Interview with Drake Man-O-War

It takes a whole lot of man to be the other half of a woman like Sinn Sage, and Drake Man-O-War is up to the task. He does it all, from filming, to editing, to BTS work, and performing for Sinn Sage Studios. I recently sat down to chat with him about the life of a porn star husband, their new threesome film Always Room For One More, and what’s next for porn’s rising power couple.

Drake Man-o-War & Sinn Sage
Photo courtesy of performer’s Twitter

JH: How are you today?

DMW: I’m doing excellent. How about yourself?

That’s good. I’m great! Growing up, did you ever imagine that you would be married to a porn star and have an army of hot babes coming in and out of your house to film porno?

I dreamt it, but did I ever think it would become a reality? Absolutely not.

What do you think is the biggest perk of being married to a porn star like Sinn Sage?

The biggest perk of being married to a porn star (beside the fact that she is just a normal person and we do kind of put celebrities on a pedestal) is, honestly, living a lifestyle that I would have in no other way been able to experience.

What kind of lifestyle? What is different?

Well, what’s different about my life before I met my porn star wife was the fact that all my friends are pretty vanilla. Nothing was ever sexualized, other than the usual female anatomy in general, but there was no life experience that my friends had. There was no experience involved. So yeah, what that’s brought us is being able to experience things—a more lavish, sexual life. The experience alone is far more than 99% of the people in the world will ever experience.

Drake Man-o-War, Sinn Sage & Riley Reyes

I saw a tweet earlier that said that you met by catcalling her. Could you share that story with us?

[laughing] We both went to Coachella back in 2011, which was the year that we met. And honestly, there was 80,000 people going the opposite way from this one girl. It was the end of the show, and she had just gotten there so she kinda wanted to walk around and take a look at Coachella. I just finished watching a band, and 80,000 people were headed one way, and it was almost like a spotlight shone from the sky right on top of her.

So something grabbed my attention enough to pull me off the ground and just verbatim, “Wow girl, you’re smoking hot. What are you doing? Who are you here with?” And she said, “Nobody.” And I said, “Why don’t you hang out with me and my friends?” And we’ve pretty much been inseparable since.

Was it love at first sight?

Love, no. Lust, absolutely.

Good answer.

I’d actually just gotten out of a marriage, and she had just come out of basically a marriage, so we weren’t looking for love. We were looking for experience. It seemed to work out for the best. I’ve never known another couple to be catcalled into marriage and still be thriving to this day.

Yeah, usually catcalling is not the way to go, but…

No, no. It’s the opposite—the adverse reaction that I actually got. I don’t ever tell anybody to catcall anybody. Not something I would probably ever do again, but at that point in time, it’s something that I had to do and it worked out.

Drake Man-o-War
Photo courtesy of performer’s Twitter

You film and edit porn, as well as performing, and you’re living what would be a lot of guys’ dream job. In what ways do you think the reality of filming and performing porn would throw a civilian for a loop?

Filming porn is what I excel at. And honestly, I just try to make the videos look enjoyable, not boring. You wanna find that nice little comfort zone where everybody likes the shots that you make. Filming it, I can tell you, is work. Sex with beautiful women is one thing, but sex in front of a camera is a completely different thing. It does turn out to be work.

And I sweat a lot more during work than I do in my alone time here with my wife. And yeah, it’s work. And then with editing porn, as soon as you get done shooting it, you know that that’s not the final step. In most of the performers’ lives, that is kind of the final step. But for me it’s performing, it’s shooting it, it’s editing. It never ends.

Is it ever hard to watch yourself perform while you’re editing a movie?

There’s always things that you wish you had done a little bit different. I’m me, and I try to bring that to all my films. I act, but only because that’s what it’s called, you know what I’m saying? It’s all natural. We are who we are, and we try to bring that to the screen, so it’s not any different that way.

Everybody in the industry is always getting messages from random guys asking how to get into porn. Generally, the advice is, “You’re not going to,” but if you could give somebody who does want to get into porn one piece of advice, what would it be?

Get an agent. Or find yourself a porn star girl. [chuckle] There’s no easy way of getting into the industry other than figuring out how to make it happen. I can’t tell anybody what the first step to getting it done is, other than being comfortable with yourself, being confident in yourself. That is the number-one step, first step for me at least, is being confident in myself before I stepped in front of a camera.

What do you want your fans to know about your movie Always Room for One More?

It was way more fun actually to shoot and edit that film than it was for them to watch it. I’ve been more involved in this movie from our studios than anything else. Out of the four scenes, I was in three of them. I filmed all of them and I edited all of them, so, in that sense I felt extremely connected to this movie.

Drake Man-o-War, Sinn Sage & Courtney Trouble

Is there a scene that is your favorite?

I loved working with everybody that we worked with on that film. To really kind of point one out would be… I don’t wanna say putting the other ones down, but honestly, there wasn’t a favorite in that one. I love all the people we work with, I can’t wait to work with them again. So yeah, can’t really pick a favorite. [chuckle]

For couples who would like to start having threesomes, what would you say is the best way to ensure that everybody’s getting taken care of and having a really amazing, sexy time?

Well, the first thing is communication, and that’s way before the sex or the third person ever come onto the scene. Talk with your partner. Really, know their limits, know what’s okay, what’s sexy to them, what’s not sexy to them when it comes to involving this third person. God, communication is really key to everything. And that goes for any relationship, but when you’re trying to add another third person’s feelings and everything else into it, you gotta make sure that everybody’s taken care of emotionally before physically.

Drake Man-o-War, Sinn Sage & Jodi West

When you’re editing a porno, have you ever had to edit out any hilarious bloopers that you can share with us?

[chuckle] As far editing out hilarity, I try to leave things in that, as long as it doesn’t come across in the movie as strange. Honestly, all of these little happy moments, the little bloopers, the missteps, they’re all part of sex. They’re all part of our lives as far as sex. And to remove that is really removing the reality of the sex. So I try to keep all the realness, the laughs, the cries, the this, that, and the other. It’s still having the humanity instead of just the sexuality.

You guys got an AVN nomination for Best New Production Banner. Are you super excited?

We did. Super excited. I mean, obviously, this has been our baby for years now. And the way that the industry has moved over the years, we’re very excited to be acknowledged as a studio that makes quality content that really makes people excited. Obviously we put our lives, our souls, our everything into this. We put into this work more than most people put into their work, for sure. It’s a project and a passion, and we love doing it. It’s nice to to be looked at and acknowledged for your hard work.

Are there any awards that you guys would like to work towards and maybe get nominated for in upcoming years?

Nominations are always a bonus. It really just comes down to making the content that continues to make us happy on a daily basis. Obviously we have our downtime, but honestly, making films that continue to make our lives amazing is really all we’re looking for. As far as nominations and awards, those are all just bonuses, they look cool on our shelves, but that’s about as much as they mean to me. Living life and living a happy life, and enjoying as many days as possible out of the very few that we’re actually given, is more important than awards.

Really, when I look at out future in this industry, I look forward to working with the endless amounts of talent out there, and really finding something that we can’t make ourselves, but hoping that somebody else could bring to our lives and kind of enrich our content. So that’s what I’m looking forward to as far as making content in the future.

Speaking of the future, what do you guys have coming up next that we can look forward to?

We have a series called Hitachi Cum Contest, and it is a fun little game that we play with the female models, where a Hitachi is put in-between the two of them where they’re in a tribbing situation. It’s really a game of who cums first. We’re really looking forward to that one coming out. Honestly, because it’s real. When we shoot these things, we tell the models, “Have fun. This isn’t an act. You don’t have to try to act and fake your orgasm or anything like that.” Every bit of it is real. I don’t cut anything out of them. It’s as raw as possible. This is my idea that I’d come up with about two, three years ago and any time we get a model in that is willing to do this kind of content, we throw ’em in there.

So we have quite a few of these, and I love shooting them. Editing is a blast, because you really see the joy and the smiles are real and the orgasms are real. I think we have nine scenes that are between 16 and 18 minutes.

So I’m really looking forward to that coming out, because as far as realness is, these are as real as we’ve shot, as far as the orgasms go, as far as the laughs, as far as the competitiveness; all of that is very real. So it’s all something we strive to make everything real. We don’t wanna lead the world astray and think that what we do is anything but what you see.

Drake Man-o-War & Sinn Sage
Photo courtesy of performer’s Twitter

Who are some of the girls in that movie?

I think the very first one we ever shot was with Rizzo Ford. And then we have Georgia Jones. Oh goodness—Lily LaBeau, Annabelle Lee, Dixie Comet… we have Ariella Ferrera. I know we have some that we aren’t releasing, so I don’t wanna put out those names. But, out of the nine scenes, nobody is in there twice.

Do you guys use the plug-in Hitachi, or the rechargeable?

The plug-in Hitachi is by far the strongest and easiest one to use. Now, in this Hitachi Cum Contest series, when the girls initially go into battle, they put it on low and the first one to cum wins/loses. And the winner/loser takes the Hitachi, puts it on high, and does kind of a forced orgasm to the other girl. So everybody gets some, everybody’s fun, and by the end of the first orgasm, both of the girls tend to be laughing, giggling, and having a blast. So it’s pretty great that way.

Yeah, I love that concept. That’s such a good idea, I can’t believe I haven’t seen something like that before.

Oh. Well, you should watch it. It’s fun. [chuckle]

I totally will!

[chuckle] Yeah, honestly, they’re fun to shoot. They’re quick, easy, and everybody looks like they’re having fun. And that’s honestly what we strive for in life, is just to have fun, enjoy it—enjoy life as it comes at you.

Last question: what do you want to say to your fans at HotMovies?

Go watch our stuff, you’ll enjoy it! I promise there’s something for everybody. We don’t pigeonhole ourselves into anything in particular. So if you got a fetish or kink, you just wanna see some beautiful people fucking, come see us. We would love to show you our world.

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