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Our latest exclusive comes from, and is directed by Alan X. The premise of The Ex-Girlfriend Debacle is a relatively simple one. It is essentially a parody of the 2008 modern comedy classic Forgetting Sarah Marshall, which starred Jason Segel, Mila Kunis, Kristen Bell, Russell Brand, and Jonah Hill. The movie saw Segel’s character dumped early on by Kristen Bell, who happened to be cheating on him with an extremely sensual rock star played by Brand.

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One of the most memorable scenes of the film was the [SPOILER ALERT] sex duel between Segel and Bell when they discovered their hotel rooms at a resort shared a wall in a cruel twist of fate. The Ex-Girlfriend Debacle distills Marshall into essentially that one scene in a clever move that maximizes sex while being able to retain some humor and romance.

Clip 1 – Avi Love and Gianna Dior

Avi Love and Gianna Dior in The Ex-Girlfriend Debacle from GirlGirl.Com

Jade Baker is the heroine of the story. The film opens with her and girlfriend Avi trying to get it on. The romancing is cut short, as Avi proceeds to break up with Jade—copping to cheating on Jade with supermodel Gianna Dior. A brief bit of story follows where Jade has an incredibly tough time coping with the breakup, and losing her one post-Avi relationship because of the fact she can’t stop talking about her ex. The only problem? Jade had booked a romantic getaway just before the breakup. So rather than get a refund on the stay, Jade decides to vacation in the sun on her own and get her groove back. While sunning on the beach, she runs into Avi and Gianna, who are coincidentally relaxing at the same resort.

Once inside from the awkward meeting, Jade realizes her room is headboard-to-headboard with Avi’s when she recognizes Avi’s distinct moans coming from the next room. Jade is forced to listen to the couple have sex through the wall. The scene between Gianna and Avi is just as funny as it is hot. Gianna is a complete narcissist who is more concerned with her own getting off and her goddess-among-women status than her partner. The sex is almost cartoonish, and Avi loves what little attention she gets, but the scene is all about Gianna. It’s a great reveal of the characters in the midst of the sapphic action onscreen.

Clip 2 – Jade Baker and Vina Sky

Jade Baker and Vina Sky in The Ex-Girlfriend Debacle from GirlGirl.Com

Jade decides that her only option on what to do next is to outdo Avi’s performance and let her know she’s next door. Jade calls up for the maid, played by Vina Sky, who earlier made a pass at her when showing Jade to the room. Jade lays the seduction on thick and it doesn’t take Vina much convincing to neglect her work to focus on the ‘comfort’ of her guest.

Vina is super into it, as Jade kicks things into high gear. Jade makes sure that Avi knows she’s there… purposely slamming the headboard against the wall in between making Vina cum over and over. Vina remarks that no woman has ever licked her butthole before, and Jade seems to genuinely relish the notion (in the film, of course) of being the first. Avi, hearing Jade’s performance (and it is a performance) is appalled and instantly jealous, and she rightly should be! If Jade were the kind of lover she shows in this scene, minus the headboard banging, 99 times out of 100 her partner would lock her down. It just so happens that having the chance to be with a supermodel is that 1 in a 100 that would cause someone to rethink Jade.

Clip 3 – Avi Love, Gianna Dior, and Vina Sky

Avi Love, Gianna Dior, and Vina Sky in The Ex-Girlfriend Debacle from GirlGirl.Com

Avi is so upset over having heard Jade that she decides to up the ante. She tells Gianna that they should invite up that maid (Vina) who’d been doting on and flirting with Gianna earlier. Gianna jumps at the idea, assuming that Avi intends for their relationship to be an open one. That’s something Avi very obviously isn’t down for, but in the moment she’s only really fixated on overdoing it to get back at Jade.

The result is a pretty stunning lesbian threesome featuring three otherworldly beauties. Gianna is the boss, because she’s Gianna F’ing Dior. She directs the action, even forcing Avi’s face down into Vina’s crotch. Avi lays it on thick to get to Jade who, of course, is listening. At the end of it all, Avi takes it one step too far, and fakes an earth-shattering orgasm for Jade’s benefit. Gianna is disgusted with the display and it turns into a full-blown argument where it is clear the two of them are not on the same page (leaving Vina to awkwardly make her exit). Gianna breaks up with Avi, and leaves Avi to cry in her room.

Clip 4 – Avi Love and Jade Baker

Avi Love and Jade Baker in The Ex-Girlfriend Debacle from GirlGirl.Com

Jade goes to comfort her crying ex-girlfriend and the two have some of the best make-up sex I’ve seen on camera. Jade and Avi have a clear strong chemistry, and it is dumbfounding to me that this was their first scene together. It is tender and romantic and touching and everything you’d want in a romantic comedy-porn’s final scene. It is also by far the sexiest of the scenes. Much of that is due to the fact that it’s the only sex in the movie that doesn’t have comedic elements to it. But more than that it is just the rapport between the two gorgeous performers.They scissor and finger and go down on one another; but there are ridiculously sweet moments of just making out with little bits of pillowtalk that pull it all together. Avi busts out her dreamiest sex eyes, and her eyerolls of ecstacy are enough to make anyone weak in the knees. The film ends with Jade licking herself off of Avi’s face, and everything is as it should be.

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