Transcendent: A HotMovies Review

Aiden Starr, Femdom Queen and director extraordinaire is back with the sexy and audacious Transcendent, an exclusive title on HotMovies! This bold, arousing vision from Aiden Starr features some incredible sexual chemistry and intense anal play featuring trans girl-on-girl such as the incredible Dana DeArmond with the lovely Natalie Mars! Some Dana DeArmond anal action should never be missed, and her chemistry with Natalie chars the screen. Natalie Mars swapping spit with Dana’s ass is sight to behold. You’ve watched the fiery and amazing Shiri Allwood fuck a watermelon, now don’t miss her take on the legendary cock of Sean Michaels! Fuckboy and ass wizard Pierce Paris is destroyed by the beautiful black magick of Melanie Brooks. And don’t miss the gorgeous Nenetl Avirl pounding Lianna Lawson with her tongue (along with some incredible toys). Let’s take a closer look at Transcendent from Aiden Starr and Evil Angel.


Scene One: Dana DeArmond with Natalie Mars

Dana DeArmond and Natalie Mars show off for the camera as Aiden pushes us closer to Dana squeezing Natalie’s juicy ass in those tight fishnets. Natalie takes Dana’s big, natural tit in her mouth and sucks searching for milk and the meaning of life. The heels on the stilettos of these two women could take out an eye. Poke me Momma, poke me. Natalie motorboats those big, juicy tits, leaving Dana’s nipples flushed with a delicious bardolphian hue. These two women are so eager to fuck…


Natalie spreads Dana’s ass cheeks and hustles that tongue deep inside Dana’s hole while Dana jiggles that sweet cake for the camera. Dana smashes Natalie with her ass, entangling her in those sequined fishnets hugging her hot ass. Natalie gasps for air and Dana asks, “You wanna fuck my ass?” Dana realizes how Natalie has fucked up her titties with that pretty mouth. Natalie lubes Dana’s precious hole and slips a finger or two inside as Dana’s sphincter clamps around her knuckles. Dana rides Natalie’s slippery fingers before Natalie grabs a toy and fucks her with it. Dana rubs that swelling vulva and moans, “I’m time traveling!” Natalie reaches for another dildo and dives back in. Dana pushes the toy back out and it bounces on the bed with the precision of a sharp-shooter. Now Dana french-kisses Natalie’s asshole, staring right into Aiden’s camera. Dana slips four fingers inside Natalie and then lubes her up, nearly emptying the bottle. The slick introitus of Natalie’s ass rides like an unlicensed waterpark ride. These women like a bit of a thrill. Dana dons a huge strap-on and pushes it into Natalie doggy-style. It slips out and Aiden zooms in while Natalie shoots lube out like water pistol. Natalie gapes beautifully, and Dana reinserts that monster cock. She pulls out again to let Natalie suck that dick. Dana grabs and lubes a clear dildo, burying it in Natalie. Anyone enjoying this scene is now a proctologist. Dana allows us to see every inch of Natalie. Dana lies back and spreads her legs so a grateful Natalie can eat her out. Dana fucks Natalie’s face with her cunt before Dana squirms as Natalie’s tongue wiggles up to her armpits. Finally, Dana grabs a huge fucking spiral dildo that Natalie bravely sits on. Natalie riding this monster toy will haunt your wet dreams in all the best ways. Natalie’s pussy swallows it over and over, and Dana’s eyes widen in awe as it’s a fucking sight to behold!


Scene Two – Shiri Allwood with Sean Michaels

Rufescent redhead Shiri Allwood taunts her own pierced nipples with her fingers while eagle-spread for Aiden’s gaze. The legend himself, Sean Michaels steps onscreen so Shiri can stroke his big cock beneath his slacks. Shiri can see those bulging veins beneath his pants and it sets her eyes on fire. Shiri needs to taste that gargantuan cock and she needs it now…


Shiri gobbles on Sean’s monster meal, opening her mouth as wide as she can. Shiri’s a fucking trooper but she still has trouble sustaining Sean’s girth in her throat and fiercely gags as she battles that dick. Sean commands her to stroke it and holds her head and face fucks her. Shiri gags again, causing Sean to slap her ass hard. Sean lies back on the bed to give her another attempt to lodge that fucker down her tiny throat, and her bright eyes just roll to the back of her head as she salivates. Shiri turns to her side to allow Sean to attempt to push his dickhead into her pussy for a quick taste test. She’s ready. She can take it. Sean shoves that prick in harder. Shiri gets on her knees to take the dick doggy-style. She pushes her ass back on that big prick, finally dominating it and calling it her own. She gets on her back to get fucked missionary. Aiden gives us an amazing closeup of Sean’s lengthy prick drilling Shiri’s ass. Shiri then sits on him to ride it and cums all over herself. Sean pulls out and strokes that massive dong over Shiri’s open mouth, and blows that famous Sean Michaels load all over those pretty lips.


Scene Three: Melanie Brooks with Pierce Paris

Melanie Brooks poses for Aiden in lacy red panties, her cock already swelling. What is she waiting for? Then, Pierce’s hand reaches into frame and squeezes her dick and gives her a few strokes with his hand. Pierce leans in to suckle her tit before he gets behind her to stroke her heat behind those panties a little more…


Melanie plucks Pierce’s stiff prick from his pants and swallows it. She gags on Pierce’s impressive girth before Pierce and Melanie slip into a tight 69 on the bed. Pierce clutches those stilettos and probes a finger deep into Melanie’s hole. “Get me ready for that big fucking cock,” she moans. Yes, Pierce, let’s all get ready for Melanie to get reamed. Pierce uses his tongue to loosen her ass up even more, and soon Melanie is lifting a heeled leg high in the air so Pierce can drill her ass and split her in half. Aiden zooms in on Pierce’s balls pounding against Melanie’s ass cheeks as she swallows almost every inch of his cock. That fun’s just starting. Did you know that Pierce Paris is a magician? Melanie Brooks plays his special assistant. Pierce pulls out his prick and gets on his knees as Melanie commands him to stuff his balls into his ass like a bunny in a top hat. Except this bunny gets fucked. Melanie sticks her cock into Pierce with his nuts lodged deep in his anal canal and plows him doggy-style twice as hard as he fucked her. Pierce struggles a bit with Melanie’s cock, and she gives no fucks and continues to strut in and out of his ass with her Magic Wand. Pierce’s balls pop out along with Melanie’s dick and these two ass sorcerers 69 again before they lean back on the bed and slowly stroke each off after a fuckjob well done. Pierce cums and shoots a load all over his trembling thigh before he reaches for Melanie’s tit as she pulls on her own prick and orgasms all over her own leg… like magick!


Scene Four – Lianna Lawson with Nenetl Avril

Aiden gazes over Nenetl Avril and Lianna Lawson as they pose and flaunt their beautiful asses for the eye of the camera and our viewing pleasure. Nenetl shimmies her ass in rubber crotchless leggings, leaving our hearts and loins in aroused diastole as Lianna reaches for Nenetl’s sumptuous cheek and squeezes her with those emerald-isle fingertips. Drawing breath and precious oxygen from the viewer, they seduce each other and Aiden’s camera in a wonderfully unbearable tease to begin the scene….


Lianna loves Nenetl’s breasts hanging free from her red rubber corset, groping, grabbing, and smacking her wet lips over those areolas, anxious for a wet mouth. Nenetl lies back on the couch so Lianna can finger and eat her fluffy pussy lips. Nenetl’s vulva swells as Lianna pushes two fingers inside before burrowing her head in deep; Nenetl can barely contain the orgasm that rocks her body only a few moments into the scene. Lianna lies back so Nenetl can admire her cock before she takes it in her mouth. Nenetl deep-throats that dick while pushing a few fingers into Lianna’s lovely ass before juggling her balls in-between her lips before Nenetl’s butt straddles Lianna’s cock to ride her. Lianna takes Nenetl on the couch doggy-style, pounding out another orgasm from Nenetl’s hungry pussy. Lianna fingers that freshly fucked pussy, still quaking from Nenetl’s release, when suddenly Nenetl lets out a scream. How many times can Nenetl Avril orgasm? Lianna wants to find out! Lianna spits on that pussy and fucks her with Nenetl’s leg resting high on her shoulder. Lianna pulls out and allows Nenetl to kneel into her cheeks to rim her pretty asshole. Lianna’s hole gets slathered in Nenetl’s spit, nearly ready. Nenetl grabs a dildo and shoves it deep into Lianna’s hungry ass. Lianna pushes her butt up further; she’s still hungry for it. Nenetl grabs another toy and probes Lianna. “It’s mine. Give it back to me!” Nenetl purrs as the toy slides back out of Lianna’s greedy butt. Nenetl strokes Lianna’s cock as she probes her again. Lianna’s ass is starting to get a little shy, but this furthers Nenetl’s appetite more. Nenetl sits on Lianna’s face and nearly engulfs her entire head. “Speak into the mic!” Nenetl teases. Nenetl cums again, all over Lianna’s face as Aiden Starr wields that camera like an extension of Nenetl’s orgasms. These two women fall back on the couch spent as we fade to black. Fuck.


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