I have considered that. I will tell you… this is a little bit of behind-the-scenes, unsexy as it may be… but gangbangs are really difficult to coordinate. For my birthday gangbang that I filmed recently and put it up for free on Pornhub. I wanted to have as many people as I could. The only stipulation was that they had to be willing to sign a model release, because you need to have the required paperwork to publish somebody in explicit content, and that they also had to be tested. So I don’t know if that was the barrier… where people didn’t want to spend $165 to get tested? I don’t know, I can’t remember if those big gangbangs have people that are untested or if they use condoms. I can’t remember, exactly.

Yeah. I couldn’t say.

But that is of interest to me. I think that the thing that I need to have is a network of people that do things like that regularly. So here in L.A. I can reach out to adult talent, but they expect to be paid for their work. And when I was in Atlanta there were actually a lot of swinging groups and people that liked to do gangbangs. So it would actually be a lot more feasible to do it in Atlanta, potentially. I also know that there’s some groups in other countries like Barcelona [Spain] and Japan where they potentially do that. I’m just guessing. I don’t know for sure. Yeah, so it’s really important to have a network of people who can all agree to do that. Because when you put it out there, there’s a lot of guys that are like, “Oh! I get to bang a porn star. That’s really cool!” And then when push comes to shove they start to freak out about it, or they’re not sure if their wife will see them. It’s a little scary. They don’t know if they’ll be able to get hard in front of like 50 other guys. It’s not easy to perform, so I think that sometimes scares people a little bit. So in my call for my gangbang, to get as many people as I could, I got six.


Yeah. So I really heavily advertised, although I wasn’t paying people.

You are payment enough, right?

Yes. The payment was that you get to have sex with me. [laughs]

That’s a pretty good reward! Do you find that in your personal life off-camera the fact that you’re a porn star, and a well-known one at that, intimidates people?


Is that a benefit in life outside of the camera?

Generally I don’t tell people I meet up with because it does scare them and sometimes performance anxiety is a detriment in my experience and to their experience. And sometimes when I’m talking to someone and I tell them I’m a porn star they don’t believe it; they don’t think that I’m real. So… [laughs] generally I keep it to myself.

Lisey Sweet

So you’re like a phantom catfish.

Yeah. Exactly. So I mean, like, if it’s an online thing… like if my picture is used a lot of people think that it’s not real.

Right. That makes sense.

A too good to be true kind of thing.

You are too good to be true.

[laughs] Tell that to my husband!

I’m sure he knows it. I’m sure he knows it. So in adult you’ve worked with several studios like. You said you have over 200 scenes now…

I think I’m approaching 200.

Oh, okay. Almost 200. Are there any studios you haven’t worked with that you would like to?

Yup! I would really really love to work for Digital Playground. I was an extra for them once. And you know, Brazzers hasn’t shot me, officially. I’ve shot for every other company under their little umbrella. And I frequently work for their new company, Why Not Bi. So I would love to work for Brazzers and I think that I would like to work for Bang Bros as well. I feel like my image and the stuff that I do is very much in line with what they do. So that would be exciting to work for them.

Yeah. I think that’d be a really natural fit. One place that I was thinking you would fit perfectly… and I was reading you mentioned something about this in interviews… so I have to ask. You can be as diplomatic as you want.


Do you know where this is going?

Ummm… possibly. Yes. I have an idea.

Why won’t Greg Lansky shoot you?

Apparently, somebody told me that he said he would not shoot me. So I can speculate all day what that reason is, and I have some speculations. But at the end of the day I’m still working for a lot of companies and they appreciate me. They like my work. It’s getting recognized. Gang Bang Me 4 from Hard X… they just won the best gonzo title for the NightMoves Awards.


Thank you. I’m excited about that! So we’re doing really good work. So just because I’m not a part of that doesn’t make me any less valuable.

No! Not at all.


You’ve been nominated. You were nominated for Best Newcomer [by AVN] also, right?

I was. Hottest Newcomer. And also for XRCO Super Slut.

Lisey Sweet for Jonni Darkko

Do we have any award goals moving forward?

You know, nomination season is here. And I’m scrambling to figure out my outfits. [giggles] Because that’s always what’s a big deal for me is outfits. I would love to be nominated and win awards because that recognition is validating, right? But at the end of the day if you’re still working, and you don’t get nominated for anything, then [raises her hands up as if to say, “Where’s the problem?”]. At the end of the day this is my job. Income is more important than awards on my shelf. There’s a lot of people I know who’ve won a lot of awards, but they’re sitting at home trying to figure out how to make rent or whatever. So I’m just happy that I’m working a lot and the people that hire me are recognizing that I do a good job and that they like working with me and all of that.

Sounds good. So… I keep getting distracted by your nails.


So you wanna show them to the camera? [Lisey raises her hands and wiggles her fingers] So you’re really into having elaborate nails done, right?


And you do camming still?

I still do Skype shows on occasion, but I haven’t done camming in a few months. I’ve just been too busy for that. But potentially… maybe I’ll go back to it. We’ll see. I know there’s probably a lot of my camming regulars that miss me.

I’ll bet. But nails were sort of a prominent part of your cam routine if I’m not mistaken?

I would say that a lot of people appreciated them. And I have to say that I actually expected there to be a lot more nail fetish people out there than there are. So I do have a couple fans who are really diehard nail fetish people, but not as many as I anticipated. Obviously I have a slight nail fetish as well. I get very excited talking about them and getting to use them in my scenes and highlighting them. I know when I work for Kink a lot… especially when I work for James Mogul, every time I come in he’s like, “Oh my god! Those nails!” He’ll set up a lot of shots that really highlight my nails. So next time you watch a James Mogul scene try to notice that. But yeah. I love my nails. These ones in particular are a little more elaborate than my typical nails. They’re actually heavy.

I was going to say. They look like maybe a pound, combined.

That’s one thing I didn’t anticipate when I got these cool gems, was that they would actually have a weight to them. I think I probably have an idea for my next three sets already. And for AVN my nails are going to be real bitchin’.

Is it a surprise or…?

It’s a surprise. Because I don’t want to over promise. It’d be something that my nail girl has never tried before, so it would be something pretty unique that people have never seen before.

Oooh. Hopefully we get to find out.

Fingers crossed that it’ll work out, but we’ll see.

I have faith.


Lisey Sweet

What other fetishes do you have?

Personally I have a bit of a medical fetish. I like instrumentation, machines, the gloves. The deliberateness of examining somebody. And of course all of the cute outfits that go with it. One of my favorite outfits is a latex nurse outfit that I have. And I don’t want to wear outfits too many times, but that one sits in my closet, and I’m like, “Aww. I love it so much.” And I do really love latex. I wouldn’t say that I have a latex fetish, but I love the look of latex, how fetish-y it is, I guess. I do love my feet to be worshipped. I don’t know, I guess that’s probably most of it. My bulleted point fetishes that I have.

Sounds good. And in other interviews you mention that you’re super flexible, because you have a joint condition.

I do.

I couldn’t find in any of the interviews where you actually discussed it further than that. Do you want to educate people about maybe what it is? The benefits? Maybe some of the drawbacks?

Yeah. Well I haven’t officially been diagnosed, but unofficially diagnosed… because it is very difficult to diagnose. It’s a condition called Ehlers-Danlos syndrome. And it’s genetic. My cousin has it as well. And basically it’s just a mutation in your genes that make collagen. So all of your connective tissues have collagen in them. And if you’re unlucky enough to have one of the types that affects your connective tissue for your vital organs it can be very detrimental to you. But luckily I have the kind that makes me super flexible.

Your superpower.

Superpower, right?! [giggles] So all of my joints can kind of slip in and out of their sockets. [she begins bending her fingers in unusual ways as demonstration] They’re very flexible. I can put my legs behind my head. So in the context of doing porn, I can do a lot of things that other people can’t do. One thing that I can do is I can give a footjob and a blowjob at the same time. The drawbacks are that sometimes when I do things like that, it’s easier to injure my joints. So right now I’ve got labral tears that I just have to deal with. And exercise is really difficult for me. Even though for me to avoid having chronic pain I have to exercise as much as possible. I go to physical therapy twice a week. So I can’t do things like… I can’t do regular exercises, because I will dislocate my knee or dislocate my shoulder. Or things like that can be very difficult. I have modified exercises that I do, and I have to do them regularly. Otherwise, I will have chronic pain.

Oh, okay.

So sometimes I will get an injury and can’t work out for a period of time, which is agonizing. But you can start to tell that I’m starting to put on a little weight, and I’ll be like, “No! Everybody it’s an injury.” So that kind of sucks. Another drawback is that one of the symptoms is you have translucent skin. Although it doesn’t look like it. It looks like I have normal skin. But one of the things is that I bruise really easily. And you’ll see bruises on me constantly. If you tap me wrong or look at me wrong I’ll have a bruise on my butt for a month. And they get really bad. [giggles] Somebody was like, “Oh my god! Were you in a car accident?” And I’m like, “No. I fell onto a box.” I would say there’s probably more negative sides to it. But anytime you’re given something you have to make the best of it, and take advantage of the advantages.

Well it sounds like you take full advantage. So… your stage name. You had told me that it is because of Game of Thrones: as in Khaleesi.

Ummm… it is not because of Game of Thrones.

Oh, okay.

I just use it… sometimes people have a hard time pronouncing my name. So I like to give associations. So a lot of people know Khaleesi from Game of Thrones, so I say it’s Lisey like Khaleesi. But it’s actually a nickname my husband had for me since we got together like ten years ago. So I’ve always been Lisey. He just came up with it.

And the Sweet is because you’re sweet?

Yeah. I’ve got my coffee mug here [holds up and displays her mug]. It says “The Sweet Life.”

The Sweet Life. Nice. Available on your website?

Oh, no. I got this from one of those candy pop-ups in Santa Monica. And I just thought it looked like a mug that should be associated with me, so I bought it. I’m really into coffee mugs.

Lisey Sweet

You have a collection?

I kind of collect them, but every so often I have to go through and weed them. Because you only have so much cabinet space. So I hold onto the ones that have sentimental value. But I do really love coffee mugs. I love ceramic coffee mugs.

Do you have any other collections?

Shoes. [laughs] A lot of my fans buy me shoes quite often. And some of them can be quite outrageous. So I do sort of have a shoe collection in my house. And my husband is always, “We don’t have enough room for these shoes in the house! You have to start getting rid of some.” And I’m like, “Even though I can’t wear them I don’t want to get rid of them!” And if I see like a Steve Madden shoe store walking down the promenade, I’ll walk in and lose everything that I was thinking about. And I’m like [she begins pantomiming looking around in wonder] “Oh my god. Look at those boots! Oh my god. Those sandals!” [gasps] And I just get crazy.

So what kind of shoes are your favorite?

I do have a hard time wearing heels in general. But I would say from looks alone I love boots. They’re just so cute. Or the Louboutins; the really high-pitched ones. I can’t wear them for very long. [laughs]

Just a little too difficult, huh?

Yeah. I sort of have wide feet, so it starts to cramp the toenails a little bit. I try to stay to open-toed shoes for the most part.

Living in Southern California you have to, right?

Yeah. So it’s a non-problem. I’m not trudging through snow.

You grew up in the snow?

I did. I grew up just outside of Erie, Pennsylvania… which is about two hours north of Pittsburgh. And it’s the snowiest city in the United States. Last year they got like seven feet.


So I grew up with lots of snow and cold weather.

Sounds like you don’t miss it.

I don’t. As I became an adult, when I was living in Pittsburgh… any vacation that I took, I was like, “Let’s go to a sunny, tropical place.” Which is why I went to Key West so many times. And now it’s like a second home for me, kind of. We go there frequently. And I live over here close to the beach in Southern California. And so now my husband and I are talking for the first time ever like, “I think maybe I want to take a trip… like a winter wonderland.” And I never would have considered that before because when you take a vacation and you live in a wintry place, you go to a sunny tropical place! So now I guess we’ve lived here long enough to want to do some sort of ski lodge. And I’ll be able to get a lot of winter fashion. Winter fashion is my favorite kind of fashion.

Any idea of where you guys are going to go?

Not sure yet. I’m getting some advice from people. Getting pros and cons of different areas. My husband is the one… he really really likes to sit down and put together these little packages. I think he could be a travel agent on the side. So I just kind of let him do stuff. And once it kind of all comes together, he’s like, “Here’s all our options. What do you think?” So he’s the one that’s looking into it.

Sounds nice and easy.

Yeah. He loves that kind of stuff.

Lisey Sweet

Going back to porn for a little, you’ve been in the industry three years. Is there anybody you haven’t worked with yet that you’d really like to shoot with?

I would love to work with Johnny Sins. He is from Pittsburgh. I’ve met him a few times. He’s a very, very sweet guy. Him and Kissa have always kind have been… I’ve always really liked them, and their content, and just their attitude. So he’s someone I’d definitely like to work with. We were talking about this earlier, but I’d love to work with Aubrey Kate. She’s gorgeous.


And I love doing that kind of work. Who else? I don’t know… I’ve started to work with a lot of people. My list is shrinking. Oh. I want to work with Jason Luv. And for the longest time the top of my list was Dredd, but I just recently… we shot some content for his OnlyFans and my OnlyFans. We did an anal scene which was beautiful.

Hear that, people? Sign up for Lisey’s OnlyFans.

[laughs] It was really intense. And let me tell you, I took all of it, balls deep. Which impressed me because when I saw it for the first time… like, me being an anal queen, I was like, [begins fanning herself] “Phew. I don’t know about this!” And I went into it. I was actually kind of nervous. And it was funny. I didn’t come really prepared. I just didn’t bring any toys. I didn’t bring anything. I was just, like, “Whoa. Let’s do it!” And yeah. We just went for it. And it was really intense. And I loved every second of it. So I hope we get to do something again soon, whether it’s for our own sites, or it’s for… I guess he’s on contract with Jules Jordan, so if it’s for Jules Jordan. I’ve never done anything for Jules. Except for Manuel, Manuel’s Raw… which I guess is distributed by Jules Jordan.

It’s in the family.

It’s in the family.

Get on it, Jules! So as far as anal goes, I mean, you love it, obviously. What is it about it, for anybody that hasn’t tried it before? Like what is it you find satisfying about it? Can you elaborate on the difference in the way that it feels?

Yeah. Definitely. So the reason that I started doing anal was because one of my inspirations was Blake Rose. She’s a beautiful blonde bombshell. I just saw her taking giant black dick up the ass. And she’s this beautiful, innocent, really put-together girl. And so I just love that contrast of being like a super dirty anal slut and looking the way that she did. So a lot of people say that I look very innocent. And so I love that contrast. So mentally, I think as a whole picture, it’s really really hot. And when I first started doing anal I had a really hard time with it. Anybody that’s tried anal knows that it’s tough. But it is mind over matter. And if you could… what I did was imagining what it might look like, getting fucked in the ass like that? And that kind of made it easier. And as I went on I learned to not to have that kind of initial intensity pain, if you’re just sort of, “Yeah. I want this big dick in my ass.” It’s really, really enjoyable. And for me I can pretty much really only squirt from anal.


Once you allow yourself to succumb to the anal pleasures that are waiting for you, it is euphoria. Or euphoric, I guess I should say.

Well, it’s the state of euphoria.


When did you discover that you could squirt?

I had been trying to squirt for a really long time. That was something that was super hot to me. And I was like, man, I can do everything else. Mind over matter, right? Mind over matter. You just have to train yourself mentally. And I questioned whether it was something physiologically that you either could do or couldn’t do. And there’s a lot of people that claim that all girls can squirt. I don’t know if that’s true or not. I don’t know if there’s been enough studies on that. But eventually… I was actually playing with another male performer and my husband. They were taking turns fucking me, privately, in my bedroom. And the guy was pretty big, so I had a hard time taking him vaginally. I have a very tiny and tight pussy. So getting fucked like that can be pretty difficult for long periods of time. So I was like, “Okay, just throw it in the ass!” And so he was fucking me in the ass, and my husband was holding my Hitachi on my pussy, and I came so fucking hard. And I realized I squirted a little bit. I squirted a little bit and I was like, “No fucking way…” And once you kind of realize how the release is, I guess, you can sort of figure it out. And still after that it took a little bit of practicing and everything, so…

So is it like everybody says? That it almost feels like you have to pee before?

Not always. Usually for me it’s triggered by an orgasm. So I wouldn’t say that it feels like I have to pee. It just feels like I have to cum.

Any advice for people that want to learn how to squirt?

I would say just keep practicing. Set yourself up in the shower, because I think sometimes a lot of apprehension in peoples’ minds is making a big mess. So once you kind of just get past that… just get yourself set up in the shower. Start practicing. Use both holes. I don’t know… dig around in there? And make sure that you’re well hydrated. Because if you’re dehydrated you’re not going to produce any kind of fluids. And just let yourself go: mentally and physically. Allow yourself to experience as much pleasure as possible.

Sounds good. Very cool. Is there anything you’d like to talk about? Anything to add to your HotMovies fans?

I don’t know. I thought that this was a pretty good interview. We talked about a lot of little casual things that we don’t normally get to talk about in interviews. So that was really fun. And I think that it will give my fans a really nice way to learn more about me and feel like they know me. [giggles] I hope you enjoyed this interview. [Blows kiss, waves, and giggles]

Lisey Sweet

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