Performer Roundup: What Porn Stars Want For X-Mas

The holidays season is here! It’s an amazing time of year. As a fan of porn, we receive the gift of all the beautiful men and women in the industry doing every naughty thing under the sun for our benefit. But what about our favorite performers? What is it that they want?

No matter how much money performers make (or don’t make), there is always something else to be had. Let’s find out what the top talent in the business desires for X-Mas! It might even be possible to make your favorite star’s Christmas that much brighter!

Charlotte Sartre

Charlotte Sartre poses with her shirt unbuttoned

I would really like a heated blanket for Christmas. I’m just getting over my fever/chills from the flu and nothing sounds more appealing than being toasty and warm.

Sara St. Clair

Sara St. Clair from Devil's Film

I want a wedding ring so my husband will cover my taxes. Willing to sign a prenup, heeeey!

Harmony Wonder

Harmony Wonder

I’m not much of a materialistic person, so I’m really hoping to see a lot of happy messages and pet pics from my friends and fans.

Lisey Sweet

Lisey Sweet

I really need a new laptop. Maybe a MacBook Air. Something small and portable, so I can show my beav off to my fans on the go. A gold one, lol.

Olive Glass

Olive Glass

I want a lot of yummy food, good sex and cuddles, and a couple days of sleeping in.

Christian XXX

Christian XXX

I’d like health and happiness for my parents and relatives… and a 4K camera for myself so I can film better-quality scenes.

Karla Lane

karla lane bbw performer of the year avn 2016

A beautiful red jacket that I found while in Solvang. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside like Christmas.

Alura Jenson

Alura Jenson from Girlfriends Films

For Christmas, I wish for my son (who’s active-duty Army) to be granted leave, so he can come home for the holidays. It’s a family tradition to be together, to celebrate birthdays. The birthday of Christ is a three-day event for us!

Jiz Lee

Jiz Lee in Gamer Girls from Trenchcoat X

This X-Mas I want to give YOU a present! Get a signed card, mailed from me to you. Designed by Avalon Clare Illustrations, and the proceeds benefit DecrimNY. The cards can be found here.

[DecrimNY is a non-profit organization working to decriminalize sex work in New York.]

Jenevieve Hexxx

Jenevieve Hexxx in Fallen II from Wicked Pictures

For X-Mas I would love for all humans to go back to the mind-expanding, peace and love vibe of the hippies from the late 60s/early 70s.

I would also love for the world to make all the happy hippie mind-expanding drugs legal and sold in dispensaries with names like “love fungus,” “sexy shroom ceremony,” and “free-spirit fungi.”

Tommy Pistol

tommy pistol in stryker

I would love a bass guitar and small amp for Christmas. Since I became a parent I don’t really get gifts anymore. If I get a present now it’s because I bought it for myself.

Cherie DeVille

Cherie DeVille

I want time with loved ones! <3<3<3

Charlotte Stokely

Charlotte Stokely

I want my Amazon wishlist drained… because that would be the ultimate Christmas present!

Nathan Bronson

Nathan Bronson from his OC Modeling page

The only thing I want for Christmas is for this next year to be amazing. And next year, I’m going to make that happen by working on building my finances, building my fanbase, and extending my brand to reach hopefully everyone who watches porn. I’m going to do some general work on every aspect of my life… so when New Year’s comes around next year, I can look back on this coming year and be insanely proud of it.

Penny Barber

Penny Barber in Ultimate Surrender from

Years ago, a fan gifted me four temperature-control LED lights and I still use them constantly—they’re probably the nicest, coolest thing I ever received (and really helped me take my smut-making to the next level). I always appreciate gifts that help me create more and better porn, like my awesome GVM slider, or even just a simple Z plate. There’s always tech-y film equipment on my wishlist at

Adreena Winters

Adreena Winters in Housemates from JoyBear

This Christmas I would love a vacation to Jamaica! It may be surprising to hear, but I have never visited the Caribbean before! I love traveling, and I love sharing my vacation escapades with my fans!

Alex Coal

Alex Coal in Evil Starlets from Jonni Darkko and Evil Angel

I would love to get gift cards for Southwest Airlines plane tickets so that I can use them to travel and see family for the holidays.

Isiah Maxwell

Anna Foxxx and Isiah Maxwell in My Husband's Boss - The Power Position from Sweet Sinner

I want that new iMac Pro cheddar cheese (I think it’s called). 6K Retina montor and it’s on a stand! All I know is the only way I’ll get it is if Santa buys it for me.

Sailor Luna

Sailor Luna in Caged 4 from Spizoo

This year for Christmas I want a binaural microphone! It’s a microphone that is used for ASMR, and it is very sensitive. I can lick it, rub it, scratch it, and the microphone will pick up every little bit of it!

Jason Luv

Jason Luv

All I want for Christmas is love and good health. Everything else works itself out. Cheers!

Lotus Lain

Lotus Lain shows off her butt

I just want people to stop lying on each other. Too many people are spreading false rumors about each other in this industry lately. And that’s what’s giving me the holiday grumps… if I could be said to have any.

I honestly have everything I could want and need. So I just ask that we, as an industry, take a step back and consider all sides to a story or situation before “deciding” someone is in the wrong, and worthy of a Twitter-blasting tirade call-out.

Michael Vegas

Michael Vegas and Melissa Moore in Timing Is Everything from Wicked Pictures

I want a fuck machine that doesn’t run away when you fuck it.

Jimmy Broadway

Jimmy Broadway from Meanbitch Productions

The Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 6K with a nice Canon lens. I’m a sexual whore, but I’m also a gear whore… and when I’m behind the camera I like playing with the coolest toys.

Mistress Dee Severe

Dee Severe & Jimmy Broadway in Treacherous
  1. Another great year with my husband (Jimmy Broadway), puppies, and directing kinky porn
  2. Trump out of the White House
  3. Ninja Foodi air fryer
  4. Vacation in Nashville

Fallon West

Fallon West in Horny Anal Sluts from BAM Visions and Evil Angel

For X-Mas I want some new tech gear: including a new camera and newer Mac for all my work needs. Definitely on my wishlist! I also would like something non-material such as a cuddle buddy for these holidays! Hopefully Santa will bring my gifts along with a big dick. Mrs. Claus is welcome too, so we can 69 and cum together.

Other than orgasms, I wish for everyone to have peace and love within themselves this holiday season.

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